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  1. every now and then, I turn it on again, but it's plain to see that the radio still sucks. I use to listen to 99.9 The Buzz when I was a kid, but now just CDs
  2. I play the bass, for 7 years now, I play punk and ska mainly, but I can play most anything, and I don't use a pic. I'm also learning guitar, and drums. I also have a keyboard in my garage, and I can play that Blink 182 song that everyone likes on it. But only cuz the guitarist in my band taught me. If we can't vocals as type of instrument, I also sing, but in a raspy/growly style, but not like death metal. More like Matt Freeman from Rancid, or the singer from Fear, or the singer from Stiff Little Fingers. But I don't always sing so growly, usually just raspy.
  3. Drunkin Dog

    Punk rock.

    you should check out Bigwig, H20, Suicide Machines, Strung Out, No Use For A Name, and Against Me!, and if you like Ska, The Flatliners, Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish are really good as well.
  4. I'm in great need of an updated Cheech and Cloudy. Thanks to anyone who can help me out.
  5. here's some good pics of some IWS workers Kevin Steen Excess Green Phantom The Arsenal Beef Wellington Kid Kamikaze Vanessa Kraven Twiggy Pornstar Juan D-Vyne Fred La Merveille Marc Le Grizzly Evil Ninja #2 Damian Viking Dan Paysan El Generico Pierre Carl Oulette IWS Staff P-Nut Llakor DJ Tony Stab and some non-IWS guys Carl XL LeDuc Necro Butcher Hardcore Ninja #1 The Blue Meanie and Mike Burns of Smartmark Video

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