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  1. Creatine is completely natural actually. Its one of the main amino acids in red meat. All creatine is is an amino acid. Huge amounts of it for an extended period of time can cause kidney problems if you arn't drinking enough water. But 3g a day(the recommended amount) cycle 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off or whatever, with adequate water intake won't cause a problem. I'm not a huge fan of Creatine just cause it doesn't work as well for me as it does others. All it really does is make me look a little softer from the extra water retention. Steroids are also good for you still if used correctly. There is a reason doctors will still give certain steroids to patients as medicine or why erectile disfunction in older men is usually treated with moderate dosed Testosterone shots. The problem with steroids is too many people especially those who use it either have terrible will power or are too obsessed with the "on" feeling and the "on" look so they abuse them which is what causes the problems.
  2. Wow, even if I don't find exactly what I was looking for in that list i'm sure i'll find something similar. Plus there are so many other cool things in that list that i'd like to learn anyways. Thanks man, really appreciate it!
  3. Hey I want to try to create a photo similar to this one: Does anyone know where I could find a tutorial that would teach me how to do something similar to that? Thanks for any help.
  4. Haven't posted here in awhile, but I felt like getting some opinions on this poster I just made. Its for the promotion I wrestle for based out of Edmonton and Calgary. I tried to do something different than the usual posters I make for the shows. Make it look more professional and stand out as a wrestling poster. Any criticism is highly appreciated i'm really trying to get better at these and would love to know some of your guys thoughts. and here is a poster for the Edmonton show for the week before this one that I also made so you can get a comparison of the usual poster style compared to that one(would also enjoy opinions and criticism on this one as well if you wish): Thanks
  5. THAT IS FUCKING TREMENDOUS! I am sorry, but thats all I can say. If I had money right now and you sold these I would totally buy a "Saved by the Belding" t-shirt. So good.
  6. That stuff is sweet. What do you do exactly? Just photoshop stuff then draw it on tracing paper, cut it out and spray paint? If so, what kind of spray paint or whatever do you use?
  7. Send me a PM. I have the email of someone that can do that stuff in Winnipeg. I've never gotten anything from him cause it is pretty expensive for what I am doing it for(I believe my full cover design came out to like $52 or something per shirt), but if you are in the business of it you might not think so.
  8. I was bored and just got CS3 so I figured i'd try something. First time i've ever attempted anything like this and its not nearly as good as any of your guys but hopefully its ok.
  9. Yea...feedback is appreciated. Its a graphic for a promotion in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who will be having a Cage Match for there title between Duke Durrango© and TJ Wilson. Also there will be a TLC match between former partners Marky Mark and Phoenix Taylor. Link: http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/9943/pwanoc39tn.jpg
  10. Its for a show this Friday. I realize its alittle crowded but I wanted to get all 4 big matches on the poster. The 4 big matches are: Lance Storm vs Rhino Abdullah The Butcher vs Stampede's Kid Nichols TJ Wilson vs Harry Smith(Harry's last Stampede Wrestling match before WWE) and Honky Tonk Man vs Stampede's "Dirty" Duke Durrango
  11. Stampede Wrestling graphic for the May 5th show: Stampede Wrestling North American Champion, APOCALYPSE: Yea...I made those earlier tonight. Just want some feedback. I know they arn't as good as alot of your guys stuff but the best way to improve is criticism right? Anyways yes...feedback is appreciated.
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