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  1. Just basing it off the WiiU version even? Yes. There is a three or so level demo to get a taste.
  2. I am actually kind of at a crossroads with Octopath Traveler right now. it seems that the amount of enemies you fight scales with the number of party members you have, which makes sense of course. But I'm having an issue with the combat system now that I am in bigger encounters. Everything seems to take forever. Even when I know the weaknesses of the enemies I am fighting, usually my team is set up where only one or two people are effective against those enemies. What this means is that battles are usually dragged out way longer than they should be mostly in at times where I'm trying to go from point A to point B. If there was some kind of speed up option that I could turn on when I was in a battle, that would be lovely but that doesn't exist in this game and it feels like I just get nowhere. There are other things too, while I am loving the unique abilities and the creative ways that they are used, there are little details missing that just make me raise an eyebrow every now and then. I mentioned it before with Tressa's parents, but more and more I keep running into a situation where a character that someone in my party should know just says generic lines. I still really want to love the game, because I do love the art style and the concept. And I'm interested in the job switching and other things of that nature, but if I have to keep going for the battle system like this I'm wondering how much I'm going to want to stick with the game.
  3. This is the only time I've ever kickstarted something. But holy hell I had to.
  4. If they do I assume this'll just become the one-hit wonder thread haha.
  5. Tressa really WAS the best choice for a starting character - and it solves the issue I saw a lot of people complain about with regards to whether or whether not there was an overarching story that connects everyone (and I don't care to know if there is really) because her story actually CREATES one so it's best to have her early as possible. The journey she sets out on and being joined by the others just makes total sense to create a narrative that puts them all together. MyNintendo is offering character specific versions of the case cover that you can print out - by the way.
  6. I hope I don't see a lot of this, but when I went back to Tressas place her parents just treated her like she was any other customer. Weird that there wasn't any specific dialogue.
  7. I did! I am adoring the battle system so far - didn't make it terribly far but I love how fast and snappy the battles are and the general freedom they've given me with the character skills and how I can choose to build them out.
  8. Yep. I caved. Picked it up at lunch.
  9. Yeah I can't get through the second. It's too dull and samey so far now that I've gotten into it. Don't know if I'll keep going.
  10. The series itself has a nomination in Outstanding Short Form Comedy Or Drama Series as well.
  11. I started the demo with the character that seemed the most interesting to me at a glance and it was the Hunter so I'm sure you know about the 'what the hell is this' that I ran into with that. I decided to just stop and play when the full game came out, I have it on pre-order and I suppose I'll grab it tomorrow. A lot of my Switch stuff right now doesn't scream "portability" for me, but this does.
  12. Ah okay so when you pick someone up you play their intro.. I like that as an alternative.
  13. I'm going to continue using you as my source of information on this game @Ruki so deal with it. So with the eight different storylines - how does the game play out? I'm imagining Seiken Densetsu 3 where you can choose from different characters, you see their intro bit and then recruit the others down the line and the story is the same from there on out basically. So the only reason to start as any other character would be to see their opening sequence? Or is it more dynamic than that as far as you're aware.
  14. I don't know if lore was the right thing to say - there's hints of stuff for sure but I don't think it's as heavy as saying "the game has a lore" but I'll leave that to the people who are playing it. But basically it has stuff that interests people - I think that's why it's a Battle Royale that people are latching heavily onto.
  15. They've actually done a stupidly good job of creating seasons, game changes and in-game lore as far as I've seen from an observer on the outside. They hinted that one of the locations on the map might be destroyed and the community went into a rave.

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