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  1. The reviews kind of confirmed for me that it's about as shallow as a kiddy pool but still enjoyable so I might just wait and get it on sale sometime. With Skyrim out this week too it's an easy pick.
  2. It's probably related to the glitch that I read about relating to custom images/graphics as I assume Pentagon would use some. That was reported early and is apparently a PS4 specific thing.
  3. My tag is Thrillhauus, feel free to add me up. And for that mission.. I totally skipped that and haven't gone back yet, I was pretty bad at it.
  4. I don't know - I would like to see what's going on there for sure. I'm a huge 3DS gamer and if my digital purchases could be played on Switch I'd be really happy but the upscaling would be something that I would predict as unacceptable to Nintendo. The screen might be considered 'too big' to toss away the 3DS entirely as well.. some people like me just aren't going to want to travel out and about with a piece of hardware that can be 3 to 4 times the price of my 3DS. What I saw suggested that I would really like to see is a subscription service that allows you access to NES, SNES, etc titles - I think that would be a key turn around point to the console. People are going CRAZY for the NES Classic with my local EB getting more calls about it than when the PS4/XB1 were coming out.
  5. I think it's hard to say really - I'm tired of most FPS games, having recently went back and tried to play Black Ops which I held in my mind as the cream of the crop and just couldn't get into it. The prologue was more of an experience than anything else and it was a good one - they crafted a really good story that isn't over the top and stayed about as true as a game could to the source material while still being fun. Past the story mode though (5 or 6 stories each taking about 1-2 hours to complete) there is only multiplayer. If you want to try it - you can get EA Access and do the trial where you'll get the full game for 10 hours (full... kinda you can only do the prologue and first story for the single player) so you can decide from there. EA Access is like - 5 dollars for the month and you'll have access to a ton of other games. If you don't like it you can go to your account settings on Xbox.com and get a refund within 30 days even as far as I know.
  6. Thrillhauus, yeah. I popped in and we were at the end of a city map - I couldn't join your squad (actually it wouldn't let me join ANY squad) but when that was over I played the desert map the whole time as an Allied and honestly never saw you the entire time on the map. But I love how it gave me the option to join into your game the second I logged in.
  7. I just had an awesome multiplayer match in the same game as Dragsy (don't even know if he knew I was there) where I spent the last half of the game holding down the castle in the Ottoman map as a light tank. I have to say that Battlefield has seriously stepped it up this time around and created a game where you don't have to manufacture experiences that feel scripted.
  8. The tablet IS the console so it won't be a lag issue.
  9. Day 1 purchase. I don't think there's backwards compatibility at all - the dock wouldn't have that kind of functionality.
  10. While it's an overstatement - the problem was that no one made anything for the Wii U or Vita.
  11. I saw a local production of Les Mis, making it the first time I've ever seen it.
  12. I am really excited for this and I don't really know why.
  13. Was coming here to post that - that is legit the best new thing for me. So outdated.