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  1. Original run was 2013-2014 but they brought it back for Spider-Geddon.
  2. I would say that COD is VERY heavy handed. Like that's one of the things that I would say most about it, especially the most recent one. It's less about the message and more about the way that it's handled ("GEEZ THESE GUYS SURE ARE BAD, HUH?") but I think a part of that in Outer World is an attempt at humor that didn't really ring with me. @Ruki It's hard to say thinking back - you have another big portion to go and then the ending portion. I kind of sped through the next one and I don't even know what my options were there besides the thing that I did (went very, very anti-Board) and from there. There were two whole moon/planets/whatevers that I didn't even see and don't know how I would, I find that interesting.
  3. I ventured a look onto the Pokemon subreddit and good lord. I don't even think pathetic is enough of a descriptor.
  4. Anyone who doesn't buy the game because of the size of the friggin' Pokedex is just missing out on a good time for no reason. It was bound to become unmanageable at one point and they decided to draw the line now, simple as that. I'd prefer a more tailored experience to a "let's just get everything in there, sure why not?" approach. It does kind of suck that you can't bring in Pokemon that you can't find in the games but... eh? Doesn't bother me that much.
  5. I assume you don't have to if you use the Accelerator?
  6. I finished the game tonight.
  7. So based on my interest, I went out and bought Excalibur #1 and I really like the vibe of it. I might need to find a primer and see if I want to look into anything else, but I'm so glad that dinky little marketing cards worked on me.
  8. So my local game shop was handing out these promos - apparently this month and last month there are six X-Men adjacent comics starting new runs? I just have little cards that are the covers of each of the first editions and who is involved but it looks really neat! There's; X-Force with Black Tom, Beast, Colossus, Wolverine, Domino, Marvel Girl, Sage & Kid Omega Excalibur with Captain Britain, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, Rictor & Apocalypse Fallen Angels with Cable, Psylocke & X-23 X-Men with a rotating cast Marauders with Storm, Pyro, Iceman, Kitty Pryde, Lockheed, Bishop & Emma Frost New Mutants with Mirage, Cypher, Karma, Chamber, Wolfsbane, Mondo, Magik & Sunspot They all look kind of neat but since I've been away from books for a while uhh... why is Apocalypse on a team with people?
  9. Luigi's Mansion 3 came out yesterday and my god is it a reason to own a Switch as well. Nope, it's a standard Yoshi platformer but everything is made out of craft material and it's REALLY great to play with two players. Lots to do and costumes are not only adorable but they give protection. And when one player is having problems, the other can carry them around in their mouth to get around rough obstacles.
  10. If there's one good thing I'll say about Sony, it's that exclusive titles like this goes into the greatest hits area of pricing relatively fast. It happened for God of War and Spiderman in recent memory. Not sure what it's going to look like now that it's multi-platform with the PC at least though.
  11. Giant Bomb had a video up where they played that very pizza mission. Geoff said that he pretty much couldn't get past the initial 1/4th of the game that was essentially hours of stoner level "you know like, phones are bad and like... it's like we're more connected than like ever... but like... we're not connected at the same time, y'know?" kind of stuff that was so blatant and shoved in your face that it got to be annoying. Brad said that he was consistently annoyed and wondering why he was going back, but he kept going back anyways. He seems to be drawn to the "they thought of everything" nature of it in a morbid way. I kind of get that sentiment but... I just don't have any interest in putting time into stuff like that. They say in the game that the rain causes those structures to deteriorate over time and get destroyed.
  12. I don't think that's a bad call especially when you keep things like Bianca's hair physics in mind.
  13. Do you have a 4K television or play on a monitor/closer to your screen? You should be fine. Font is a bit small for some people (fine on my end) but it's getting priority patched.
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