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  1. I don't have the time for this, I don't have the time for this, I don't have the time for this.
  2. After watching some gameplay and reviews, I'll back up what Ollie said - because the way that it looks now is totally the way I remember it - and then you look at side by side gameplay and kind of get blown away by that.
  3. If you haven't picked it up yet, you can probably hold off for a version with all the DLC eventually.
  4. I really want to grab it myself - but if I'm not playing Red Dead right now, the girlfriend pretty much wants to so I don't have any time for it. I really, really wish it was on the Switch - and I know it'll probably come in a year or so, but dang it's just so fitting for it.
  5. I 100%'d it in three/four gameplay sessions but they were marathons to be sure. If you weren't going for 100% and just wanted to experience the story, you'd probably have no problem getting back a decent amount for it to go towards RDR2. I was able to get it done and back in my 10 days for a full money return through EB Games and my Onyx membership.
  6. WHAAAT I literally just found that mask too.
  7. Well that was a fever dream.
  8. Well fuck. Does this make his last official cameo the Spider-Man game?
  9. That's an illicit business - so now that you know about it, you can rob the store with zero repercussions. When you highlight the owner, now you'll have the pull out weapon prompt and you can have the scene play out without anyone on the outside knowing about it. This has happened for all the illicit businesses I robbed EXCEPT for the one in Valentine which gets the law on you pretty much instantly. Normally you get a tip from someone you save but then you also have to go and do something like try to get access to the backroom, etc - and THEN you'll have an extra option when robbing. In regards to this;
  11. For @Arjen Robben or anyone else who is on to the epilogue...
  12. The two locations I've found them is outside Valentine at night - in a cluster of trees across the way from the house that you help the father/sons build over time and then in Rhodes close-ish to your camp during the day.

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