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  1. This is hard, I was originally going to do just pure bands to make it easier but now that I've read that the main post says artists it's hard as hell. I'll go with: 1. Matthew Good / Matthew Good Band 2. Say Anything 3. Jonathan Coulton 4. Barenaked Ladies 5. Watsky One or two could rotate out at any point I think, but I'm pretty happy with that list in general.
  2. Comic Book Films & TV

    Sounds like an IGN review.
  3. General Television Thread

    Just starting American Crime Story now, past the long opening and I can already tell I'm going to love this.
  4. Pokémon

    If anyone has a code (err, are they region specific) I wouldn't mind a shot. Just dug out my copy of Omega.
  5. Nintendo Megathread

    So I dusted off the 3DS again due to Fire Emblem coming out soon. In the local stores it's showing two different versions of the game.. like a Pokemon Red/Blue kind of thing. What's with that?
  6. Which ones have you read?

    It's an odd thing where I've heard about every single one of these books, have a general overview of what they contain and what they stand for but - I really just trust that the knowledge within can be imparted out in ways that mean I don't actually have to read them. The few classes I took that have anything to do with any -ology back in the uni days didn't exactly draw me into the reading of texts like these.
  7. Actually I'm pretty sure the Fine Bros shit is an anomaly because there is almost nothing left to really get all that up in arms about now - they've pulled back on the concepts, they're still out of touch (but what's new) and the company is just going to go back to doing stuff without announcing it which is pretty out of sight and out of mind for most people. And the other thing that people were on the edge of their seat waiting to bitch at was the possibility of Fullscreen locking down any of their other channels from saying anything about the issue - but both Rooster Teeth and Funhaus have done videos on the subject, explaining why it was a stupid decision so eh.
  8. The Witness

    The reviews are over the moon and they have me interested - I especially like that everyone has said so far that if you're frustrated, the open world nature of it means that you can move on, learn something new and come back to the puzzle with new eyes which really makes for a very, very rewarding play structure. I'll wait for a sale but I'm very interested.
  9. General Gaming Thread

    E3 has been dying for a while, and I'm surprised that it took this long. Little by little as companies pull out it's just going to make less and less sense. From a company standpoint, it makes a heck of a lot of sense for the bigger guys to do isolated events where all eyes are on them. Maybe E3 will stay around as a way for smaller companies to showcase some of their products but it's hardly what it used to be.
  10. General Gaming Thread

    UFC 2 is pretty frigging awesome. The UFC 189 opening is pretty top notch, fights go on longer naturally and the new modes seem pretty excellent. I like how my knockouts look like they land more, that's a very top notch thing. They traded having a Fight Now option with 4 or so people with having the whole Welterweight division (CM Punk included) and a Practice mode. Didn't feel the same but I guess it's probably due to letting people play more fighters and not having to package in the entrances, etc. You can also do online and start the MyTeam kind of thing they have going. Ooh! And they have labeled what stick movements will get you into what position. Top notch.
  11. General Gaming Thread

    Ohhh! UFC 2 closed beta code just came in! 11.1GB download but then it's straight into seeing what it's like now. I haven't really read a thing about the changes that they've made since the last one, so I'm a bit excited.
  12. The Uncharted Thread

    I got the collection with my PS4 and I.. just couldn't get into the first game. I wanted to power through it, but I just couldn't really bring myself to do it. I'll buy it again later once it goes down in price.
  13. General Gaming Thread

    Going back to the old games after Absolution was hard to do for me - being in a disguise that I should have NEVER been picked up on and getting fired on because I passed an invisible imaginary line just took a lot of the fun out of it. It became more of a puzzle game than anything else with systems like that - even if you're found out in the wrong costume in Absolution, most areas will see guys coming over to you first and not just instantly firing.
  14. General Gaming Thread

    Wait, drop in quality for Absolution? They finally got civilians recognizing you and systems like that right in that game! I was totally in for Absolution (although maybe not for missions that were straightforward as hell).
  15. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Season 2 starts soon as well so it's a good time.