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  1. The Test Punch was really fun! I've had my fill playing last night and this morning but there are still four more times this weekend (next one starts in about an hour) and then some times next weekend to give it a shot. It's super fluid and I could see it being super fun with a group of people.
  2. Oh my god, that is tremendous.
  3. A gallery of photos from The Last Jedi with new characters and settings. Carrie and her daughter and Carrie and Mark contained within for a 'feels' warning.
  4. I fucking hate that "oh yay, now Justice League might be good" talk as much as I hate the fact that he had to take the death of his daughter public because if he didn't do that it would be doubly worse.
  5. Chart Wars was a fun idea but yeah - it was nearly impossible to play with an ounce of strategy because it was so fucked.
  6. My theory on getting a computer to game with is easy when I look at what I'd want to play with a PC and it mostly boils down to strategy games that only really work with a mouse and keyboard, retro games and those with a retro feel and quirky/fun games that only see a PC release because they aren't really all that worth creating for other platforms - so I can afford to go mid-range and be fine in that respect.
  7. I would liken putting Brutal Doom on top of the original games is a nice in between - you have the enemies that you are familiar with and simpler (on the surface) level design, but there's a really nice feeling and kick to having new gun types and modern features like jumping/aiming down sights, etc.
  8. Playing Brutal Doom with a mouse and keyboard is probably one of the most visceral gaming experiences you can have. I'd throw every other PC-centric game out the door if I had to choose only one thing to play on the platform.
  9. I've been rallying for Switch from the start, having it on the go would at least be something else that draws me to it over playing the game that already exists with the roster I want on the PS3.
  10. ARMs is getting a global test punch the next couple of weekends, I hope that I can actually catch it this time unlike the Splatoon test fires.
  11. Yeeeeeah, this is just looking like Fire Pro Returns more and more.
  12. Maybe the painters flipped the desk 90 degrees?
  13. I actually like that I didn't even bother to look into One Punch Man because I was tired of the idea of shows where the main character is some undefeatable badass who follows the same tropey junk over and over again when it comes to challenges.
  14. They had a season one of six episodes.
  15. Just saw that Kate Nash is in this too, awesome!