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  1. It's on my list of things I'm looking at. Pretty much the same as the last one? Not that it's a bad thing.
  2. I'll just post the list: Earthlock is actually launching the day that it becomes available for free, which has happened a couple of times before if I recall. It looks like a fun strategy RPG which is always welcome. I have Chronicles and it's pretty fun but almost the exact kind of game you would want to get in this service.
  3. Day one purchase.
  4. Autocorrect, Cloudy? Edit: Oh. That is the case. I read the other day that X-Pac was going to.
  5. So after spending parts of the weekend with it - I'll say that I do like it, it basically did what I wanted it to but I'm very scared that I am getting to the end of the rope with new things to see. I'm only seeing these poison, barren planets and I want to push on and get a new ship very soon.. because yeah, the inventory thing is a huge pain.
  6. I caved.
  7. They're from the DLC last year and the way that it has been the last year or so, I just assumed they'd be back in.
  8. There are so many variables to the way a wrestling match works versus a bout in a UFC game that make it super hard too - I almost feel like it would be the workload of an entire other team to try and piece out what kind of stuff should be said in every situation, and even then you could only do so many lines about each possibility before it becomes repetitive anyways. The commentary in the UFC games becomes repetitive eventually anyways and while it's a nice addition and something to put in a bit of a 'wow' factor it's not a deciding factor in buying for me.
  9. There's voice... and that turns off any and all voices. But I pretty much only care about ring sounds anyways if I bother to play with sound at all.
  10. Yeah I've gotten to the point where I've turned off the commentary for these games. I don't like to compare to the UFC commentary becaue I feel like the devs in that case have more access to the guys and more of a focus.. but at the same time it's just distracting and meh.
  11. ...fuck for real? I saw that he was in American Psycho but I never figured it'd be as that character.
  12. Holy fuck, did he finally get rid of the high pitched voice and stuff?
  13. Huh. I had no clue that he was Angel Face in Fight Club.
  14. I got it on the Xbox One and I've been having a blast with it.
  15. I have a compulsion to visit and finish every island so I never make it anywhere during a play session.