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  1. It's like it never left, hot damn.
  2. I'll see if I can hunt it down - I might be interested in doing it myself because some of the later goals are absolute bullshit. Here you go.
  3. I think someone basically created a save where all he did was beat mission mode. You probably have to wipe your workshop, etc.
  4. It's weird to say in a wrestling game "I'm sad they removed mid match amputations".
  5. Heh - Wrestling Empire 3D is out if you wanna look into fucking around in a wrestling game. I'm considering grabbing it today.
  6. Yeah - I think the game gets sold to a bunch of people who just hear the hype and don't full realize what they're getting into. It's good to look into it - I enjoy playing/simming the game as much as I enjoy using the workshop to find guys and fill out my rosters, so there's that part for me too.
  7. Right now there isn't really a framework for it in that sense - you kind of have to do it yourself, almost diary like. It does hand out match ratings but just as long as it's a long match with a back and forth it generally will simulate into the 90s or so. MAybe they'll add something like that as Fire Pro games in the past have included a kind of Universe mode but I don't know if that is on their plans or if they're just using Early Access to make the game stable, etc. The game DOES handle tournaments and leagues and the like.
  8. The bigger question is - are you going to simulate and watch matches/shows? I probably won't place much online even if it does start to perform half decently... but if I wasn't into simming cards then the purchase probably would've been a bit more of a thought for me. Still for 20 bucks it isn't that bad.
  9. I wouldn't mind Sam & Max if at all possible.
  10. Now that a week has passed the top collections of the past week are far better. There's a really good start to a WWF New Era one and a great looking set of NWA workers. Probably best to look for collections that are a single person putting out quality work - some of the ones that are amalgamations make it harder to figure out if the workers have logic and a moveset or stupidly high point levels.
  11. Of course Paul Scheer has a role - the book was amazing, I'm totally up for this.
  12. Don't think so. I just did the classic WCW, NWO, Horsemen and Flock factions from Thunder, haha.
  13. Wait, shit - Kumail and Emily are in a movie together? That's adorable.
  14. I hope the next patch puts in something that removes a worker from the game if you unsubscribe outside of it - that should in theory make it easier.