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  1. Took my first gym with the girlfriend today. It was a nice day and it was in the park so it only lasted for about an hour but there was still something a bit fun about it.
  2. I've been having a terrible time in competition since the patch hit and I considered moving into Quick Play for a bit until I figure out how to counter her as Road Hogg now (she's useless to hook now unless the user is terrible with facing you) but then I've been seeing teams of 2-3 DVas who are absolutely neigh unstoppable and I'm actually kind of shocked that it's not being talked about more on the subreddit which made me feel like I was the only one in that boat. I'm fine with learning to be good at things other than Road Hogg but I'm having a hard time finding a foot hold and doing that when the people I play with mostly want to do competitive.
  3. Here' some of my favorites and the reason that I like them. Games in the same series I'll put together. Fire Emblem Awakening & Fire Emblem Fates: They're strategy RPG games that you may know a bit about just from how much it's talked about here. The series used to be pretty hardcore but with Awakening it became a bit more open for just about anyone. They play and look great and you can really customize how much you get in/take out. Initially I watched all the battle animations for instance, but once I knew the game I could make the battles go super fast by turning those off so I could play whenever I wanted for as long as I needed to. Fantasy Life: A great time waster that I've been putting a lot of time into recently. Essentially there's an overarching story that you can follow - but the way that you are meant to get everything is by doing it yourself. Everyone chooses a 'Life' in the kingdom that your character lives in whether it be Miner, Paladin, Carpenter, Fisherman, Blacksmith and a bunch of others. Doing tasks levels up those lives and gives you access to better materials/craftable items - I started out as a miner, levelled that up to get a bunch of great ores and then became a blacksmith so I could make some of the top tier armor without having to buy any materials myself. Rune Factory 4: It's essentially Harvest Moon with combat and exploration which is pretty awesome. The game works at your own pace which isn't the way these games have always been - and it's a great addition to just about any 3DS library I think. If you're looking for a more straight forward kind of 'farming only' Harvest Moon game I would stay away from the named ones as the team that originally made them now does the Story of Seasons games. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: A great old school styled Zelda game that follows on from A Link To The Past from the SNES. I can't recommend it enough and I really need to go back through it again as soon as I'm done with ALTTP again. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call: A rhythm game using music from all of the Final Fantasy games and some other Square/Enix games if you venture into the DLC. You level up characters from all of the games and play through different styles of battles. Shin Megami Tensei IV is a game that you'll see go on sale a lot - most of Atlus published games do, but it's a great RPG where you recruit monsters to fight on your team - mostly all of them based on or just straight up demons from different cultures around the world. You do so by negotiating with them which is a neat little system, and there are a bunch of games on the system that play off the idea a bit - IV is the only main series game but the others are worth looking into as well as they often go on sale for under 20 dollars as well. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon is pretty awesome and contains an appearance from all the Pokemon to date before Moon/Sun I do believe. It's in the Mystery Dungeon series which is essentially a rouge-like where you go through different floors using simple turn based 1 for 1 movement combat, playing as a Pokemon. Monster Hunter Generations might not be the very best for a 2DS but it's still an option. I love the games and this newest one is pretty easy to get into - although still would probably require a bit of reserach considering the different, new playstyles and everything that you can do in the game. Bravely Default & Bravely Second: End Layer are excellent Final Fantasy styled RPGs with great job systems and hours to put in. Speaking of which there are also two Dragon Quest games coming out soon - one new and the other a remaster of the PS2 game. That's mostly what I can think of off the top of my head and I left out some obvious ones like the Mario games since you'll pretty much already know if you're into that stuff already. There's a wealth of GB/GBA/NES and other virtual console games to look into as well for cheapsies.
  4. That bundle is awesome - and it's the only way to get the standard size N3DS right now. It's been sold out like crazy here and I stumbled across one a while ago. And honestly I'd go with Alpha/Omega because there are expanded features for grabbing a lot of mons.
  5. You can get Red/Blue/Yellow through the virtual console, Black/White and Black/White 2 if you can find physical copies as they were originally DS games and not available digitally, X & Y and then Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire which are the most recent and remakes of the third generation games and you can get those hard copy (pretty easy to find) or digitally.
  6. I switched to an iPhone and indeed - the only way that it syncs is with Game Center so boo on having to start from scratch all over again.
  7. I don't come down as much on Torb as in most cases he's useless if the other team gets overrun and people are too stubborn to switch off him time in and time out - but a damage drop off over distance really wouldn't hurt all that much.
  8. The patch has been done and he's a bit insane now - I don't think his normal shot was really the way to go, because now Fan The Hammer is the useless skill that is hardly ever used. McCree is essentially a sniper now. The change to the way that DVa's bullet sponge works is irking me quite a bit right now to be honest.
  9. My god he looks like Dusty with his glasses down like that.
  10. If anything I would prefer that Telltale games based off existing properties be as different as possible from their counterparts that reach other visual mediums.
  11. Does this invalidate medals or anything?
  12. You can sit there with it open, or just open it up every once in a while and you'll find some near you. When the tracking works again - you can select one that's nearby, and then start to move. if you're going in the right direction the box will glow blue and the amount of steps will go down. You're also likely to have some pop up near the tufts of grass that are going up and down in the world.
  13. Well, I was 9 when it came out and even though I wasn't all that sheltered we never ran up to the city to the movie theatre all that much. When it came on video rental in my town I was the kid who was renting all the Star Wars movies and WWF tapes every weekend so I never really saw it then and these days I just rarely get around to movies on my to-do list.
  14. Seems about the standard number you'll find from one of them.
  15. I feel like I've watched everything that I have ever had a sevre want to. I look at my Flickchart every now and then, check out the top movies that I have yet to see but they're never anything that I feel like I need to run out and watch. I think the top film that I haven't watched yet is.. The Matrix?