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  1. Fallout 4

    As long as you are taking RADs, you will be healed - BUT at the same time the RADs bar is growing and eating up your health bar. Which.. isn't really all that great. I assumed the same as you did from reading it. That combined with the earlier perk that doesn't give you RADs from swimming anymore.
  2. Tea or Coffee?

    I can't get into either - no matter what. I end up drinking from the hot chocolate machine at work if I need something hot in the morning.
  3. The MST3K Thread

    I'm really, really going to miss the old Servo voice - but I am so, so excited for this.
  4. Fallout 4

    It literally says something like "rads heal you" as a description. It's so high up in requirements that I assumed that they didn't still hurt you too. Ahh, yeah - it says:  
  5. General Television Thread

    Mmmhmm. I am a huge fan of the show, but the way that it airs - it's impossible for me to even get excited about new episodes when they're spaced so oddly apart.
  6. Fallout 4

    God dammit. The level 9 endurance perk is useless. I thought it might help to block RADs but.. damn. What a waste of like 4-5 level points to get up to that.
  7. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    It's 9.99 you'll never regret, you misers. 
  8. Christmas Traditions

    Tradition since I moved out has always been go home, decorate the tree the evening or so before and on the Eve go to supper with one side of the family and on the Day go to supper with the other side. I then try to make it home on Boxing Day because I miss my cats. Last year was rather difficult for likely known reasons and this year will probably be awkward too but it remains pretty much the same in regards to how everything will go.
  9. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    They've flat out said that it won't affect the deals though. Frankly, it's unhealthy the way that people act/spend during those sales so eh.
  10. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    It's ultimately good for the consumer really - you can just buy the games that you are interested in at the start of the sale and actually play them instead of sitting around waiting to see if they're going to be cheaper for a week and a half or so. Maybe not so good for the game companies themselves... but at the same time, what happens to some people during the Steam sales isn't the healthy thing in the world.
  11. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    So for some actual Steam based news - the way that they do sales will now be changing. Instead of having flash sales, specials of the day and any other instance where the prices go lower for a limited amount of time without the sale itself - anything that will go on sale will be at its "most competitive price" for the duration of the sale. Things will still be featured on the front page, but they won't be any cheaper before or after.
  12. Fallout 4

    I like that Rad-X/Radaway actually has a use now. In previous games I refused to go anywhere that had RADs but they're all over the place here with one huge section of the map nearly constantly giving you rads.
  13. General Gaming Thread

    I'm all in for Wild Run, looks awesome and while I've barely got to the new stuff I can see myself spending a lot more time in it now.
  14. Star Wars Battlefront

    I did do pretty amazing in the Hoth versions of Walker Assault but once again it was a situation where 90 percent of my team didn't give a shit about objectives/communicating or anything of the sort.