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  1. I'm surprised that Luigi still has a job after messing up a single button press and changing the entire colour of a line of systems. ...yes, I know mascot costume Nintendo character backstories.
  2. I like the Batman bits, I like the Wonder Woman bits - I'm iffy on Cyborg because some of that CG looked off and I've never been interested in the character but it's coming together better than I had hoped? It'll all depend on whether they fumble the Wonder Woman movie or not for me.
  3. This is a rollercoaster ride. Although how rare is the wipe situation? I had the game on launch and I don't remember it ever happening to me.
  4. Aha! Take that! I have my original N64 and sold all but my most nostalgic games. I picked up boxed copies of No Mercy and Attitude when I had the chance as well.
  5. Ahh shit, my No Mercy version is the random wipe one.
  6. Great. I'm probably going to friggin' install this now.
  7. My first time through Journey I got a guy with the full scarf and alternate colour outfit who showed me EVERYTHING and helped me until the very end. Twas fun.
  8. Holy. Fucking. Shit.
  9. I read a memoir called Gamelife thinking that it was going to be about a guy's career in the 80s making those nostalgic PC games but it was about his experiences growing up, relating things in life to numbers in games, etc. Eh. Wasn't all that great. Moved on to book one of the Wheel of Time series. About 11 chapters in and loving it so far.
  10. So, playing Binding of Issac on the Switch and being able to do so while laying splayed out on the couch with one hand hanging off the side and the other behind me in complete and total comfort is the best thing ever.
  11. Easy as pie. If you download Retroarch and find a tutorial on how to use it properly, you won't really need all that much ever again. It's a single thing that can download 'cores' for emulators and in most cases, it'll auto detect and auto configure the controls based on the controller you're using. I have one two 8Bitdo controllers and it recognizes them by name so most others should be good. I use it in tandem with Emulation Station and a Raspberry Pi so I can just hook it up to my TV and get this.
  12. Last I saw there was a Twitter message stating that fixing them wasn't in the initial set of plans and they hadn't discussed past the first set - but maybe it has blown up enough that they went into overdrive.
  13. I've never been big on poetry but I remember in high school buying a Leonard Cohen poetry book because.. I was a high school student and thought that's what I should do I guess? Regardless I remember the first one and namesake for the book clearly - for the ending mostly.