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  1. I don't think renting them ever goes away does it? I think that's a silly system to begin with because I just stay topped up at 7 days all the time and it's so cheap that they might as well have just dropped the system entirely.
  2. This is good and all, but when do we get a HD version of Dash Dingo?
  3. Yeah I'm wondering too - the ranch has a sign for Chocobo Racing even! I need Ol' Fasty to gain a reputation.
  4. Oh and Prompto singing the battle ending music at the end of some fights is awesome. Just saying.
  5. Christ, after all the delays?
  6. I think that's basically where I am too. There is something innate within me that makes it impossible to do the story until the side quests for the area are finished. For Chapter 2-3 it was fine because it was clear where the line was.. I could GET a new quest however the quest location would be blockaded so I carried on. Now I am running ALL over the place but that's fine by me - if I need to take a long car ride I don't fast travel - I listen to the converation, play the music from the different games I bought (a GREAT touch) and play Pokemon while listening for any photo ops or special events.
  7. The timer was more and more pointless as each game went on - in Dead Rising 3 I didn't even notice it to be honest, so I'd rather it be removed and used as an added challenge mode later on.
  8. I mean, Pokemon might as well started with "A Pokemon for fans and first-timers" as well.
  9. Finished the game's main story and I'm moving into post-game stuff. Best Pokemon to date and a real step forward - I feel like Black/White tried to drastically change things, X/Y tried as well but this time around they took what stuck, added some stuff that they can't remove now without taking 5 steps back and actually fundamentally updated the base of the game for the best. Kind of what FFXV did as well to be honest. It's been a good year for that stuff.
  10. Uhh, I think it has some growing pains in the way that some missions are structured in the open world. There are areas that should not be entirely closed off that are and it makes them a pain to get into at some points. I just did a minor quest that should not have taken me as long as it did, and it only did because it was in an older area that was used for a 'boss' type encounter. Couldn't find a way in, and then when I did it was the exit and I couldn't get back up the way that I was supposed to go so I had to waste time going all the way AROUND again, etc. That's about it though. I'm playing for 1-2 hours at a time and the only other thing that has bothered me is the input intricacies that I noted earlier. Needing to be at a 100% standstill to talk/interact with things has caused me to jump 2-3 times before actually firing the action off. I'm hoping that can be patch fixed.
  11. I remember trying to do those spins off a cliff with you and someone else quite vividly.
  12. Ahahaha PS4 Pro is garbage so far, come on guys.
  13. That I wouldn't begrudge him on too heavily for the circumstances, especially with the recent information that came out through Jeff Keighley in a Glixel interview.
  14. I went into a mineshaft that had level 7 goblins running around. Nothing big. Then a fucking level 50 something comes out of no where after an actually scary, non-cutscene encounter. I like that.