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  1. PSVR

    I was super excited when it came out - looked promising and then a bit load of nothing. Things are starting to land now but I'm skeptical of experiences like Skyrim VR - moving around in those games is not natural, so there are some really fun things you can do dependent on genre and if the game is built specifically for VR.
  2. General Gaming Thread

    It's tricky - but it can relate down to that. The lootbox concept in general can be pretty legitimate when it's done right. When companies spend years on game development and only get money out of the initial sale, it kind of sucks - so expansion packs were the norm for quite a while but as the loot box concept started to take hold, micro-transactions as a service started to pick up with GTA V's Shark Cards being the most popular example - and while most companies couldn't get that to work, they started looking at loot boxes as an alternative to create their own 'shark card'. They can go one of two ways; a) Contents that are only cosmetic or only applicable to a single player experience b) Contents that give the person getting them an advantage that other players wouldn't have And then there is the question of how the user gets loot boxes. Are they earn-able through actions in the game? Most of the time yes, but then there is also usually a system where people can pay real money to get boxes instead. I support this if it's option A because when you look at games that people will buy and play for a full year without dropping any extra money to the developer, I think it's a fair shake to say (especially if they are adding content and supporting the game) that if they can create something that people are willing to pay for, that's fine. But if it ends up being option B and you can't earn loot boxes as easy after a certain point.. you're going to have problems. COD before the most recent one allowed guns to come in loot boxes and the guns that came in them were better than the ones that people just got through regular means. Battlefront 2 is getting hit hard because they have boosts that come in these packs - so if you're running around the game and getting killed by people using these boosts, you're probably going to be pretty discouraged with the slow rate of loot boxes that you are getting and you're either going to pay up to get some yourself or stop playing the game. Former developers at studios have pointed out how loot box systems are worth it if only 10% of the people who buy the game purchase it, and then you'll have the 1% who spend ridiculous amount of money (look at streamers who play FIFA or Counterstrike) to push that even higher. I honestly think that BF2 is EA seeing how far they can push before the backlash becomes too much - but even with all this the game is still going to sell amazingly so its hard to say where things will go from here.
  3. General Gaming Thread

    Well the AMA was full of petulant children. Glad that community is still a flaming heap of shit.
  4. WWE Supercard

    You'll probably be so stressed out over the second mortgage you took out on your house in order to stay competitive to sleep anyways.
  5. Freeware and Abandonware

    I think the board is safe too. Abandonia and Myabandonware have been running hard for years and I don't think the provide links to any games that have been litigious in the past or if they've gone up for sale on GOG or Steam.
  6. Freeware and Abandonware

    No one's going to get nabbed for abandonware, this is a silly discussion.
  7. Fortnite Battle Royale

    Most of those games are a single map I think, I've only seen a single one from PUBG on streams but apparently there's a desert one as well?
  8. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Those were fun yeah! The action games were what I was getting at though.
  9. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    LOTR movie games were pretty top notch.
  10. General Television Thread

    Michael had ups and downs. Creed was a rocket ship shooting straight to the stars baby, Creed never let me down. If a one off character could be accepted I would've gone with Prison Mike. Shame he was only in one episode.
  11. General Television Thread

    Creed was probably the best thing about the Office. Especially the episode where he tried to act young and wanted to get Red Bull put into the break room machines.
  12. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    It helps big time that The Warriors movie is structured like a game to begin with.
  13. General Gaming Thread

    COD: WW2 is.. actually pretty fun.
  14. Nintendo Megathread

    At its heart it's a game about exploration and wonder - a lives system just eats away at that, so yeah they made an awesome call.