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  1. I'm wary about putting my attention on two books at once but at the rate that I get to read a number of things that might become unavoidable with The Stand.
  2. Oh there is absolutely no way I plan on doing the full thing. I'm going to follow the expanded reading list: Without doing the Eyes of the Dragon at the suggestion of a friend of mine who noted how hard it is to find and that it's not really all that worth tracking down. I plan to go down the road over the better part of the year.
  3. So I finished it as my fourth book and honestly I sped through the last part. Hell House is also on the list and I'll be getting to it within the year, but for now I'm moving on to The Stand so I can properly get to The Dark Tower series. It's going to be interesting because for sure it's going to be my longest read yet - but I'm so far ahead that I think I can at least give it a shot. I don't really have much else to say about Hill House... the concept of the house itself was great but the characters in it... eh.
  4. I would always watch SBTB before school for a pretty big period of time growing up in the mid-90s I think. I probably saw the whole series that way.
  5. I'm just under half way throug The Haunting Of Hill House and I'm not sure how I feel so far. It was on my list for quite a while due to it being on several lists for influential and good horror novels but I don't think it's going to end up being what I was looking for. Everything was fine at the beginning when it followed a single character, but now that the whole cast of characters is together and... no one talks like a person, it's a little bit grating but has since started to calm down a little bit. I'm still open to something happening that changes my perception - and I'm intimidated to get to my next book as it will be the longest I have ever read, but I think I'm going to power through it tonight regardless.
  6. Oops forgot to mention the name of the film but yeah.
  7. Anyone else see the clip TMZ posted of the treatment of a German Shepard from the set of the film? My god, I'm not going to repost it here but it's total bullshit. Frightened thing doesn't want to go into turbulent water, is clearly frightened and trying to claw away and then gets out in anyways and hits the far walk only to get sucked underwater as they yell cut and rush to save it. Total fucking bullshit.
  8. I'll still give it a chance because the trailer was pretty interesting - but I was scared of that. Justice League is feeling like the Diva's Revolution of comic book cinematic universes at this point.
  9. I have it installed, can't say I play it too much but multiplayer intrigues me.
  10. Is it confirmed that it's only for a month for the games? Because that seemed like a hunch based off wording that I didn't read the same way that exploded on reddit and was being provided as fact. The bit on the website states that you can download the game free for a month - which makes me think of the way Microsoft/Sony do it, you can only get those games free during that time period. Cool that SNES titles will get online play.
  11. Pit People is live on the XB1 preview program!
  12. 3DS is something that I am essentially done with at this point - the UI is old news, the hardware is old news and even if it's just mildly better I am all for a better display at this point. If the same kind of games start to move over to Switch it'll be the perfect machine for me in all honesty. The Dragon Quests going onto it are a good sign for me.
  13. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/01/live_blog_watch_the_nintendo_treehouse_with_nintendo_switch_-_live Treehouse is live now. ARMS looks like Punch-Out and I'm pretty sold on it being pretty awesome. Too bad it retails pretty much full price.
  14. And now my third book is down. First one I read on my Kobo. I made the decision to start reading this around Christmas break and when I was about 50% through I watched the movie and then finished the novel over the last two nights. I really liked both the film and the novel, they compliment each other well - but ultimately the novel was creepier for me in the end and included this exchange that I really liked.