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  1. Apsham

    WWE 2K19

    That's a pretty good confirmation of the way that the status quo runs with these kinds of things I guess. You get to work on one major thing a year, and since "render engine" isn't all that sexy of a selling point, you've got to come up with something that doesn't fix issues that are currently in the game - you have to try to jazz things up with something else and hope that's enough to be a heavy marketing point. I don't put any of the blame on the devs either - I've been there a few times before, knowing about something that I could fix if given enough time and being told that the time and money isn't there.
  2. Just get it back on the dock every night and you'll pretty much be fine has been my experience. Nintendo says about 3 and 1/2 hours though.
  3. They make an attempt to switch things up through the four different levels of crimes in terms of combat challenge and different things to do. I think there are indeed perhaps a few too many to do per district but mostly if you're waiting until the end of the game to mop them all up, which is entirely legit. I did the thug/mask crimes as I went along but then kinda sped through the game and had to do quite a few of the others in order to 100% my districts. That being said, I don't really know if there was a better solution. It's certainly a better fix than Spider-Man 2's system and the way that Amazing Spiderman 2 did it by punishing you for not doing the crimes the second that they came up was decidedly something that I would say fit in as an older idea.
  4. Apsham

    WWE 2K19

    You unlocked costumes in MKX from doing the towers, and there were also events where there were secret fights to unlock based on different tower performance variables. So it wasn't pointless. They evolved the concept further with the Injustice 2 towers as well. There was some actual effort put forth instead of "need a new mode, make them do a few matches in a row... because". Pushing forward with damage incurred was already available in tournaments.
  5. Apsham

    WWE 2K19

    I just don't see how it happens from a programming perspective. You have the ability to determine between male and female wrestlers - so in theory it should be as simple as saying "if wrestler is a female, use the her soundclip" and I don't really know how that could get messed up. But yeah, making their way to the ring is common verbiage (maybe not for JoJo?) so I don't know why they didn't just go with that.
  6. Apsham

    WWE 2K19

    Yeah - I really just look at stuff like that and see a total waste of time. They'll put resources into that, but not fixing the announcing of women as men for the umpteenth year in a row?
  7. They're not going to finish fucking Walking Dead? I hardly care about that series, but my god - Clementine is the best thing they've done. Also, Ubisoft San Francisco made an open post to the Telltale employees about meeting up with them on a resturant/bar's patio on Monday to talk about jobs and stuff - and they're going to pick up the bill for food and drinks. That's really cool.
  8. I sent them an email a couple of weeks back with a suggestion on how they could improve the filters for booking a match by separating them into push/style/alignment - and they agreed with the diagram and stuff that I laid out. They totally patched it in today with battle royals, tournaments and some other features. That's so awesome.
  9. Apsham

    WWE 2K19

    Loot boxes not being purchase-able is a shock to me, then again they had to roll back some of the gouging they've done in the NBA series recently and with it being a hot topic now anyways I can see why. Even so, it's a shit way to try and get the stuff you want.
  10. Apsham

    WWE 2K19

    Some models are vastly improved, Bayley being one of them - some stayed the same though and yikes. Is crowd noise also a bit better? Also, it was like this last year - but Corey Graves lines when they come down to the ring are quite a bit better than the ones Cole used to do solely by himself. They sound natural, although they're going to repeat after a while. Also good god. "Making his way to the ring, Kairi Sane"
  11. I looked at the games list and yeah, nothing to get excited about here folks.
  12. Playstation Now finally supports downloading PS4/PS2 games instead of streaming them. They've left out the one console that I would've cared about that kinda stuff for - but hey, progress is progress in that regard!
  13. Apsham

    WWE 2K19

    More characters than ever! ™
  14. Apsham

    WWE 2K19

    I was never all that over the top impressed with CAWs, but I was always playing on the XB1 and I know that the scene is better on the PS4 - but the thing that always bothered me about CAWs boiled down to finding a really good one... and then realizing all the little touches aren't there (music) or would take a while to make and would look inorganic (trons) compared to the rest of the roster. Just having them look and act right is okay in Fire Pro because that's what I expect out of it, but when you put them up against the on-disc guys it just feels diminished for me. Then again if you're going to buy the game and put all your time into it, I get that too. Going through menus and loading screens just turns into a bit of a pain the 2K games for me so far.
  15. Apsham

    WWE 2K19

    It'll never be the case because they're in a comfy place. I think it's obvious that gameplay could really, really use a freshening up - but there's no incentive for them to do that. It was said in here before but that would cost a ton of money compared to how they make the games now, and it's not like there's another WWE game out there. There's barely another wrestling game out there, Fire Pro is amazing and I'll sing its praises all day - but they're two completely different experiences. Every year we sit through a game that is broken on launch, patches that introduce new bugs, and support that lasts until the literal second that the last DLC drops - and then it's a ghost town. I honestly don't know what kind of business practice or goof it would take for them to stop doing the games like this every year.

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