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  1. Nintendo Megathread

    I actually just had a conversation in store about how EB Games got like, one today and it sold in three minutes.
  2. I think he has intent to come back - at the very least non-wrestler him so people can arsenic him back to competition if they feel the need or things change, or he does a one off big event, etc.
  3. WWE Supercard

    I know this isn't quite the place for it, but I'm not starting another thread - anyone play WWE Mayhem?
  4. Sony Megathread

    Does anyone play Street Fighter V? Got into it due to this sale and a podcast I listen to, and I'm super into it now.
  5. You scumbag, you maggot

    Sublime. Just the existence of Sublime.
  6. Jim Bowen has died

    Yeah I read about that, absolutely insane.
  7. Jim Bowen has died

    So wait, was the idea of the show to work as partners - and your partner's dart score was equal to the amount of money you could win when asked a trivia question? That's neat.
  8. Tom and Abby are getting married and he's invited all of them to be his groomsmen.
  9. Sony Megathread

    Oh right, I totally forgot about weapon absorbing... because I saw that it was a button and I meant to look up what it does and never got around to it. The game doesn't really tell you all that much, what is the point of absorbing? And besides barrel rolls is there any other way besides the boosters on the track to get speed boosts? The game never really told me anything so I've just been driving, shooting and using the air brakes to do hard turns.
  10. Sony Megathread

    I don't even know what skills I can learn - the controls seem so simple but I knew that there had to be something deeper going on. It's my understanding that the first set is pretty standard but then the ceiling hits you hard on each of the games.
  11. Sony Megathread

    I never really played a Wipeout game before but the Omega Collection (which I didn't know was a thing) was on Flash sale this weekend so I figured out why not? Holy shit these games are good.
  12. Nintendo Megathread

    I don't think it's going to be a port - if it was they probably would've announced it as such. At least I hope they would.
  13. Nintendo Megathread

    A character who has the distinguishing traits of "really heavy and can't jump?" haha.
  14. WWE 2K18

    Facepaint wear doesn't happen with CAWs so that wouldn't be a concern, I think you'll possibly run into issues if you don't have the face absolutely perfect since facepaint stretching/moving is going to be way more visible than some of the face scans and then you just have to hope it ends up looking natural. Worst case you can go over it again with in game stuff, etc.