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  1. Copying the Real Madrid playbook to the tee 😂
  2. God United are going to be dreadful next year, wonder how long they'll take to sack Ole, he's clearly out of his depth.
  3. That has to be the best way to knock City out ever!
  4. I'd like to see Wolves go on to win the cup. They've been tactically superior to us today and have some excellent players. A good summer could see them really threaten the top 6 next year.
  5. Prefer this. 1-1 draw suits United perfectly if we beat Southampton today.
  6. Chelsea player power is unreal.
  7. From the reviews and what not it does sound like a Witcher 3esque DLC rather than a new game. Wish more games did DLC like The Witcher 3 did.
  8. I'd quite like a team like Wolves to win the cup this year, this is of course if the typical Stamford Bridge loss occurs for us tomorrow, if by some miracle we win then fuck Wolves.
  9. Chelsea we're coming for you. 😈
  10. Makes you realise just how bad Huddersfield and Southampton have been.
  11. I mean would you really want to work hard and do good things if your manager is calling you a virus to the company? Similarly if you're working in a company are you going to be able to do/work well when your manager keeps bemoaning the fact he didn't get to bring Dawn from HR in last summer and how he really needs her in January to stand a chance at running a successful department. Naturally you would get deflated and not work as well as you could do, don't really think it matters what your profile is or how much you earn a crap manager is a crap manager and you get demoralised by it.
  12. One man team. Boo bring back Mourinho.
  13. Even if it went to 3-2 I'd back United to make it 4-2. Think there's been a very clear switch to the old United way of we'll just outscore you by attacking.
  14. The next time I get a virus I hope I get the Pogba variation.
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