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  1. I think I'd rather write this season off now, get a new manager in who plays a fresh style of football akin to that of Liverpool and City and get us moving in the right direction even if the results won't be coming. I'd prefer to see us evolving and developing a style that can take those two on than continue to watch another season of this god awful anti-football from Mourinho. We'll be awful against Spurs as well.
  2. That was some comeback by Belgium, great subs by Martinez.
  3. Croatia probably have the best midfield in the tournament, shame their kryptonite seems to be a long throw...
  4. This has been a wonderful day no more Argentina and no more Portugal. 😄
  5. Love that Cavani is the striker taking this game by the scruff of the neck.
  6. Very tight this match. I'm imagining Ronaldo will somehow win it now.
  7. The result makes it look so much more balanced than the reality. France tore them to pieces. Will be interesting to see where Argentina go from here, no doubt Messi will retire again.
  8. I dread to think what Spain would have been like with Messi chucked in there as well. Whoa! A striker scored!
  9. Tends to help if they actually create a system where those forwards can be used.
  10. If only a team would spend +£100m on him...
  11. Not sure that Fazio has been much of an upgrade on Rojo, a wasted substitute really.
  12. To quote the song they keep playing there's magic in the air now! Awful goalkeeping mind. Thank the lord as France are so much better than this Argentina team.
  13. No way Argentina end this with 11 men.
  14. Well that was something else!

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