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  1. See I told you it was another Mourinho masterclass...
  2. Throwing Assassins Creed Odyssey into the mix. Excellent game and so large.
  3. The Leicester City helicopter has crashed, horrific images of it burning on skysports.
  4. Meanwhile Mourinho is waving three fingers in the air, presumably not related to the amount of home wins this season (currently stands at 2).
  5. That was a pretty beautiful goal by Arsenal.
  6. Has he been reading MexicoJack's posts?
  7. That was awful, no fight or desire. It's clear a change is once again required.
  8. Well we were two down at that point and he had already switched the formation back to usual by bring Sanchez on. Fellaini as the masterplan when we're losing has been a problem we've had for far too many years now. The system that we started with was what I was referring to and I think the system he wants to play this year judging by what he has been saying about needing another centre back and formations in pre-season is 5 at the back with the wingbacks providing support, Pogba, Matic Fred in midfield with Lingard/Sanchez/Rashford behind Lukaku. Fred and Lingard provided the energy and the pressing and Spurs struggled with it for the first half hour and we actually looked somewhat fluid in our football (seldom can that be said) just unfortunately it wasn't sustained. (Probably due to the number of players starting their first game, the amount of changes, 6 players brought in, the sudden tactical switch, playing a player out of position). It was completely different to what anybody was expecting, I for one was expecting a tight dogged performance with a very narrow midfield and Herrera basically man marking Erikson or Ali. The problem with the system is that at this point in time we don't have the players for it, although the same can be said of our 4-3-3 where we lack a right winger and use Mata instead and the left wing is a rotation of underperfoming players in Sanchez, Martial and Rashford. I personally felt the style of football was better, more befitting of United and that he just needs to stick with it rather than chucking it away to grind out results, one of the reasons United fans are so tired of him. I still can't quite fathom how we haven't strengthened our defence though over the years as you think back to the Van Gaal game at Leicester where our weak defence was brutally exposed and yet years later here we are talking about pretty much the same personnel being poor.
  9. To be fair to Mourinho, he opened his team up and we were all over Spurs for the first 30 mins, if Lukaku scored the two chances he should have (clean through and a header in a lot of space) then it would have been a different story. Personally think he needs to stick with the system and give it time, I bet he regrets selling Blind now as he could have easily slotted in where Herrera was and done the job fine, perhaps he believed that we would be replacing Blind with a centre back. I think the scoreline made the result look worse than it was, the comical all over the place defending certainly didn't help us but it was to be expected when considering it's a new formation against a top 4 team with players that haven't been playing suddenly thrown in as the other two mucked up at Brighton.
  10. We actually played a lot better tonight, just unfortunately our defence is all over the place at the moment. Lukaku seems way off pace and Pogba is clearly wanting out, just jogging around looking disinterested. Plus side was Shaw's performance.
  11. I think I'd rather write this season off now, get a new manager in who plays a fresh style of football akin to that of Liverpool and City and get us moving in the right direction even if the results won't be coming. I'd prefer to see us evolving and developing a style that can take those two on than continue to watch another season of this god awful anti-football from Mourinho. We'll be awful against Spurs as well.
  12. That was some comeback by Belgium, great subs by Martinez.
  13. Croatia probably have the best midfield in the tournament, shame their kryptonite seems to be a long throw...
  14. This has been a wonderful day no more Argentina and no more Portugal. 😄

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