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  1. Well that's the Champions League place sewn up now... on a serious note I doubt he'll get much game time with Rashford back, he had really kicked on this season.
  2. I mean technically it has been delayed several times so this has actually happened, but you know don't curse it further 😛
  3. With lots of us now stuck in lockdown is anybody interested in engaging in a bit of nostalgia and competing in a FIFA 20 tournament? Also if anyone wants to do a F12019 league then I'm game for that too. Happy to organise both and try and have set times for things. I am technically working from home but as a teacher my hours are somewhat more flexible.
  4. I'm playing it on PS4 Pro, some textures look a bit off but it's still a very beautiful game. Just loving how they've expanded out areas from what we originally knew. Wasted so much time just walking around the Sector 7 slums.
  5. Oooo I missed the news on this! Great stuff, starting to get that point where days are just going by without me actually managing to do anything of note, bar earning bells for Tom Nooks.
  6. Really highlights how badly Game of Thrones fucked it all up with that final season that it wasn't ranked the show of the year, still saddens me what they did with that last season. Mind you some of the additions this year are ace, loved Mindhunter and Stranger Things this season.
  7. Copying the Real Madrid playbook to the tee 😂
  8. God United are going to be dreadful next year, wonder how long they'll take to sack Ole, he's clearly out of his depth.
  9. That has to be the best way to knock City out ever!
  10. I'd like to see Wolves go on to win the cup. They've been tactically superior to us today and have some excellent players. A good summer could see them really threaten the top 6 next year.
  11. Prefer this. 1-1 draw suits United perfectly if we beat Southampton today.
  12. From the reviews and what not it does sound like a Witcher 3esque DLC rather than a new game. Wish more games did DLC like The Witcher 3 did.
  13. I'd quite like a team like Wolves to win the cup this year, this is of course if the typical Stamford Bridge loss occurs for us tomorrow, if by some miracle we win then fuck Wolves.
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