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  1. Fair enough, I won't question it any more.
  2. I'm about 13 hours in and loving the game so far I got the impression the initiative departs the Milky Way even before the first game because...
  3. Finally watched Batman vs Superman after putting it off for ages. Don't know what the fuss was about, I quite liked it.
  4. I'm also up to episode 2 and i'm loving it.
  5. I haven't seen a complaint in an Iron fist review that can't be put to "keeping to source material" I'm looking forward to it.
  6. I can't handle the way the animals move around.
  7. Oh I thought you meant your high hopes had been crushed by the article because you had already gotten them too high!
  8. If you read the article it actually immediately says that's it's overwhelming in a good way
  9. That's how I beat final bosses in every beat em up But really, Tekken 2 is the one that made me fall in love with the series but 3 was the one which made me obsessed. It was largely the addition of Hwoarang who quickly became my favourite which sealed it for me. Oh and Panda, Panda is awesome. I really enjoyed the 2 recent MK games as well as Injustice, but largely for the stories more than anything else.
  10. The update means the PS4 now supports external hard drives for installing games, so I already have a 2TB drive.. just plug it in and now I can have all my games installed at once
  11. Tekken 3 was a brilliant one and I have high hope for the up and coming 7.
  12. The update is sweet, now have 2.5 TB available space instead of 500GB
  13. I loved the ending and though it was genius. For me, the first time I realised I loved Mass Effect and something set it apart from other games was in the first game when you choose the fate of the Rachni Queen. Play it safe and make a whole race extinct, or do the 'right thing' but potentially put the rest of the universe at risk further down the line. Such a tough decision which was so morally grey with potentially awful ramifications is what made me fall in love with the series. So fast forward to the end of the trilogy and the last thing you have to do is make an essentially impossible decision, it blew me away and really messed with me in the best kind of way. As I said, lack of epilogue was annoying, but they corrected that anyway. As for decisions in the series not mattering? They absolutely did. There is no way every little thing could have influenced one ending scene, it's way too complex. The choices mattered and the results of which were seen throughout the third game, where everything was resolved on the way to that final scene. I understand why people didn't like it, but I don't think it deserved how much negativity it got.
  14. I think the difference was a slight thing, like one person died off screen during the last bit in London... which was moot anyway because everyone got fucked essentially. I still maintain that it was one of the greatest endings to a game I've experienced and it went over most peoples heads. That said, I did have a massive issue with the lack or prologue (which they did correct).