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  1. I have also done this and my friend code is 4321 5942 9875
  2. You're in for multiple treats then.
  3. I’ve gotten to the point where I have so many games I just want to finish them. Especially if I got it cheap, I’m happy just to play through the story and move on. First was Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I actually did the majority of this game, there wasn’t an insane amount of side stuff. It ended up being really good even if Jensen is a little bland as a protagonist. Next was Dead Island. Gameplay was fun, if not repetitive after a awhile - although I fully appreciate its meant to be played with other people. Story was generic as fuck though and I realised that at the end when *spoiler* a main supporting character gets killed and there’s slow mo and sad music... I did not care in the slightest. Oh well, it’s done at least.
  4. Not bad but a little disappointing I suppose, really seemed like they’d gotten the knack of putting out decent games. Then they give us these, seemingly without rime or reason.
  5. For anyone who hasn’t picked it up, XII is £12 on Amazon at the moment.
  6. Ohh okay, that makes sense. I probably did know about that and ignored it since my PC and PS4 use the same screen anyway!
  7. I legit thought that's what the service was for.. didn't realise it did anything else.
  8. Thanks man! I went with the original one because it was the biggest I could find. For some reason they don't have a champions section on their website :/
  9. Amazing, thank you! How about this?
  10. Some belts from DDT would be wonderful. KO-D Tag Team If that's not big enough there's a much bigger one in the tag (probably harder to cut though?) DDT Extreme Again, in tags for size. KO-D 6 Man Tag Titles KO-D 10 Man Tag Tokyo Joshi Pro Princess of Princess Tokyo Joshi Pro Princess Tag Team Thanks to anyone who can help
  11. I might be mistaken but I haven’t seen anywhere it’s says it’s a paid DLC? The NJPW is part of the PS4 version and the steam version will get an update accordingly.
  12. Apparently when the PS4 version launches there will be an update to the steam version, making it essentially the same.
  13. Same, even more likely to get it again now. Apparently there’s a career mode where you start as a young lion too.
  14. That it’s offically licensed as an NJPW game? I’m assuming you’re referring to the PS4 bit?

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