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  1. FOX's X-Men Film & TV Universe Thread

    I am so into this.
  2. WWE 2K18

    Looking good as well!
  3. Final Fantasy

    Nah. The pause menu is stuff like in VII, speed up, battle assists & no encounter stuff. I think (I’m at work right now) the config menu ones are stuff like unlocking all abilities and that kinda thing. Pretty much stuff which may take the fun out of it if you ask me
  4. Final Fantasy

    Unless it’s just specific trophies, no. Because I tried them out and have since unlocked trophies. Just checked. The ones in the config menu (permanent mods) DO disable them, but the pause menu one (toggle on/off mods) are safe.
  5. Final Fantasy

    So the speed up mod is pretty horrible, way too fast. That said, I’m having no problem playing through this without mods and cheats because it’s so lovely in its original form.
  6. Final Fantasy

    It's out! And only £13.51 for PS+ Memebrs!
  7. Final Fantasy

  8. Dragon Age Inquisition

    Many years later I finally got around to finishing this, doing all the extra stuff and killing the dragons. Plus all of the DLC which I enjoyed throughly. Trespasser and the Descent both blew the lore wide open and the former sets up a 4th game awesomely. As a whole package, one of my favourite games for sure. It was a slog sometimes early on, but so so worth it if you give it the time it deserves (I clocked in at around 130 hours by the end).
  9. Parts you hate in games you love

    Arno and Evie are both great.
  10. WWE 2K18

    I'm gutted about them taking Eva Marie out too mate.
  11. WWE 2K18

    That is sad but Metalik and the Iconic Duo being in makes up for it
  12. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    This makes me really happy, they could do a proper awesome series with that character.
  13. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    Getting your powers from Merlyn is quite British.
  14. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    Oof, that ending to episode 6
  15. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    I had no idea that person was in it either, I've seen 'a' trailer and don't recall her being shown.