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  1. Sony Megathread

    It's not even that much of an increase, if you buy annually then it's an extra 83p a month.
  2. The PS4 thread

    Niner is one of the good ones. The bad ones know who they are
  3. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    Yeah it's fine. Only thing is it puts the renamed moves back to the original name. I'm sure there's any easy enough fix, I just haven't looked into it yet.
  4. Final Fantasy

    I'm the opposite to a lot of people, I loved the characters and the story and the setting. Found the gameplay to be a drag and a little too grindy. I am going to get it though because the new job system thing should make it a bit more interesting and I have been dying to finish it for years also
  5. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    That's not what I was asking
  6. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    Mr Cobra is such a dick.
  7. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    Okay it turns out you don't actually need to do the rope run, can just press the button and direction whilst next to the ropes to do the move. Now to actually connect with it..
  8. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    Okay so I have no issue throwing them out, I just have no idea at which point during the rope run I'm meant to hit the button (I'm assuming circle is b on an Xbox controller)
  9. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    I wondering this, so far I've been making new ones with downloads as the model.. which seems like a lot of effort to change a Japanese name to an English one.
  10. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    Loving it so far even if it's taking me a while to shake the wwe game timing in favour of this. Keep mis-timing the same thing despite doing it fine earlier so I'm gonna get some sleep and resume tomorrow!
  11. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    Thank you! Had no idea 'missions' was training. Would have found it eventually but thanks for the heads up
  12. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    I'm all for figuring stuff out as I go along but the controls section of the menu misses out a fair few essential things
  13. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    So this is my first fire pro. In terms of custom stuff, is it easy enough to do yourself? Or complex enough I'd need to wait for smart people to make stuff?
  14. WWE 2K18

    When did they ever have 8? I don't remember that at all.