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  1. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    Most famous players to ever come out of my hometown would be the Morton brothers, Johnnie and Chad.
  2. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    This. It's avalue pick. McGloin is a free agent next year and is going to make much more than Cook will, without the upside or future trade value. This is the type of move good teams, like the Packers (where Reggie came from) or Patriots make. With the defense solidified is a move Oakland can finally afford to make. He was the most valuable player still available. It's low risk, high reward in the 4th.
  3. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    But he's the third QB on the bootleg in the draft! The dream of Jack to Oakland is still alive!
  4. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    Ah, I'm at work and only heard about him falling. Offensive line is one of Oakland's strengths, so it's cool.
  5. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    I wanted Myles Jack, because, UCLA, but with his knee and the need to replace NOSDOOM, Joseph was probably the right pick. Maybe Tunsil falls into the second abs we can snag him. I also want Paul Perkins later in the draft.
  6. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    It would be my luck for Myles Jack to fall to Oakland, then have them move to Vegas.
  7. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    Only one of whom was a first round pick. Unless you're getting your pick of guys, which means being number one, I honestly feel you're better off looking for a guy on the second day. Look at guys like Wilson, Derek Carr, or, provided he does it again, Kirk Cousins, all second day picks, all good young QBs. You get better value, and hurt your team less if you don't hit.
  8. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    Because next year's are even worse, unless Deshaun Watson comes out early. From everything I've seen, the next real 'franchise' prospect is Josh Rosen, but he won't be available until 2018 at the earliest.
  9. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    There aren't any franchise QBs in this draft.
  10. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    9 Heisman Trophy winners have gone into the Hall of Fame. Setting anyone still active aside, that number will rise to 10 with the induction of Charles Woodson. The most successful quarterback is either Roger Staubach or Jim Plunkett, with the 'best player' being one of many great runningbacks (seriously, just about every great back not named Jim Brown or Emmitt Smith won the damn thing). So, yeah, even taking into account Carson Palmer,Cam, Jameis Winston, and Mariota, the Heisman isn't very indicative of success at the QB position, but most non-QBs in the modern era have had reasonable success.
  11. 2016 MLB Thread

    Not to be a dick, but it seems really strange to put up a banner just for making the playoffs. Division Champions? Sure?Ifyou'rea Wild Card who wins the league/conference? Ofcourse. Just being the Wild Card? Pass.
  12. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    I could see Oakland. There's a ton of buzz around them, they should be much improved, and it's the Broncos' flagship rivalry.
  13. NBA 2015-2016 Season Thread

    HEY! I'd still put Showtime up against any team that's come after. Whether that's the Bulls or Warriors, I'd take my chances.
  14. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    Speaking of Gordon, he just failed another drug test. This is not a joke.
  15. 2016 NFL Off Season Thread

    I dunno about that. Johnny Football gives no fucks because, at the end of the day, his family has money, and he'll be alright. Guys who do the same shit, or worse, without that fallback are way dumber.