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  1. If you guys could stop acting like you're actually happy for us, and just go back to hating us, that'd be greaaaaaat... Seriously, it's so weird to have nearly universal, like, support, for Raiders' fans. Like, everyone, even some Chiefs fans, is happy for us, and it's getting really weeeeeird.
  2. Man, isn't it really lame how they canceled the football season this year?
  3. I'm aware I'm known as an '8-8 Guy' in preseason predictions, but a lot of shit could happen. If you told me 2 weeks ago we'd be 9-2, I'd think we're a lock. Maybe not for the division because of KC, but for the playoffs, but we still need to show we can beat KC, and Miami is coming on strong. I think we can beat Miami, but that that's another spot up for grabs. NON-EDIT EDIT: Took me forever to write this, I'm stoned, but looking over the standings, you might be right. Outside of NE, the AFCW Classics (sorry, SD, but like the PAC10/12, it's historically a 3 dog race), and Mia, no one has seven wins, and most are really flawed teams (instead of only slightly flawed teams) fighting for divisions. I think Oakland, NE, and winner of tonight are in, especially if KC wins. Denver, Miami, and the non division winners fight for the last spot
  4. So, I'm going to preface this by saying that I know there's a long way to go, and Oakland could easily collapse and somehow miss the playoffs, but... I've been around here long enough that some of you guys know that my father is in really ill health. I don't talk about it a lot because it's basically been a fact of life for me since high school... Anyway, my father (and my grandfather on my mother's side, who got my dad into football), are the people who made me into a Raider fan. I've taken it much farther, but they started it. Well, my father has been getting much worse lately, and, fuck it, it's just nice for Oakland to be respectable again. It's nice to be able to be happy when talking about them with him, and it's nice to be positive about it. I'm not sure they'll make the playoffs, and I'm not sure he'll make it to see it, so, in some small way, tonight just means so, so much to me... Sorry for rambling, I just had to talk about it. I never thought a regular season win over a 4-7 team would bring me to tears, but here we are. I'm not even sure a Super Bowl Championship would mean as much as this does right now.
  5. 7-2 with 15 days off before we head into Stadium Azteca to face Houston. Feels good, man. Well, at least until we play KC again.
  6. *cough*PAC12AfterDark*cough* Also, I'm here in case Oakland turns into a pumpkin. I'm super scared is going to happen. I'm not sure how to handle real success, all of my teams are only historically good!
  7. Unfortunate.
  8. I think any of the AFC West teams have a shot. Maybe not KC, they're a very solid team, but I don't think they have the defense to hold New England, as Denver does, not the potentially explosive offense of San Diego or Oakland. I don't give SD/Oak much chance, but maybe if they got in a shootout.
  9. All of my favorite teams were local teams as I was growing up. The Raiders moved back to Oakland, but it was pretty easy for young me to rationalize staying a fan because they 'went' home. I also claim the Athletics as a 'second team' in MLB, I think it's fine in a sport that ostensibly is two separate leagues, but that's mostly because my family had a lot of Angels' fans, and they're rivals, if it comes down to it, Dodgers all day, 1988 best year of my life. I agree that there's an extra emotional value to you're hometown team. You can be a serious, legit, diehard fan of any team, regardless of where you live, but there's a sense of community that you'll lose, particularly if your team is a small market one. Like, Raider Nation spans the globe, but, in my opinion, they 'feel' like the represent a part of California in a way that you might not understand if you aren't from here. I feel that way about NFL teams particularly, in that they take on the culture of the city they're from. Pittsburgh is thought of as a tough city, the Steelers are a hard nosed team. Ditto Chicago, historically. The 49ers have a reputation for a wine and cheese crowd, their greatest success was with a more 'finesse' team. Dallas has that 'everything is bigger in Texas' feel to them, they wouldn't fit anywhere else. I could go on, it's most prominent in the US in the NFL, but I think it's especially true in English soccer, especially with so many teams so close together.
  10. Not really fair to the Jags, most teams don't have a punter that can pull away from LBs that have an angle. Hail to the King, baby!
  11. Notre Dame is like the older, more conservative, brother of UCLA.
  12. I'm just going to say that seeing how emotional people like Bill Murray got over this does make me feel better about it. You wouldn't have had that amazing moment with a Dodgers win. Now go finish the job. If you let Cleveland win, they're going to get big ideas about the Browns, and that'show the world will end.
  13. Fuck, man, give a trigger warning before you mention the Bane of Bruins. I got PTSD over that dude.
  14. Typical Dodger postseason collapse, but the better team won, and they deserved it. Congrats, guys. Enjoy it, and, please, if you win, don't become like Boston fans.