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  1. My fault for not being around.
  2. GSW in six. Cleveland is built to out Warrior the Warriors, but I don't see it happening.
  3. Yeah. My point is more that people need to stop bitching about the NCAA, and start complaining about the legitimate authorities that allow this shit to continue. I'm not sure exactly who that would be for Baylor, as I believe it's a private school, but there should be a state organization that could have done something more substantive with Penn State. We all know the reasons why (money, alumni highly placed in politics, money), but it's inexcusable at this point. I could give a fuck about schools offering money and perks to players in recruiting, a level playing field in college athletics is a pipe dream, but since the turn of the century Baylor's athletic programs have tried to cover up a murder and been involved in what is clearly a far reaching culture of sexual violence on campus (make no mistake, this is not a football only issue), and that is simply unacceptable.
  4. Baylor's new money, can't expect them to respect tradition. I make light of the situation, but it is concerning just how little is done in situations like this, or Penn State. Ole Miss will probably get hit worse for recruiting violations, mostly because that actually falls under the purview of the NCAA, than Baylor will for a university spanning sexual assault issue. Just look at the situation with USC, where they could never prove what the coaching staff did, or didn't, know, and how hard they get hit, and fuck all will likely happen here.
  5. By virtue of playing for both GS and Cleveland this year, Anderson Varejao is guaranteed a ring.
  6. They're just nostalgic for the old Southwest Conference.
  7. Magic City alone should get you halfway there!
  8. I don't see any way they don't slide down. A team like Baylor, in a place like Waco, doesn't become a power team like they did without relaxing the rules they used to have. Yes, a good coach, especially one who can recruit, can mitigate that, as can money, but this isn't Oregon, where Phil Knight decided he was tired of them being mediocre, or Stanford, who, at the very least, has a history of being competitive, even dominant, in every sport besides football. It's not even Ole Miss, who can chant SEC to help get fans in (although, make no mistake, if anything comes of that, they'll slide too...I just doubt much will). If they get hit with sanctions, or don't get exactly the right coach, I think we'll find that Baylor is more SMU than USC.
  9. I was actually in a conversation (on Reddit, alas), as to whether that Bulls team could win the Championship this year. Which I find a laughable question, because there's not a team in the league that could exploit what count as 'weaknesses' for that Bulls team. I don't see a team in the league that could push them to six games, let alone defeat them. It actually went farther, because the only teams to actually WIN the title that I could see pushing them is the three-peat Lakers and MAYBE the Big 3 Heat, but Miami was a pale comparison of that Bulls team, and the Lakers drop off a lot after Shaq/Kobe, but, man, Chicago would have no answer for Shaq.
  10. I dislike Brady and the Patriots as much as anyone here, and likely longer, but the whole schadenfreude over Deflategate stopped being funny a long time ago. Let's just get over it.
  11. Most famous players to ever come out of my hometown would be the Morton brothers, Johnnie and Chad.
  12. This. It's a value pick. McGloin is a free agent next year and is going to make much more than Cook will, without the upside or future trade value. This is the type of move good teams, like the Packers (where Reggie came from) or Patriots make. With the defense solidified is a move Oakland can finally afford to make. He was the most valuable player still available. It's low risk, high reward in the 4th.
  13. But he's the third QB on the bootleg in the draft! The dream of Jack to Oakland is still alive!
  14. Ah, I'm at work and only heard about him falling. Offensive line is one of Oakland's strengths, so it's cool.