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  1. EWBFF Jared Lorenzen League

    Josh Gordon scored a TD, as the meme train keeps rolling! On to Chicago, and Srar!
  2. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Yeah, but Josh Gordon scored a TD, thus making me look like a real smart guy for starting him in fantasy.
  3. EWBFF Jared Lorenzen League

    9-4 and in the playoffs with basically the starters I drafted? Smart AND successful!
  4. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    You're welcome! If you told me we'd be tied for first with LA (still always type SD and have to change it) after week 5, is have laughed my ass off, but here we are. It's going to be amazing if it comes down to the game in LA on NYE. Nice that we'll be at home
  5. 2017 College Football Thread

    USC and Ohio State played three consecutive Rose Bowls, 1972-74.
  6. 2017 College Football Thread

    LOL. Tennessee has never been the job Vols fans think it is. You would have been lucky to get Leach, but I guess since Tee Martin was a Vol who'll let Fulmer walk all over him that's somehow better. The Fisher contract makes me feel really, really, really fucking great about the Kelly hire. Great value for UCLA.
  7. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    I actually don't think it would have mattered, injuries were always the problem and he usually looked fine on the field for Oakland.
  8. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Or, OR, we can all agree that Talib is a jackass and move on?
  9. 2017 College Football Thread

    Chip Kelly would have been fine at Florida, probably at SCAR or Auburn too. He'll be better in LA, tho. JDR might be available after the NFL season
  10. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    I mean, if rather beat you than lose, but if it would have finished off Downing... Aqib Talib is a jackass, tho. I don't condone some of the shit being said, but he's still a fuck.
  11. 2017 College Football Thread

    Sumlin will be in Tempe next year. He's reportedly great frinds with their AD. ASU might have also gotten too big for their britches, though, because they just beat the Cats and are going bowling, yet they fired Graham. I'm not sure they expect, there's always been a clear hierarchy in the Pac, and the Zona schools aren't high in it.
  12. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Thank fuck. Good player, shitty coach. Josh Gordon might play week 13, and, if you'e wondering, I will be starting him in fantasy when he does. 1milliondeadpoints.
  13. 2017 College Football Thread

    The Vols just got shit-canned by Vandy, and watched the best head coaching candidate sign elsewhere (like, the only silver lining for Rocky Top is that Chip didn't go to Florida), and you're in here talking about 'BAMA IS DEAD'? That's some commendable schaudenfruede you got there... It's not going to happen, but if Rosen comes back, maybe we win the South. Depends on who the DC is, honestly.
  14. 2017 College Football Thread

    LA Times is reporting that Chip Kelly will be your next UCLA head football coach.