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  1. They were supposed to get a new Stadium when they moved back 20 years ago (fuck, it's been that long?), but we saw how that happened. I expect the A's will get something. No place for them to go and, with the Warriors moving, I can't see Oakland letting them get away too. I know I've said I was going to stop watching, but I won't. This isn't a spite move, it's what's best for the team, if not the fans. I dunno, I stayed a fan when they left LA, I'm a Raiders fan, it's part of who I am.
  2. Mark Davis simply can't afford to build a stadium on his own, and the NFL won't allow him to borrow enough money (using the team as collateral) to get it done. It's sad, but I don't blame the city, either. Just tough all around.
  3. We might have been mathematicaly eliminated from the playoffs, but will Ben Affleck be playing YOUR head coach in the biopic?
  4. It's one of the reasons I've never taunted you with the infamous blowout picture.
  5. The one thing we can agree on!
  6. So, as the unicorn that is a primarily UCLA football fan, what are the chances of the Bruins advancing deep into the tournament?
  7. If I get time, I'm going to try to come up with a list of QBs that I'd argue are better than Romo. I'd keep it to players I've at least seen on film, but Otto Graham belongs on the list, so... I bet I could get to 50, easy. Not that Romo is bad, he's a good QB and I do think that you could win a championship with him, but stats don't tell the whole story.
  8. I don't think you can really compare post-Manning rules to pre-Manning rules.
  9. It is! Tony Romo would have won '5 or 6 Superbowls' and Jerome Bettis is better than Marcus Allen.
  10. Yeah, signing the best KR in the league and an explosive but imperfect 4th WR on a one year prove it deal IS 'so Raiders' and we have Reggie to thank for that. @Maxx, I need a Cowboy fans opinion... Aikman or Romo? Also, someone on Reddit told me that John Elway 'never did anything until he got TD' and, thus, is 'not even in the conversation' for best QB of his era...
  11. Oh, they think the hate is their ally, they merely adopted the hate. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the playoffs again until I was already a man; by then, it was nothing to me but heartbreak!
  12. I can't decide if I'm more bothered by the Trump support or how horribly it was written.
  13. I found him amusing, I didn't know he was a Trump guy.
  14. I hate the Patriots, but Belichek is great. He's really grown on me, love that guy. That said, go Falcons, great throwbacks.
  15. Is forward momentum still a thing?