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  1. I'm just here to say Fuck the Giants.
  2. I think I fucked my team with that trade. Never doubt Tommy Brady...
  3. I'm the guy who ended up with too many Raiders.
  4. This is the 'smuggling players out of Cuba' thing? I'm struggling to feel any way about it, honestly. Humans should have freedom of movement, freedom of self-determination, so I'm not too bothered by it morally.
  5. At least the Florida State Seminole Vesicles can claim they asked permission.
  6. We'll take care of it next game. With Oakland out, I say we get rid of these fly over teams and have us a good ol' Dodgers Yankees WS. Been a while since we played those pinstriped assholes for a title.
  7. His recruiting classes were full of WR and DBs, but short on OL. Hundley, then Rosen covered up a lot. Look at Josh now, he's gonna be great if he doesn't get broken. It's gonna be a big project. Team's super young.
  8. Either Colorado wins their first division title, or LA goes six straight. I just think it's funny everyone talks about how LA spends so much money, but we're here and Sam Francisco spent $22mil more to sit at home.
  9. I'll listen to offers for anyone besides MG3, Julio, or Derek. Particularly interested in moving Brady.
  10. DMN

    NFL 2018

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck yooooooooooooou, don't care, Just Win Baby! But really, referring shit show. Weird to be on this side of one. I honestly think Oakland isn't bad, just, not talented? Like, I guess that makes you bad, but the coaching and everything is solid.
  11. I blame marijuana for leaving Jordy on the bench. I don't know how I missed that one.
  12. DMN

    NFL 2018

    Bitch don't kill my vibe
  13. DMN

    NFL 2018

    Fuck, like, my whole fantasy team is Raiders, Chargers, and Patriots now. 😕 Not that this isn't good for Gruden's Grindr, cuz Flash 'bout to go off with Tommy Boy. Best WR he's had since Moss.

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