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  1. Cool, let him drop to the 5th round like Maurice Hearst did last year.
  2. DMN

    RIP Dick Dale

    Damn. 😢 Here's his connection to the wrestling world, btw.
  3. DMN

    Music hot takes

    It's 'Get Lucky' by Daft Punk (w/ Pharrell) for me.
  4. I, for one, am shocked that the guy who faced no real consequences from choking his pregnant girlfriend in college faces another accusation of domestic violence. He's always been fast enough to run away from them before, though.
  5. JP Losman is so old that the Transfer PortalTM was just a door.
  6. That's UCLA BRUIN LEGEND J.P. Losman to you!
  7. Neither has GhostMachine. Lonzo and Ingram are the two most important guys to keep, IMO. Russ should get fined because a racist jackass yelled racist shit at him? GTFOH.
  8. I doubt Bosa is dropping to 4, but there's TONS of D-Line talent at the top of the draft. Allen looks nice too. There's the DT who's name I forget, as well. Pittsburgh offered $33m in a 'rolling guarantee' which isn't a guarantee at all because they would have gave him the ball 400 times and then cut him after only paying 14-20.
  9. This feels like a pretty crazy off-season.
  10. Trent Brown is an Oakland Raider for the richest offensive lineman contract in history, which I think means Al Davis has possessed Jon Gruden and/or Mike Mayock.
  11. That's fair, I'm just tired of how 'Jon Gruden sucks' has become a meme (mostly on Reddit), when if you watched the Raiders last year you'd see they were clearly better coached (in terms of gameplanning) and played harder through out the season than they did under Del Rio. He already effectively took two teams to the Super Bowl in the same year, so it's funny how his actual coaching ability is in question. He does have to prove he's improved in terms of drafting, that's true.
  12. Calling it a 20m per contract for Oakland is disingenuous. We're paying, at most, 54.125 over 3 years, which is just over 18. Only 16.7 if he doesn't meet the incentives. Maybe if you add in what Pittsburgh already paid him it becomes 20, but Oakland is getting the best WR in the league, on the downside of his prime, for 18mil per year. Amari Cooper is going to want 15-17 and is unlikely to out produce AB over those three years. Oakland turned Amari Cooper a third and a fifth into Antonio Bryant and a first, but Jon Gruden is an idiot who got lucky in Tampa Bay, right?
  13. Antonio Brown is an Oakland Raider for a 3rd and a 5th. No extension, 3yr ~16.5m per. Steelers and AFC West fans, particularly the Chiefs, salary af on reddit right now.
  14. He ain't wrong, though. I'm going to laugh my ass off when Oakland turns around and trades Pittsburgh the Dallas pick, effectively turning Amari Cooper into Antonio Brown. I'll laugh even harder if it's like a 2nd and a 4th instead.
  15. I'm putting myself on limited minutes for the rest of the season.

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