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  1. DMN

    NFL 2019

    I think he definitely falls out of the top 10, especially if he's just starting to throw in March. Even if he doesn't, one of the top QBs will likely be available in the middle of the first. I'm not sure they'll do that to Mitch, maybe work on the offensive line instead.
  2. DMN

    NFL 2019

    Mack showed his value in 2016, it seemed like he made every play the Raiders needed defensively. The drawback to that is it set an expectation that maybe only Lawrence Taylor could live up to. I still think the Bears can get it together, though maybe not this season. Honestly, they have two second rounders, maybe package them together to get into the mid-late first and grab Tua after he falls.
  3. You mean the dude that runs the Marlins? They suck, why would he go into the Hall?
  4. DMN

    NFL 2019

    Maxx Crosby is bringing the sacks, dudes been balling out. Ferrell doesn't have the stats, but has started to come on.
  5. DMN

    NFL 2019

    We survived! I swear that was a game that we would have lost any year between 2002 and 2019.
  6. DMN

    NFL 2019

    Hate to see it. I still love you @Meacon, but for every positive thing John Elway ever did for the Denver Broncos, he must do an equal and opposite bad thing. It's the deal he made with Satan to get that Super Bowl win against Green Bay. Had to sacrifice half of Terrell Davis' career, too.
  7. Much like the PAC12 from which I draw my players, I too shall limp into the post season.
  8. Devin Booker, Suns @Ace
  9. Ace took Dame, and if he hadn't I was going to, so he gone gone.
  10. Putting together a team with a championship pedigree... Kyrie Irving @Maxx
  11. DMN

    NFL 2019

    And if it had stopped there, no one gets suspended because it's a normal football scuffle. Garrett is the one who escalated it.
  12. DMN

    NFL 2019

    I don't see how Rudolph should have been suspended, Garret is the one who escalated it past normal football shit. Also find the outrage hilarious, because it's like everyone wants to pretend it's not a violent game (always has been, always will be) until that violence books over, then they throw their arms up in the air about it.
  13. DMN

    NFL 2019

    Now this is some old time AFC football right here. Honestly, this is pretty great.
  14. DMN

    NFL 2019

    Kaep could get the Steelers into the playoffs, because Mason Rudolph is not a NFL QB. Speaking of, Baker Mayfield has the crazy eyes of a man who has no idea what he's doing and is in way over his head.
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