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  1. 2017 MLB Thread

    No offense to Houston, but I want NY. Their the old enemy, and, unlike facing Houston who will be sympathetic favorites, we get to be the good guys!
  2. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Yesterday was a good day.
  3. 2017 MLB Thread

    Like, I'm pretty confident that LA is going to the Series, but man, I can't shake the feeling they're going to pull a traditional Dodger Playoff Collapse right here.
  4. EWBFF Jared Lorenzen League

    Doesn't help that I have Hyde.
  5. 2017 MLB Thread

    Hey! Honestly, they have the same issue that the Chargers did, in that their main rivals all have more heated rivalries, and no one gives a shit about them. You win one and act like this? Bad as Boston fans... It's tiiiiiiiiiiiime for Dodger basebaaaaaall...
  6. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Just try and schedule games against UCLA and Hogan will be unbeatable. I still have nightmares about that dude.
  7. 2017 MLB Thread

    Snek status: Stepped on.
  8. EWBFF Jared Lorenzen League

    If I win this week then I'm just going to throw up my hands and say fuck it, because I have no right to win this one.
  9. EWBFF Jared Lorenzen League

    Jay Cutler has -1 fantasy points.
  10. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    The Pats problems are in the back half of the defense. Fortunately, their main competitors in the AFC, KC and Denver, aren't great passing teams. If they run into a healthy Pittsburgh or Oakland in the playoffs, though, might be a different story. Oakland isn't making the playoffs, though. We're trash without Care, and 2-6 weeks without him is going to put them too far back to climb out. Edit: Alex Smith is having a really great year, so there is that. Still not their bread and butter. Besides, every time the Chiefs are the last undefeated team they fail to win a playoff game because KC is Marty Schottenheimer in team form.
  11. 2017 MLB Thread

    We coming for you, Srar.
  12. 2017 College Football Thread

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Texas lost to Kansas.
  13. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    No, see, she's racist, so his sexism doesn't count!
  14. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    There's definitely a double standard, but that doesn't mean you need to defend Newton. Even the report I read on the private conversation looks bad for Cam. Less sexist, because he apparently thinks all reporters are lacking in football knowledge, not just women. He also didn't know the reporters name, despite her covering the team for a year.