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  1. Toronto wanted that one more. Not to take away from the planning/coaching they did to get that win, I'm just in awe of the energy they played defense with. Defense in basketball is really about who wants it more. Technique and tactics matter, but you can't play great defense without hustle and energy, and it's easy to just half-day it and get back on offense. Toronto did not allow a letdown to happen, nor did they allow Golden State to come back like they had in the WCF. I don't know how things change if KD comes back, but Toronto can win this series if they keep up that energy on defense.
  2. I think he's more of a borderline HOFer than you think. Look at the 'similar players' on PFR and it's full of Hall of Famers. If he'd got even one title, in Philly, I think he'd be in. Edit: He also had a relatively short career for a modern QB.
  3. Look, Jackie Robinson founded the Dodgers when he became the first black ballplayer in the history of ever, then they beat the Yankees and moved to LA, and I will not hear differently.
  4. Look, I won't dispute that the Yankees are classic and timeless, like Frank Sinatra and pinstripes. Unfortunately, that also makes them old and played out. Their best days behind them without George. All that hate for being a bandwagon fan, but none of the success. Look to the west, in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles, where the best team in the land plays in the most beautiful ballpark in the nation. Six straight division titles and two pennants, but we lose in the Series all the time so only our division hates us! You get a better class of rivals, like the San Francisco Giants, who are waaaaay more dislikable than the boring Atlanta Braves. Did Chipper Jones ever hit Dwight Gooden in the head with a bat? No, because Chipper Jones is wack. You still get to like Mike Piazza, and your blue is literally our blue. So come to Chavez Ravine, our Blue Heaven, and the best baseball team in the world, the Los Angeles Dodgers. $5 says if Matt Kemp was on the Dodgers he's a borderline all-star. He just belongs here 😢
  5. Well, I guess I look like a fool with that Bucks pick. I Paul Pierce'd 'em.
  6. If they hold it during a Dodger/Laker championship parade it might work.
  7. DMN

    Game of Thrones

    Nah, that was bullshit.
  8. Bucks over GSW in 6. They can defend the three point line and force the Dubs inside to Giannis. It's what Portland is trying to do, they just lack the athletic big man inside to complete the strategy.
  9. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha
  10. DMN

    The Punk Thread

    It's fine, but has none of the venom or energy of Jello. It's a small thing, but if you can't use the full lyrics then it isn't the right venue for that song. I dunno, just my opinion. I'd like to see them try and play Police Truck on MTV, though.
  11. Without the injury to Lebron they'd have made the playoffs. Probably 4th/5th. Hard to tell what would have happened then.
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