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  1. I too read r/NFL.
  2. Met former Super Bowl Champion J.R. Redmond today. Very nice guy.
  3. Vanderdoes underwhelmed in college, mostly due to injury, but it's cool to see a Bruin become a Raider.
  4. S A B E R M E T R I C S
  5. Me: I don't really like wearing jerseys, cuz I played and it feels weird to wear someone else's. Also me: But Beastmode, doh...
  6. Just like Oakland took Connor Cook last year, you can't have too many QBs in the pipeline, especially with how cheap rookies are. Bengals are the new Raiders, btw.
  7. This is true. I'd rather move up for a player who has more years under their belt in college.
  8. To be fair to Chicago, they weren't moving up because they were worried about SF taking Mitchell, there were obviously other teams interested in moving ahead of Chicago. I won't defend the pick, mostly because I preferred Watson (I'm somewhat of a believer in Bill Parcell's ideas on drafting QBs, it helps lower risk), and Glennon makes it a weird choice, but if you think there's a guy out there that will change your franchise, you gotta go for it. Especially a franchise as QB starved as Chicago has been historically. You can't rely on finding a Tom Brady in the 6th, or even a Russell Wilson or Derek Carr on day two.
  9. I'm going to put this here, because I don't feel like wading into it elsewhere, but, regardless of Conley's guilt or innocence, I could really do without the attacks on the woman. Totally uncalled for.
  11. I edited because I'd forgotten about the rape allegations. Obviously, if he's guilty, I'm not happy with it, and I'm not going to defend it. Even if he isn't guilty, it's not a good look for a team that has worked hard to reshape it's image. I'm honestly a little surprised with the pick, actually, which is why I didn't even make the connection.
  12. I'm fine with Conley. The secondary is the weakest part of the team. Not even sure why everyone thought Oakland would go RB. Would have been happy with Foster, too. Trust Reggie too much at this point to doubt him. Added bonus is KC shit the bed. EDIT: Wait... Forgot about the rape thing. I do trust Reggie to have done his homework. If it's true that there's footage exonerating him, then I'm fine with it. Otherwise, obviously, I'm not.
  13. I WOKE UP IN BEAAAAAAASTMOOOOOODE! Ahem. Sorry. I don't care if he runs for like, 2.3 yards a carry, seeing Lynch looking like a kid on Christmas coming to the Raiders facility and wearing the helmet just makes me so happy. Worth it. Always want a dude who wants to be there.
  14. They're claiming Ingram is still the starter and that Peterson is the back-up/short yardage back, but we'll see. They're both volume backs, in that they need carries to be effective, and New Orleans never really used Ingram to his potential, so it should be interesting.
  15. *AHEM* The Chosen One will have something to say about that. (Unless he gets injured again, which he will, because this is UCLA football and we can't have nice things.)