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  1. We aren't even disagreeing. I agree with all of that, outside of preferring Greg Maddux. What I'm saying is that Bonds wasn't just one of the most dominant hitters of his generation, he was one of the most dominant hitters of all-time. They aren't really in the same class, unless you want to argue that Clemens is a top 3 pitcher all-time, because that's what Bonds is as a hitter. I mention Koufax because I'm a huge homer, but also because he's a consensus top 3-5 pitcher of all time, which Clemens is not, even if he wore pinstripes.
  2. DMN

    NFL 2019

    Probably should be Dak to the Future III, considering how Cowboy fans live in the past. 🤠
  3. No, he obviously belongs in the HOF, though the more I think about it he might not even be top 10, just commenting on how you could vote for Bonds and not Clemens. Bonds was an all-time talent regardless of PEDs, Clemens is *maybe* a top three of his generation guy (I'd probably choose Maddux or Randy Johnson over him). They aren't really comparable, the only reason people say their names in the same sentence is PEDs. Yeah, I know Clemens has a MVP and seven Cy Youngs, but he ain't exactly Sandy Koufax.
  4. I hate to say this, because FTG, but Barry Bonds was a much, MUCH better baseball player than Roger Clemens. One is arguably the greatest hitter of all time (and PEDs didn't give him that patience at the plate), the other is, like, maybe a top 10 pitcher all time, maybe? I was gonna say top five but he isn't.
  5. DMN

    NFL 2019

    I had a standing deal with my dad that if the Raiders won the Super Bowl he'd get me a Howie Long jersey, or if UCLA won the Natty a Skip Hicks Bruins uni, so if either of those things happen I'll do that, but otherwise I'm not much of a team apparel guy, outside of hats. I have a Raiders shirt, that's it.
  6. DMN

    NFL 2019

    It is truly a dark day when the Chiefs finally hoist the Lamar Hunt Trophy.
  7. DMN

    NFL 2019

    The nicest thing I can say about Kansas City is at least they aren't the Denver Broncos.
  8. DMN

    NFL 2019

    Fuck the Chiefs.
  9. What is 'things that have been true for three years, Alex?'.
  10. DMN

    NFL 2019

    The Bengals aren't one of the 127 teams GM supports so Marvin Lewis must be trash.
  11. DMN

    NFL 2019

    Mandate teams need to release detailed reports their interviews and why the chose who they chose. You can't mandate who they hire,so mandate full transparency. Gronk is probably the best tight end of all time and is probably going to go first ballot regardless of numbers.
  12. DMN

    NFL 2019

    Real lunch pail guy, first in, last out, scrappy gym rat of a coach. High motor.He's white. Darren McFadden would have shown up, but I think he just got injured again.
  13. Two weeks may work for the NFL, but it definitely does not work in college. Game should have been last night.
  14. Do I get to feel extra indignant because both teams that won titles against LA cheated?
  15. DMN

    NFL 2019

    I'm a little surprised Jay Gruden's name hasn't been mentioned more. I'd definitely take him over Garrett or Marvin Lewis.
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