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  1. Eric Andre's new Netflix special is hilarious, but I'm like, exactly in the range to have most of the same experiences as him, so maybe it hits different *shrug*
  2. POSE is amazing. Had me crying.
  3. Phil Fulmer is the number one reason Tennessee is a joke right now, so I don't see how giving him another year would have made any difference. As for Lane Kiffin, I'm not here to defend Joey Freshwater's (is he Joey Moonshine now? Joey Creekwater?) morals or ethics, but the fact remains that he's been far more successful, post Tennessee, with only one losing season, than any coach has been AT Tennessee since he left.
  4. It's funny how much y'all hate Kiffin when he's clearly the most talented coach you've had since Fulmer.
  5. Petros Papadakis is really bad on TV and radio.
  6. Today's the first day you're allowed to remember that Reggie Bush played for USC. OJ Mayo too if you're into squeaky shoes shooty hoops.
  7. I can't fault any young RB who's out-played their rookie contract holding out. That team is going to use you up, hit you with a couple franchise tags, and you'll never make the money you deserve.
  8. Portland's issue is likely that they had the easiest schedule to finish the year and Memphis had the toughest, and now that's equalized.
  9. I'd be more inclined to believe Brees' apology was real and heart-felt if he didn't say things like 'I... can be a leader for the black community in this movement'. It's still incredibly tone-deaf after what just happened, IMO. Coupled with his history, not buying it, but it is what it is. Very happy with Mark Davis' words on things. Following in his father's footsteps.
  10. It comes on the heels of some very tone-deaf stuff in response to everything going on in the country, on top of his vacation during the lockdown, at some point it's not just 'aw shucks', like, he's either an idiot or problematic. It's funny, because, by all accounts, Nick Saban is a stand-up person, but everyone hates him (I know it's mostly just sports hate because he's very good), and Dabo is a low-key shitty dude and everyone excuses it because he's so folksy.
  11. So, are we going to talk about Dabo Sweeney or no?
  12. Everything that's happened has really just proven Colin Kaepernick right. He's not perfect, but he was ostracized and, for lack of a better term, black-balled, from the sport for his stances, for his peaceful, respectful protest, yet look where we are now. I believe he's been vindicated.
  13. Portland gonna be spooky. I'm not sure who scares me more as the eight seed as a Lakers fans, Ja Morant and the young Griz, or a healthy Portland who's had a mini-training camp to get Nurkic back in the mix.
  14. He dropped the ball and didn't dive on the floor.
  15. It's a cosplay of The Joker, but if he was from Atlanta, Georgia instead of Gotham.
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