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  1. No school like the old school...

    1. The Iron Forky

      OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! There was a TRS sighting!

  2. 2015 College Football Thread

    With the USC, Miami, Virginia Tech, and possibly Georgia and Texas, opening up this off-season, I think it's a really bad idea. They won't be able to find someone as good as him. It's a great job, but I'd say that USC and Miami are definitely above it, as are UGA and Texas if they come open.
  3. 2015 NFL Season

    I'm going to lose my fantasy game because of Kirk fucking Cousins. I mean, also because my team underperformed, but, really?  I'm going to lose my fantasy game because of Kirk fucking Cousins. I mean, also because my team underperformed, but, really? 
  4. EWBFF Charles Rogers League

    Dez comes back, Dion Lewis goes out. The circle of fantasy continues.
  5. 2015 NFL Season

    I just need Dez to outscore Melvin Gordon by 4 points. If Romo was back, I'd feel good about this. He's not, and I don't.
  6. 2015 NFL Season

    Yeah. Great. Amazing. >_>
  7. 2015 NFL Season

    I'm so excited for this team going forward. I know I tend to get homerish when it comes to the Raiders, even when I try not to, but this team could be really good in a few years.
  8. 2015 NFL Season

    If the Raiders do go down here, they still have 6 winnable games left on the schedule, Minnesota, Tenn, Detroit, KCx2, SD, with Denver and Green Bay in there as well. I don't see them finishing worse than 8-8, with an outside, but realistic, shot at 10-6. FUCK YEAH! CARR TO CRABTREE!
  9. 2015 NFL Season

    I haven't really been able to watch the games because I usually work on Sundays, but general consensus is that he's on track, but not quite where expected, from my understanding. Antonio Brown can stop whenever. Not only is he killing Oakland, I'm facing him in the EWB league.
  10. 2015 NFL Season

    If they can build a defense to go with the offense, then the Raiders could be contenders in a season or two. The back end of the defense is still pretty weak, future Hall of Famer Charles Woodson not-withstanding.
  11. What's Up With Your Username?

    During my first serious relationship, for whatever reason, my girlfriend at the time had the nickname of 'Angel', and I became 'Demon' because, well, it was like 2000 and that was the style of the time. When I started fucking around online, I added 'syco' to the front, and then removed the vowels from the end, and became sycodmn. Then I shortened it, and capitalized it, and became DMN, which is where I've been ever since. I use some form of it, or blankdmn, or dedhemingway/deathandhemingway on various message boards, but mostly some form of DMN.
  12. EWBFF Charles Rogers League

    I'm ready to make a run, Dez is coming back, Dion Lewis is healthy, Derek Carr is starting to come into his own... I'm feeling REALLY good about my team right now. I'm still open to trading a TE if anyone is interested.
  13. 2015 NFL Season

    I feel like the only 'mid-level' teams this year are Oakland and the Jets, and both of those really depend on who's under center.
  14. 2015 NFL Season

    You guys remember how, last year, there was a debate about who was the better rookie QB, Carr or Bridgewater? I think that's been decided. 
  15. 2015 NFL Season

    The NFL isn't like MLB or the NBA. Even people that should be moved, like RGIII, probably won't be.