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  1. is it possible someone could cut this picture of Edward S. Rogers III (of Rogers Communications) on kyky ... Edward (in my game) brought Impact Wrestling, renamed it Rogers Sports & Entertainment and invested nearly $30,000,000
  2. Is this a real championship?
  3. so I never knew Jimmy Hart's XWF (2001 promotion with Hulk Hogan, Curt Hennig, and other former WCW/WWF talent) had titles created. I saw these and thought maybe someone here would like to have these cut for a XWF game. (Sorry if I shouldn't have posted these here)
  4. Hey I was wondering if anyone could cut these three MMA fighters to kyky for me, please and THANK YOU. In order from Left-to-Right: Bi Nguyen, Alyse Anderson, and Grace Cleveland
  5. could we also get a banner with the new impact wrestling/anthem logo?
  6. I believe they are just the AAA ring girls, and not actual talent
  7. Was hoping someone would be able to cut this into a Logo & Banner for my new EWR Impact Wrestling game, PLEASE and THANK YOU! Also with Anthem Sports & Entertainment outta Canada having stock in TNA, I was wondering if we could get a TNA Logo/Banner with the Canadian flag in it
  8. wha?!?! I must have missed this, could you let me know what/where you heard this?
  9. Hello, I was hoping I could get this Big Brother 18 houseguests cut to kyky, PLEASE and THANK YOU Corey Brooks Zakiyah
  10. @xgdawgx I honestly don't know, TNA/ROH/WWE/Lucha are using (maybe signing) their talent
  11. Is anyone for removing Global Force Wrestling in future updates?
  12. yes, they are good .. they are awesome
  13. was wondering if I could get a kyky cut for TNA's new broadcaster McKenzie Mitchell. Please and Thank You
  14. that's a really nice looking championship
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