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  1. Congratulations to Huddersfield. Nice to see a couple of new names in the Prem next season. But it does sit a little uneasily with me that you can finish 5th over 46 games, then not win a single playoff game, and get promoted.
  2. Started a game with Schalke and, man, Bayern are a machine. I'm second to them, 10 points behind. In 17 games, Bayern have won 16 - their only defeat was actually 3-1 at our place. Meanwhile, we made hard work of a Europa League group including Monaco, Maribor and Astra... A defeat and a draw with Monaco, a 1-0 away loss to Maribor and 2 wins against Astra, left us needing to beat Maribor at home in game 6 to progress. Went 1-0 up early, only for them to level just before half time. This meant we needed to score twice to move above them on head to head record. Left it late but scored in the 70th and 78th minutes and held on to scrape through. Celta Vigo in the next round is a decent draw though and we just smashed third place Gladbach 4-0 away from home going into the winter break. All looking good outside of Bayern.
  3. Red all day long, but I loved the Ziggler-level sell from Aguero.
  4. What the fuck is Martin Keown babbling about? Costa has been in Rojo's pocket all night long.
  5. Pogba hasn't won a tackle this entire second half. Rojo and Valencia on the other hand have been excellent.
  6. Valencia with a worse tackle than either of Herrera's. No card .
  7. One day Costa is going to actually break his leg, and no one will care as play goes on around him for the rest of the game.
  8. Classic Michael Oliver. Ah well, decent game ruined. It's a shame because we've competed much better than I expected us to tonight
  9. Ah well, didn't want to win the cup anyway.
  10. I grew up in Lincolnshire, so I'm fully on this bandwagon. 'Mon the Imps!
  11. Well it wouldn't be a United game this season without a sitter being missed.
  12. Totally forgot I put £3 on Mkhitaryan first goal and United 4-0 @ 95/1...
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