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  1. A lot of information has been leaked regarding the ownership of rovers which can be found below, and it makes for very interesting reading: The stuff above is across 3 pages for anybody on mobile who doesn't see the next page icon.
  2. No they confirmed it on their twitter today. It means if you get say the Bundesliga from one site with full teams kits players etc, but then another site has better kits and players, you can just do a batch import of the second set of kits and players into the first set of data.
  3. You can choose. 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 I think or something vaguely along them lines.
  4. It's the one mode I've not really played, so probably not the best person to ask about that one.
  5. Yep master league offline and online are still in. The old players from the older pes are even agents! Just don't tell Venkys. MyClub is a really awesome mode. Fifa has ultimate team. Pes has this. Instead of buying/selling, you get random players from balls, like a lottery. It's great. Best for files last year was pes world. Will be so much easier this year only having to download/upload a couple of files. As for the stadiums, I think they said a lot of them are coming after launch. Also weekly data updates! (Last year was a joke, the game didn't get its first transfer update until after everyone had already done the one by one edit and guess what the update did....)
  6. Yeah, full option files this year on PS4 only (Microsoft still won't allow them to do it on the Xbone). It's as simple as download the file structure to your usb, plug it into your ps4 and upload through the relevant menu in game, unlike last year where you had to do it one by one.
  7. And he also did this Absolutely disgusting human being and should be done for match fixing
  8. Nobody can tell me any of his actions tonight where not deliberate. Track down the goals. The first one he can just trap and play away, instead he fires into the net. The second he heads into the ground and the bottom corner of the goal like a striker would after glancing at the goal just prior. Then he kicks the ball away whilst on a yellow card. 3 own goals in two games is a joke and all from the same player.
  9. I live in Darwen so that would be ideal for me
  10. The site I bought FM 2016 on had a promotion of 10 random steam games, so if anybody wants any of the following feel free to use the code! Let me know if you use it so I can mark it off the list: Sparkle 3 Genesis Steam Key: JRWB3-5TH0E-VELX2 Millie Steam Key: QRQT8-BGHEZ-EWPEL Knights and Merchants HD: 0J5WF-R7KW9-CJ9EI X-Blades: QEVZR-8HDB6-QT42R Stigmat: CZEKE-ZLZFK-0HARW Bloodbath Kavkaz: D62WF-X4ERB-R275M Earth 2150 - The Moon Project: 6ZJQ6-890BD-Q9J7I Two Worlds - Game of the Year Edition: 3WW9H-0T0QI-3HQ53 Two Worlds 2: MHXCV-YWW48-WM5I9 Enclave: YWWMW-R9VNW-6A50X
  11. SLAMMED! is really good. It is a text based choose your own story kind of thing, and actually really well written.
  12. No it doesn't, but streamers turn it off as YouTube has an automatic copyright algorithm which flags up the video as copyright, so everyone turns off entrance themes. Although on that note, I uploaded a Terminator vs Terminator match, with the entrance (Terminator theme song included) and it wasn't flagged as copyright
  13. Just finished my first Let's Play of Assassin's Creed Syndicate which can be found below: Having never played any of the Assassin's series before, I've got to say it's pretty good. This game suffers from a few dodgy camera angles though, but it's got gorgeous graphics and set in victoriana London too
  14. I have created a playthrough if anybody wishes to watch: I love Walker Assault, although I was on the Imperial side and we won despite all the outlinks being put online. I love that you get to control the AT-AT and the AT-ST as well. Don't know if I am keen on Drop Zone, but survival is good too, think I got 12 minutes for that.