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  1. 2 star goldust unlocked! They are also doing a new gauntlet right now, and I have no gauntlet tickets :-(
  2. Just got a 2* Bray Wyatt from a free premium superstar crate drop. Nice! Already had the basic version but means I don't need to use the enhancements on him now
  3. I found it only gives you tokens for the superstar you click on and isn't always reliable to give you what you want (I only needed two Neville Comets for Rollins and it gave everything but)
  4. I finally got my Cena enhanced thanks to the tip earlier about using the in game cash to get the needed requirements. He is an absolute beast now, just get a finisher and it's match over. Rollins next, just need two comets and then he is getting enhanced as I need him for the last match in one tour (against Cena/Orton who are rated ridiculously high).
  5. Uhh, honestly didn't know you could do that! Will give it a try, cheers.
  6. 10 of my 11 wrestlers currently need items so that I can enhance them. They are all stuck around 850-870. Very annoying as there is no way I am paying and the ones they give out day to day tend not to be the ones I need (such as Cena's wristbands x1 which is the only thing I need to enhance Cena and Rock)
  7. That would be me then, no idea why it is showing as that when everything is showing in app as the username I have here! Just checked and it is showing as Brindlefly, very weird!
  8. Requested to join. Same username as here
  9. A lot of information has been leaked regarding the ownership of rovers which can be found below, and it makes for very interesting reading: http://www.sportskeeda.com/football/misery-at-blackburn-rovers-leaked-documents-reveal-harrowing-details-of-the-indian-rule-at-riverside The stuff above is across 3 pages for anybody on mobile who doesn't see the next page icon.
  10. No they confirmed it on their twitter today. It means if you get say the Bundesliga from one site with full teams kits players etc, but then another site has better kits and players, you can just do a batch import of the second set of kits and players into the first set of data.
  11. You can choose. 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 I think or something vaguely along them lines.
  12. It's the one mode I've not really played, so probably not the best person to ask about that one.
  13. Yep master league offline and online are still in. The old players from the older pes are even agents! Just don't tell Venkys. MyClub is a really awesome mode. Fifa has ultimate team. Pes has this. Instead of buying/selling, you get random players from balls, like a lottery. It's great. Best for files last year was pes world. Will be so much easier this year only having to download/upload a couple of files. As for the stadiums, I think they said a lot of them are coming after launch. Also weekly data updates! (Last year was a joke, the game didn't get its first transfer update until after everyone had already done the one by one edit and guess what the update did....)
  14. Yeah, full option files this year on PS4 only (Microsoft still won't allow them to do it on the Xbone). It's as simple as download the file structure to your usb, plug it into your ps4 and upload through the relevant menu in game, unlike last year where you had to do it one by one.
  15. And he also did this Absolutely disgusting human being and should be done for match fixing

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