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  1. Best/Worst Wrestling Cell Phone Games?

    SLAMMED! is really good. It is a text based choose your own story kind of thing, and actually really well written.
  2. WWE 2K16

    No it doesn't, but streamers turn it off as YouTube has an automatic copyright algorithm which flags up the video as copyright, so everyone turns off entrance themes.  Although on that note, I uploaded a Terminator vs Terminator match, with the entrance (Terminator theme song included)  and it wasn't flagged as copyright
  3. The PS4 thread

    Just finished my first Let's Play of Assassin's Creed Syndicate which can be found below: Having never played any of the Assassin's series before, I've got to say it's pretty good. This game suffers from a few dodgy camera angles though, but it's got gorgeous graphics and set in victoriana London too
  4. Star Wars Battlefront

    I have created a playthrough if anybody wishes to watch: I love Walker Assault, although I was on the Imperial side and we won despite all the outlinks being put online. I love that you get to control the AT-AT and the AT-ST as well. Don't know if I am keen on Drop Zone, but survival is good too, think I got 12 minutes for that.
  5. The PS4 thread

    Try chapter 4 and 5 for size, honestly the most intense hour of gameplay I have ever had....
  6. The PS4 thread

    I have started an Until Dawn play through which can be found below, if anybody is interested. The game is bloody scary btw:   Part two: 
  7. FIFA 16

    Two more videos today:A two legged affair, England vs Germany: take a look at womens football, USA vs Germany:
  8. FIFA 16

    After the success of my PES 2016 videos, I have decided to do ones for Fifa 16 too:All Catalogue items: Madrid vs Barcelona: Team (includes me trying to speak Spanish despite never speaking it in my life!):
  9. The New Kit Thread

    New Rovers top, blue on the correct side this year and also the correct shade!
  10. Football Manager 2015

    On loan at Preston in mine
  11. Football Manager 2015

    Started a new game with Chelsea, this is what has happened so far:
  12. The FA Cup 2014/15 thread

    Edited that for you :-)
  13. FIFA 15

    You can, as long as you do it to the keepers near side post. Guarenteed goal. Or just finesse without much power, it will usually go through his legs. Blasting it tends to get saved the majority of the time.
  14. FIFA 15

    Everybody does it online with the top players as it is the easiest way to score (as keepers are actually way over powered if you get close to them, they have lightning reactions that even some animations can't keep up with).
  15. FIFA 15

    I have had the game since Tuesday. Scored two 30 yard finesse shots with Robben and one with Ronaldo that just sailed over a stationary keepers head without him even trying to save. Then last night, playing co-op seasons, my team mate passed the ball back to my keeper from the half way line. The keeper dived over the ball, and, seeing it roll towards the net, jumped back at the ball and punched it in. Basically Keepers are worse than ever. Also, pace is really over powered now due to the fact EA have changed defending (again), contain is not effective and animations often stop altogether for your defender so he stops running. Another major bug in co-op seasons was the fact when we went to make a sub, the other teams squad was shown and we could not make any changes, whilst they could, meaning they had fresh players. Also, any player instructions that you make before the match are not saved and reset to default during the match. Oh and the ps3/360 versions have match lobbies (so you can make 2v2 with friends etc) and the ps4/xbone do not. EA suck.