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  1. I fucking love Courtney Barnett.
  2. Yeah, they gaslighted the fuck out of Jessica Walters. Bateman telling her how the entertainment industry works when she’s been in the business longer than he’s been alive is a real piece of gold. I mean, I’m still going to watch and (potentially) enjoy the new season, but my perceptions of the male cast members sans Michael Cera has tanked. I won’t fault anyone for not watching the new season because of this or the allegations against Tambor, but me personally - I can still find enjoyment in the characters and the show itself, despite the people involved. Controversial opinion? I don’t know, maybe, but that’s just how I feel about all of this.
  3. new Pusha album, Daytona, in two days y’all, get ready. 7 tracks long, with features from Rick Ross and Kanye.
  4. Looks like ESPN is getting the TV rights that FOX currently has. $300m a year.
  5. Avengers 4 synopsis, as revealed by License Global:
  7. Jessica Walter's statement on the matter was neutral on the issue. Apparently she had some bad experiences with him during Season 5 filming I guess (bad attitude, nothing sexual), and that painted her response.
  8. Not a chance that Mitchell Hurwitz writes the George Sr. character out. He's close friends with Tambor and stands by him despite the allegations.
  9. The new Dr. Octagon album has a feature with Del. So, basically, it's Del and Kool Keith on a song together produced by Dan the Automator (who has worked with the Gorillaz in the past, and has a project with Del called Deltron 3030).
  10. There’s talk that Designated Survivor might get picked up by Netflix, actually. Have you ever seen Goon? SWS is pretty good in that - it’s a comedy, but his character isn’t played for just straight up laughs all the time. He can definitely handle a more serious role and obviously we know he can do the comedy. My question is, if the LW movies are canon in this TV show’s universe, how does that season finale and this casting news affect that timeline? Kinda erases the Lethal Weapon movies.
  11. Management Mode is 80% done according to the Fire Pro Twitter.
  12. Goddamnit. Only the first eight episodes are being released on the 25th.
  13. tristy

    Random Music Thoughts

    Reznor has been possessed by David Bowie.
  14. I'm downloading The Phantom Pain as we speak. You'll have to search for it in the Deals category, but it's there and it's free, a day early.
  15. Yeah, I really hated the way they had Season 4 originally. This show has and always will be best presented as an ensemble comedy. Episodes specifically dedicated to one or two characters just doesn't work. Especially 40 minute long episodes. This remixed version is perfect and I'm just breezing through all the episodes - much easier to digest this way, imo. George Sr. stuff is still a slog to get through, however.

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