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  1. That's pretty subjective, though. Venom was average to decent for my tastes, and the Morbius trailer (while it doesn't set my world on fire) isn't exactly HORRIBLE either. I also don't let how shitty an actor is in real life ruin my enjoyment of movies, though. So...
  2. Spider-Man movies are a part of the MCU, but the spin-offs like Morbius and Venom aren't recognized as canon by Marvel Studios. So if you're an MCU timeline freak, the only things that matter are the Spider-Man movies.
  3. Nine Inch Nails are being inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, finally. And I guess some other bands/people are too.
  4. Life Is Good by Future & Drake fuckin' slaps.
  5. Speaking of crossovers/plugs - there's a Death Stranding paint job for your motorcycle in Days Gone.
  6. Disney (or their D23 newsletter) is saying New Mutants is in the MCU canon, since @Gabriel mentioned the movie. I don't see how that's possible, but I'll go with it I guess. It's got Maisie Williams in it so I'm on board.
  7. Scott Derrickson is no longer the director of Dr. Strange 2.
  8. Yakuza 0 is exactly how it was described to me: a fighting game that's also a cheesy soap opera. I'm hooked. Damnit.
  9. I'm gonna need a gif of Jon Snow in the Daft Punk helmet dancing to Get Lucky, from the Big Fat Quiz of the Decade (2020).
  10. I've seen that and Dario Agger banded about.
  11. Follow God is about the only good song on it, but yeah. Surprisingly, it works pretty well if you insert each track after the ones on Yeezus (ex: On Sight into Every Hour). One of the songs has a perfection transition at the end into Monster from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, too. But yeah it's pretty bad, and I have no interest in things like Sunday Service. Bad enough he's a Trump supporter, but now he's thinking about doing a tour with Joel Osteen? As the poet 50 Cent once said, "the fuck happened to you?".
  12. I take back what I said about the VR because Astro Bot is amazing. I have tons of games I need to start (or finish), but I can't stop playing Astro Bot right now. EDIT: Also, the Uncharted Collection being the free game for January is awesome, since I was going to buy that anyway.
  13. So, it's not super pixelated, but I thought it would be in like Ultra HD or something and it's definitely not. Really evident when you watch things like WWE in VR. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a fix? Or is this just how it is? I haven't played TOO much on it, just a few demos and stuff like the VR Playroom. Would I have paid full price for this when it first came out? Absolutely not. Am I satisfied with it as a $177 purchase? Yeah. Just wish it was more vivid.
  14. Which ones do I need the move controllers for? I won't have those until next week at the earliest I keep imagining this is going to be a boring use of VR without those controllers, since I can't imagine doing it with just the regular PS4 controller, but we'll see today I guess.
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