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  1. That looks so fucking stupid.
  2. Is it time to merge the TV and the movie threads? Feige is officially over Marvel Television now - he's been made the Chief Creative Officer for Marvel - so, Marvel TV and Marvel Family Entertainment (animation) are moving under the Marvel Studios banner. Everyone in those divisions and including creative executives now report to Feige. Other news: The budgets for shows like WandaVision, Winter Soldier & Falcon, etc. are at $25 million per episode. --- Here, have some rumors/spoilers for the following shows (and two movies!). Plot outlines and casting rumors follow. WandaVision: Dr. Strange & The Multiverse of Madness: Shang-Chi: Ms. Marvel:
  3. I've been watching Euphoria all week, up to the season finale now, and my main take away is that Zendaya isn't that great, Hunter Schafer is amazing, and the best thing Judd Apatow ever did was give the world Maude Apatow. Oh, and that Jacob Elordi can play an asshole really, really well.
  4. Good god, look at the female character model. The story isn't told in a linear fashion - you start the day of the Hall of Fame, reflecting back on your life and career. But, to recap this video: The Rock is President in 2029. Glenn Jacobs was his opponent in the election. X-Pac is on a mustard only diet. There's already two fictional flashback matches, one where you face a school bully as the female character, and the other where you fight a legend as the male character. It's all just a little bit too wacky for me. Same thing with last year, if I'm remembering correctly (the Multiverse stuff was in MyCareer, right?). Just a big meh from me. If the graphics didn't look like horseshit, I might get it eventually, just to do Universe as AEW, but... yeah, I think I'll just go back to 2K19 probably. I think a lot of people will.
  5. Go watch Bianca Belair's entrance from 2K19. Did you watch it? Okay, now look at this gif. It's like a completely different game, so, in a way, we did get a different game!
  6. I personally love Nostalgia Ultra wayyyy more, but I’m fine with anything Frank Ocean being that high.
  7. Good to see Kendrick Lamar remains overrated.
  8. All you have to do is google what a picture of her and put it side by side to see how lazy they were with the design.
  9. "Ever since I got the Brita, the tea tastes noticeably better." Perfection.
  10. What? That model looks nothing like Io. It's generic Japanese woman #7.
  11. Am I the only one watching Succession? I binged both seasons in three days, and thankfully the S2 finale is this Sunday so I timed that perfectly. I mean, nobody is likable on this show, even the dipshit cousin (though he has his moments, especially with the son-in-law, Tom). It's basically Game of Thrones set in 2019 with a family that's in the same vein as the Murdoch family, with the head of the family (Brian Cox) being a Roger Ailes type. I'm thinking I'm going to binge the Righteous Gemstones next week, since the season finale is this week (right?). Then Watchmen starts up next week, and I'm insanely excited for that.
  12. I like how the mask is the most detailed thing about Io Shirai's model.
  13. This'll be added to Netflix sometime after midnight, right? That's how their shows work when the new seasons drop. I'm beyond excited for this, ugh.
  14. Rock 'n Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter
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