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  1. 1. Watchmen 2. Succession 3. Barry 4. Euphoria 5. Patriot Act 6. The Righteous Gemstones 7. On Becoming a God in Central Florida 8. Chernobyl 9. Veronica Mars 10. Remy 11. Dollface 12. Schitt's Creek 13. Madam Secretary 14. Santa Clarita Diet 15. Dead to Me
  2. Do we have a thread where we post our PSN usernames or what? I just added some people from DVDVR, wouldn’t mind having some EWB friends as well.
  3. Work doesn't play music. I never listen to the radio. Barely watch TV. I hate Wham so I wouldn't seek it out. This'll be easy. Especially since it's only the original version. I'd be fucked if it was the Jimmy Eat World version.
  4. Titanfall 2 is a game I had on my list of to buy games for PS4, so I'll go ahead and grab this next month when they put it up. And, ya'll.... Horizon Zero Dawn is fucking awesome. I almost don't want to put it down, but I'm due to be receiving Spider-Man any time now through the mail, so it looks like I'll have to.
  5. tristy

    The 2019 Music Thread

    Sounds like you have (valid) complaints about radio, not the artists themselves. It's not Billie Eilish's fault that they only play Bad Guy, even though she has a new single from (presumably) a new album, it's charting at #2, but they're still playing the song everyone knows.
  6. tristy

    The 2019 Music Thread

    Sounds like these opinions are culled from your experiences with these artists and their songs being overplayed on the radio. Billie Eilish had almost half of the songs on her debut album on the US billboard charts at any given time. Lil Nas X's second single charted in the top 5, but lol yeah one hit wonder. Lizzo sucks so whatever on that one. OK boomer.
  7. Persona is turned based? Anything like that is an automatic pass for me, really. Nier sounds weird enough that I might enjoy it.
  8. I can get all 4 of the Uncharted games for $20 right now, so that’s a steal. I’ve played RDR2 and GTAV on the Xbox already. Nier is one Ive wanted to play for a minute now, good shout on that (and thanks for reminding me!). I’ve heard of the Persona series but never actually looked at gameplay or anything to see if it’s something I’d like, gonna have to check that out for sure.
  9. So I just bought a PS4 ($199 on Walmart for Black Friday) - what are the essentials for someone who hasn’t played any games on a PlayStation since the PS2 days? It came bundled with The Last of Us, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn. But I also bought the GOTY edition of Spider-Man (for $15!).
  10. Veidt's storyline is currently in 2017, about to enter 2018 with his next appearance on the show. Lindelof confirmed that every time we see Veidt in an episode (regardless of how many times per episode) that a year has passed since the last episode featuring him. So his story is in 2017, and the main story on Earth is in 2019. Episode 8 has an interesting title, too.
  11. half life 2 part 3 or give me death
  12. who do i talk to when there's nobody left that cares?

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