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  1. I've had the "Depression" cover by Casey Chaos in my head for weeks for no apparent reason.
  2. I lucked out with the login reward the other day, and the Battleground reward. Got EL Itami for the former, and then a few hours ago I pulled another EL Itami as the prize for TBG.
  3. new Jay-Z album, 4:44, coming on 6/30. Color me fuckin' hyped.
  4. In other news about TV shows that confuse the ever-loving shit out of me... Twin Peaks is on it's fifth episode and... your guess is as good as mine as to what the plot really is. Besides Cooper finding is way back to where he really belongs.. everything is out of place, nothing really makes sense upon first viewing, and there's seemingly plots within this show that take place at different points in time (past, present and future). So confusing, but it'll be so worth it once we really get back into the thick of things. This is only #5 out of 18, so I'm sure things will become more clearer. Well, as clear as they get in a David Lynch project, anyway.
  5. Vipers just dominated Battleground, something like 9000+ to ZERO. I got an Elite Nakamura out of it so I'm very happy.
  6. I used my Battleground points a few days ago and got an Ultimate card, turned out to be Alexa Bliss. So I was pretty happy with that, all my female cards are HD or Ultimate now. The last login bonus got me an Elite Rollins, which was a pro, so that was pretty good too. Then after those went into my main deck, a few games after I ended up pulling an HD Becky so I got rid of the last remaining WM female card I had when I pulled Becky. Started a KOTR a Saturday night, just now entering the quarter finals, currently in 2nd place. I should be able to do pretty good. I haven't done a KOTR in a minute since my tier made the highest rewards only be HD cards, and I kind of need Elite or higher now. But after the UL Alexa and Elite Pro Rollins, I moved up. Yayyyy. And the Vipers are going to be entering a new Battleground session in, what, an hour or so? And a good chunk has their cards maxed out or halfway decently trained (I'm in the latter category, despite using two charge multiplier packs today).
  7. @Alex. Okay, you were right. The penultimate episode of S2 of Billions was pretty fucking amazing. I was wrecked when Chuck went back to his hotel and started to cry, after the recap of what Axe did... then another recap started, and all I could do is sit back and just say, "Wow". These writers are something else on this show. The season finale didn't hit hard like the episode before it did, but it ended with a feeling of satisfaction - with a hint of doom because you know once all of this gets rolling next season, it's not going to be pretty. Chuck & Wendy have a weird relationship, but the chemistry works, so I'm always rooting for those two. S3 won't be kind to them. Hell, the next season won't be kind to anyone I would imagine. I'm about to watch the new episodes of Twin Peaks right now, but I did just watch the latest episode of The Leftovers like @Ruki did. I love this show, it rivals Twin Peaks in crazy and grandiose storytelling. I didn't know there were only 8 episodes this season, so I'm a little sad that it's ending next week. It feels like we have a lot more ground to cover, but like you said, hopefully a lot of things will be answered. I'm not expecting one about the Sudden Departure, though. I think they explained that, in a way, during Matt's episode when he was talking to "God".
  8. I'm just now starting Episode 7 of Season 2, so I guess this is the part of the season you're referring to. We'll see if you're right Also, I haven't noticed the pop culture references, but in (I believe) S2:E2 there was a Ric Flair reference dropped by Eric Bogosian's character when Axe ruined his panel. That was pretty neat. EDIT: Hahahaha, an autographed Mankind/Undertaker HIAC poster? Bruno? Macho Man? Stan Stasiak? Someone on this show is a big wrestling fan.
  9. Since I'm not watching the Parts 3 & 4 of Twin Peaks until they air tomorrow (instead of streaming it on the Showtime app), I started Billions last weekend and now I'm up to episode 6 of Season 2. The first season was really, really good - but this season kind of feels lackluster. Damian Lewis was annoying in Homeland, but he's a hundred times better as a cocky billionaire who you kinda love, but also want to see him get taken down. Paul Giamatti is... well, he's Giamatti and he's fucking awesome as usual. It took me like three episodes to remember that David Costabile (Wags in Billions) was Gale in Breaking Bad! Talk about a completely different character - I can hardly stand him in this show, which is the point I guess, but he was so lovable in Breaking Bad, which was also the point I guess. All I've really thought about all week are the two new episodes of Twin Peaks tomorrow, though. I discovered the original series a few years ago, and I've been obsessed ever since. So, needless to say, it's destination TV for me.
  10. Here's the final US version:
  11. Iron Man & the first Guardians movie are probably tied for my favorite MCU movies. Ant-Man is a reallyyyyy close second. The first Captain America is probably my most hated, along with both Thor movies.
  12. If you're not watching the new Twin Peaks revival - what the fuck is wrong with you, and why do you hate good television????
  13. The self-titled Audioslave album is the first CD I can vividly remember buying and listening to when I was young. My parent's actually liked the album too, so back then when my music was controlled by them (until I hit my early teens), that was a saving grace as well. I've tried to listen to Soundgarden, but outside of the popular singles, I can't get into them. One of my favorite Between the Buried & Me songs is actually a cover of "The Day I Tried to Live", which doesn't have anything to do with this really but it's such a well-written song that I just need to point it out for some reason. This really has me shook up for some reason, and I'm not even that big of a fan of Chris Cornell. I can recognize that he's easily one of the best vocalist in rock music, however. I've always thought that. Again, using Audioslave as a reference, it's very apparent how talented he is and his incredible vocal range. I guess, ultimately, I'm affected because, once again, it brings home the idea that these people from our childhood/teenage years are just mere mortals and are subject to death just like us. I know that sounds weird, and famous people die every day, but when it's someone that you have "memories" of or that had a small role in your life through their art, it just really cuts deep. The way Kaney and other big fans of Cornell are reacting is making me wonder how I'll cope when my favorite artist (Reznor) eventually passes away. And it's something you never think about until something like this happens. The fact that it was seemingly a suicide is even more heartbreaking. I can't put into words how incredibly sad that makes me feel. Just... man, fuck.
  14. Yeah, it fixed itself, and the card is gone now, but I took a screenshot because I thought it was pretty funny. And, really, isn't Stone Cold the American Dream anyway?
  15. I just got SS Crews, HD Mojo and... SS "The American Dream" Steve Austin. No, that's not a typo on my part.