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  1. tristy

    WWE 2K19

    AJ Styles, Ric Flair and Charlotte cards, is it not? I've seen the WWE 2K19 Styles card in a few matches I've had the past two days or so - haven't seen the other two yet. I believe they're Summerslam 2018 tier. But you get two of each so you can pro them.
  2. RTJ have a new song on the Venom soundtrack, too.
  3. Well, to be fair, he was involved in an attack on that bus that cancelled several fights and costed some fighters money and opportunities. It’s somewhat fitting that the same has happened to him. It’s just a shitty situation all the way around.
  4. Yeah, my bad, I fucked up and thought he was on the bus instead of taking part in the attack.
  5. Tukhugov’s UFC career is over. Dana White said as much last night at the post-fight presser.
  6. Khabib attacked Dillon Danis, a teammate of McGregor's. He was talking shit to Khabib after he made McGregor tap out, and Khabib jumped the cage and went after him. Then three of Khabib's teammates got into the Octagon (one jumping in from the outside) and attacked McGregor. The guy in the red shirt that was punching McGregor has a fight in 20ish days on a Fight Night card, too.
  7. Zubaira Tukhugov's career is fucking over. He has a fight in 20 days, but that's probably going to get cancelled now. Poor Artem Lobov - months ago, his fight against Alex Caceres was cancelled because of McGregor's attack on the bus, and now his fight against Tukhugov won't happen because of his cage jumping and assault on McGregor.
  8. If you want to watch one of the DCEU films with Batman, it really comes down to: Do you want to see a brooding Batman, or a version that's more light/jokes around? Because the former would be BvS, and the latter would be Justice League. I'm in the minority that didn't really care for Wonder Woman. It was "just okay". That might be due to me not really liking Gal Gadot as an actress, though.
  9. Some guys on Reddit have pointed out that the moment Bucky turns to dust, and the rest of the gang (and Hill/Fury), you can see a bunch of orange orbs in the Quantum Realm in that post-credits scene in Ant-Man & The Wasp. They did a video sync of all three scenes and it lines up perfectly. Also, supposedly the Avengers 4 title is
  10. Disney announced some of the directors for some episodes. Dave Filoni Debora Chow Rick Famuyiwa Bryce Dallas Howard Taika Waititi
  11. His son is claiming 2Pac is alive and living in Malaysia, too.
  12. They definitely won't moving forward, once this Disney streaming thing comes out. Feige having his hands in "TV" miniseries dedicated to popular supporting characters from the films drives an even more clear wedge between the film and TV divisions of Marvel. If I'm being honest, I'm more annoyed that the Netflix Defenders shows don't clearly reference MCU events. "The Incident"? Vague allusions to the Hulk and little easter eggs like Captain America toys? C'mon, that shit is weak. I don't expect a big budget Marvel film to address some third string shadowy gang like The Hand, but I do expect the TV shows to reference something that affects the entire fucking universe like Infinity War.
  13. He’s now going by the nickname that most of his fans have been calling him for years... so what?
  14. It has features from 6ix9ine and XXXTentacion, so... your mileage may vary.

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