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  1. tristy

    WWE 2K19

    At least they can get fucking hair right.
  2. S1 & S2 of Parks & Rec, only because Paul Schneider was a regular. The show fires on all cylinders from the start, but any time he's in a scene it's a slog to get through. The "romance" storyline between Leslie and Mark is horrible and was upgraded 1000% when Adam Scott came on board and from then on, every episode and season was fantastic. I was going to come in here and say the last two or three seasons of Dexter, but I didn't want to beat a dead horse. I've never went from liking a show as much as I did Dexter, to hating one so fast. After the Trinity Killer stuff, the show fell of a fucking cliff and was ate by sharks, then that shark was speared through the eye. Horrible, horrible, horrible.
  3. tristy

    WWE 2K19

    I really wish EA would have gotten the license to the WWE games.
  4. New 'Ye leak is straight garbage. I can see why it was cut from the album. Tyler The Creator/Odd Future's Camp Flog Gnaw lineup was released. And, uhhh....goddamn. I might have to see if my best friend in Bakersfield has room for me for a week in November. Fuckin' hell. Also, listening to Nicki Minaj going OFF on Funkmaster Flex on Hot97 is everything to me.
  5. Bushmaster was fucking terrifying. Shout out to Billy Russo/Jigsaw, though. I liked him, at least.
  6. of course it is, travis scott is fucking amazing. tame impala feature with the weeknd and pharrell? pants get tighter frank ocean? james blake? stevie fucking wonder? explodes
  7. ya'll travis scott bout to drop another classic on friday
  8. We'll see how long his "exile" from politics in Georgia lasts. I'm betting on "not long", because Georgia is a horrible place and I know he still has supporters.
  9. Can’t really do a fourth season if the creator is too busy deleting his Twitter and running away from his problems. Harmon seems like a really troubled guy.
  10. He was held accountable... by leaving office a few months earlier than planned? Yeah, what accountability. 😂
  11. Excuse me if I don’t celebrate immediately, since he already lost the Republican primary in May and was on his way out of office regardless.
  12. At least I don’t defend nazi symbolism.
  13. I need a shower after looking at that playlist.

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