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  1. I watched Vox Lux last night and it was a very odd movie. I don't love it or hate it, it's just... a movie I'll probably never think about again. Which is disappointing, because Natalie Portman is usually awesome. Probably going to watch Lowlife later - anyone seen that?
  2. So in the past two weeks I've watched every season of Veronica Mars and Marvel's Runaways, started ER and 11/22/63, and watched the first episode of the Beverley Hills 90210 revival. I don't know why I never watched Veronica Mars before last week, but I'm glad I live in a time where I can binge everything at once because that cliffhanger for S3 would have been painful, waiting for the movie and eventual S4 yearssss later. Really good show - I hope S5 is going to be a thing. The new season is really sad, but it gives them a chance to completely remake the show if another season happens. I know this isn't the Marvel TV thread, but Runaways is really good too. Not too many thoughts since it's not the right thread, but Julian McMahon remains awesome and none of these kids are likable in large doses. Or the parents. Everyone is horrible, and I guess that's the point. Kinda just watching ER in the background to be honest. 11/22/63 is interesting but it's one of those shows that I have to sit down and actually watch, instead of watch and browse the internet/look at my phone at certain times. But it's good! Never seen the original 90210, have no desire to, but I like how this version is meta and not just "hey let's go back to this world and everyone is older etc". At the end of the episode, the reason they find to reboot the show is pretty funny. Tori Spelling is super self-deprecating, probably the stand out in this episode. They pay tribute to Luke Perry at the end, and of course it's really sad. I think that's the second time they mention him - once at the beginning, and at the end. The way this show is set-up, I wouldn't be surprised if Jungle Boy is in it at some point.
  3. tristy

    The 2019 Music Thread

    I've had the Purple Mountains album sitting on my harddrive for a few weeks now. It's really sad that it took David Berman dying for me to finally listening to it. It's... really good, but knowing that he's gone now, it's also very haunting.
  4. tristy

    The 2019 Music Thread

    My pants just got tight.
  5. So, Disney+ is officially going to be bundled together with Hulu and ESPN+ when it launches. All of that costs $12.99. No word on if Hulu is the ad free version or not, but honestly, that plus Disney+ for that price is well worth it. I'm not exactly sure how UFC shows work on ESPN+, but either way. That's a great deal.
  6. Anyone listened to the new Chance the Rapper album? I heard it's shit compared to something like Acid Rap.
  7. I wouldn't mind that either, but I think those types of models lend themselves to an engine that's like All-Stars, rather than something that's more on the sim side like the 2K series.
  8. It boggles the mind that people actually think/thought her character in Thor 4 would be specifically called “Female Thor”.
  9. I disagree, I think it would have especially worked with Taika at the helm. But it's okay, because we're getting an Akira anime from the creator, and Taika is doing Thor 4.
  10. And in the process, yet again, production on Akira is indefinitely delayed. Goddamnit.
  11. The song title is my exact feeling whenever Hopsin gets brought up.
  12. I took @Tigerstyle's question to mean if there's a way to see what Marvel has filed trademarks for in relations to games, movies, etc. Like when the internet sleuths found the All Elite Wrestling, All Out, Double Or Nothing, Fight for the Fallen, etc. trademarks. But I might be wrong. Turn the sound on, and it's the Russos introducing Infinity War footage to SDCC some years back. I highly doubt they're going to announce they're directing another Marvel movie or anything, but I wouldn't rule out some discarded footage or behind the scenes stuff and some discussion about the Infinity Saga.
  13. Do it. Let the spoilers flow through you.
  14. Far From Home midcredits scene spoiler. If it's true, it'll ruin a pretty big surprise, so I'll put it behind two spoiler boxes so nobody gets butt hurt again.
  15. tristy

    Music hot takes

    None of those songs are in the cultural zeitgeist like I'm So Excited is. Same thing with Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. You google "one hit wonder" and that phrase plus his name is one of the autocomplete suggestions, for fucks sake. But he had other singles that broke the US top 10, hit #1 or broke into the top 10 in other countries, but he's still considered a "one hit wonder". Because the phrase isn't meant to be taken literally - it's meaning is that they had one song that actually broke into pop culture and has stayed there. I'm So Excited and Never Gonna Give You Up definitely fit those parameters. I had to look up what other songs Astley had that charted, and I'm willingly to bet you did too with those Pointer Sisters songs, because they don't stay with you like I'm So Excited did/does.
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