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  1. spangek added a post in a topic [EWR] KBH January 1996 v0.4   

    I have a Jan 96 scenario that I have largely modified myself, not a great deal of workers in there but employment stats and ages etc are spot on, stats are largely accurate. I'm happy to send it your way and let you use what you require.
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  2. spangek added a post in a topic EWWAREHOUSE.INFO   

    Can anyone provide a working link for iDom 1990 please?
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  3. spangek added a post in a topic Wrestler Picture Requests   

    I'm looking for kyky pics of Matt and Jeff Hardy (late 90's: plaid ring gear and/or New Brood) and Shawn Michaels as Commissioner (with cowboy hat if possible). Any help is much appreciated.
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  4. spangek added a post in a topic WWF 1999   

    A well written diary, which seems to be headed in a different way to most 1999 diaries, which usually go for Austin-Rock at WM. This was probably my favourite time to watch wrestling, so I will keep an eye on this diary.
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  5. spangek added a post in a topic The Montreal Aftermath: WWF 1998   

    This is far and away the best diary around at the minute, and the only one that I check every day for updates. The results are well written, the booking is logical, and considering the handicap that you started with, you have turned your promotion around. Well done.
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  6. spangek added a post in a topic WWF '99: New Dawn   

    World Heavyweight Title Match:
    ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin© vs The Rock
    100% Stone Cold. Shane will screw up and The Rock will turn face, just like the real thing.

    Cage Match:
    Triple H vs X-Pac
    Triple H has to win to start off his push, he'll just look weak if not.

    Intercontinental Title Match:
    Goldust© vs Val Venis
    Goldust to win, but I think he'll lose the title to RVD the next night, which will enrage Val. Val will then turn heel on RVD and the two will feud.

    Hardcore Title Match:
    ”Hardcore” Bob Holly© vs Al Snow
    About time he got his title.

    Lightweight Title Match:
    Duane Gill© vs Christian
    Foregone conclusion, isn't it.

    6-Man Tag Team Match:
    The Undertaker & The Acolytes vs Test/Ken Shamrock/Big Bossman
    Maybe due to some problems among Team Corporate?

    Grudge Match:
    Kane vs Chyna
    This is a tough one, maybe Kane still has feelings for Chyna and he'll lay down for her. But I think he'll destroy her.

    Tie Breaker: Which match will get the highest Match Rating? Stone Cold vs Rock.

    The end.
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  7. spangek added a post in a topic World Wrestling Federation 2001   

    Not overly different to what was going on at the time, but why bother, this diary is good. Edge & Christian mocking Austin was fantastic, the Vince turn was predictable but necessary, the Rock interview was spot on, and it's brilliant to see you using Raven. I'm looking forward to SmackDown!
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