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  1. As always, you're brilliant for continuing to do this. I can finally get to my new diary after a PC issue erased by last game and storylines
  2. The One Night Only's on the Twitch page are normally taped, but if its a special not under ONO, it's normally live. It really goes back and forth.
  3. No problem whatsoever.
  4. Thank you for the update; one thing I noticed that maybe some others can help with is updating the TV Networks (ie Spike is now Paramount Network). Thanks again!
  5. I can help with getting IMPACT updated if need be; past updates have not been as up to date as I'd like. Just let me know if you need anything.
  6. So just got through reading the whole "Hi everyone" thread...wow; anyways, not sure who is going to take up the reigns on the updates, but I would be happy to help in anyway possible.
  7. Another great update! If you could, please add Laurel Van Ness to your next update for TNA Wrestling. If there is anything I can ever do to help with the updates, please let me know. Thanks again! Edit: Also re-add Joey Styles back to the game
  8. I think a new owner should be created called IMPACT Ventures as that is what the press release says for him becoming President and Dixie becoming Chairman. Panda Energy should no longer be the owner of TNA.
  9. I have nothing that I can think to add at this time, but have to give you props on another great update and glad you have a game plan for your future updates already in the works. I did notice Maryse is not in the update, she is not back with The Miz appearing on RAW and advertised for Smackdown. Also, she will be appearing on Total Divas for next season.
  10. TNA Wrestling: A New Destination has now been updated!

  11. I did not see this topic before when I posted in the old, so re-posting this if that is okay:
  12. Just food for thought for next update, after doing some digging on ratings and comparing to similar stations in EWR, Destination America needs to be added for TNA in January. Here are some stats I generated. Production Value: 65% Early Evening 2.30 55% Primetime 3.26 66% Late Night 2.45 71% Graveyard 0.40 76%
  13. Please everyone check out my new Diary, NWA Wrestling - Aggressive Expansion

  14. New Diary coming soon. After the board is moved.

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    2. King Ellis

      King Ellis

      Mail Kaney £60 and you might be in luck.

    3. The Chiksrara Special

      The Chiksrara Special

      I would do it for Microsoft points. Any takers?

    4. The Chiksrara Special

      The Chiksrara Special

      I would do it for Microsoft points. Any takers?

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