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  1. This is the issue, it's never a fair comparison to compare the Scottish game to the English game, we've got a tenth of the population, we've got most of that population who are football fans supporting one of two teams, we've got a very central based population so people are attracted to the big city teams and we've got the worst tv deal in Europe. We can't compare ourselves to teams like Coventry and Luton in league 2 who again have bigger populations than our second best team and likely have a better tv deal. The issue with the Scottish game is that we're always comparing ourselves to England, which is ridiculous as we're nowhere near that. We should be comparing ourselves with nations with a relative population to ours and from that we can look at some stats and see where we're ranking favourably and what we can be doing better. Always being compared to the English game is only going to hold the Scottish game back.
  2. UCL is on BT. Would presume the one channel would be for English football, the other for the rest (Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Scottish and MLS). Think that's all they've got in terms of leagues outside of England. The Scottish rights will likely go exclusively to BT as well in the near future.
  3. Poor Julio Arca!
  4. Hate football at times
  5. Robbie Savage on commentary in the City game..."City don't do draws away in Europe, 12 games, 6 wins, 5 defeats and ehhh....1 draw." Who decides that these people are fit to commentate on games?! He's just randomly shouting at City players now!
  6. Cameron Jerome isn't a Premier League striker, not surprising that Norwich are looking for a striker because he's looked absolutely hopeless today. Watch him go and get a few goals now...
  7. Ahh balls, must be the PL thread, I only checked this thread as it was transfer related.
  8. Any idea how long Sky Sports News have been using Football Manager stats as a suitable justification for buying a player: I just took that picture there as it entertained me! Why is this a thing?!
  9. Slovakia are top and have a 100% record in their Euro qualifying group which features Spain and Ukraine so I wouldn't say they are too bad. Scotland will always give England a bit of trouble just because of the rivalry. The other 3 shouldn't cause many issues, but it isn't the easiest group that England could have got, even if it's not the worst!
  10. Partick Thistle's new mascot has went down well:
  11. Relegation Prediction: Watford, Bournemouth and Leicester Top of the League Prediction: Chelsea, City, Arsenal, United Underachieving Prediction: Southampton (below 10th) Overachieving Prediction: Everton (top 6) Sack Race Prediction: Nigel Pearson.
  12. I still think the best thing UEFA can do just now is announce that all their members will boycott future World Cups/FIFA altogether until Blatter resigns. A football governing body without England, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy, France etc is not a very strong one, and the World Cups would suffer as well (obviously discounting Scotland from my first list as we never qualify anyway).
  13. Broken Sword, not sure I've played a game since that has kept me as entertained. I don't play many games though, so that's maybe why!