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  1. Also The Guardian are reporting that Richards and Crouch have been left out of the squad in the same article that mentions Rio isn't going.
  2. I was thinking that, can Atkinson not award a goal and a red card? Or does it have to be one or the other? [EDIT] Never mind
  3. I'm very saddened and shocked to hear this. I used to love watching Speed play for Bolton when I had a season ticket and thought he was doing a great job with the Wales team. RIP Gary Speed
  4. Does it say he's still an international? If not I have a feeling it could be Scott Carson or Joe Cole, someone outside of the Premier League. EDIT: never mind, just saw Gazz's post said Premier League footballer, i'll still go for a former international though, Luke Young or someone just as unimportant
  5. Parker and Walcott out, Lampard and Milner in. Aparently Walcott's picked up a hamstring injury and Parker taken out as a precaution as if he got booked tonight he would have missed the Montenegro game. Other than that seems like Capello's going with the same team that beat Bulgaria.
  6. Since there's a lot of Man Utd ones, I'll have a go with Bolton. 1. Jay-Jay Okocha (Brought entertainment to the Reebok) 2. Kevin Davies 3. Youri Djorkaeff 4. Gary Cahill 5. Ivan Campo
  7. Sky Sports news reporting that Berbatov could be on his way to PSG, taking the French clubs spending to nearly 100 million :/
  8. I disagree, with them signing Alexis Sanchez aswell, someone in the team has got to give and Pep's not going to drop Villa and Messi from the front two so that leaves Pedro. That being said, I don't see Barca dropping Xavi or Iniesta and Fabregas can't really play the holding midfield role so if Barca do sign Fabregas and Sanchez, one of them will have to start on the bench.
  9. Sorry i've not bet in a few weeks, my internets been balls and wouldn't let me reply. The EWB Bookie 4 Set 8 Betting 10 on Tottenham 5 on West Brom 1-2 Bolton 5 on Everton The Doubler Stoke 1-1 Blackburn
  10. 10 on Fulham 5/4 and Bolton 11/10 (ACCUMULATOR) 10 on Aston Villa 0-0 Everton The Doubler Liverpool 3-1 West Brom
  11. 20 on Tottenham and Everton (Accumulator) The Doubler Arsenal 5-0 Blackpool (Sat, 3pm)
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