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  1. This is fantastic, just coming back to EWR and the fresh look has made a big difference. Great work.
  2. Would absolutely love to see the Flames go in for Stamkos, if they were willing to pay that much for Brad Richards at 31 with his injury history I'd like to think we'd go in big for Stamkos. Iggy just needs a top center.
  3. Ahhh, this is excellent, I love your themes and I spent quite a bit of time trying to track down a certain one at one point when I couldn't find it. The new Steel Grunge skin is absolutely brilliant, great work mate.
  4. As an Ipswich Town fan, I'm obviously gutted. I would say 'one in a million' but he was much more than that. His legacy will live on in Ipswich, Newcastle and the football world forever. RIP Sir Bobby. :(
  5. Yep, I'm making one, on the previous page are all the wrestlers I haven't got. Everyone else I have/is an alter-ego of someone else whose pic I have. Ah awesome, looks like you've gotten a little bit further than my halfway down the WWE Roster.
  6. Does anyone have a 2003 or Original Data Picture Pack put together? I'm slowly taking them from TheWho's photobucket but it's extremely time consuming, thought I'd ask just in case someone out there has one.
  7. www.suitepsds.com is another good source.
  8. TEW05's Death Of The Attitude Era 2000 link doesn't work, it has two http://www.ewinventory.com 's at the start. When i take one away it downloads, but the file is corrupted.
  9. Has anyone managed to put together a 1999 picture pack? If not, looks like i'll be trawling through TheWho's photobucket tonight!
  10. Anybody created a December Brand Split? I had a go but i got a run-time error when i clicked Promotions after i'd finally changed all the workers over.
  11. Let me know if you want any changes.
  12. Himple

    Diary Sig Please

    Before i have a go, is there any particular Era Photo's required or any pictures of the talent specified satisfactory?
  13. No problem, let me know if you want anything else made. I struggled a bit with that one due to the limited pictures available, but better quality pictures will produce better quality stuff so if you know of any decent picture sites, let me know.
  14. [img=http://i33.tinypic.com/n6ub7k.png] Hope that's ok mate.
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