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  1. Would it be possible to get the Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship design on this background please?
  2. Does anyone have the MLW World, Middleweight and Tag Championships on this background? It'd be greatly appreciated.
  3. Would it be possible to get a tv show logo made for the mixed match challenge please?
  4. Could I request one of these two pictures of Christian on the kyky background please? http://psd-dreams.org/details.php?image_id=8783 http://psd-dreams.org/details.php?image_id=6318 Thank you
  5. I meant to do this in here, not in the other one...but "Does anyone have a recent picture of Jay White and Toni Storm on the kyky background? Thanks"
  6. Does anyone have a recent picture of Jay White on the kyky background? Thanks
  7. Would it also be to much to ask for this logo as well??? It would be greatly appreciated...
  8. That is amazing, thank you!
  9. Would it be at all possible for someone to make a TV/Event pic with the united kingdom championship live and mae young classic logos? Using this background?
  10. That gift is just awful... it shows just why the prequals are terrible!
  11. THIR13EN²

    Kung Fury

    This movie is awesome on so many levels!
  12. Short Answer, Thoros does set Beric's sword on fire in the book as well. Longer Answer: Thoros lost his faith in being a Red Priest when he could not convert Aerys II. He stuck around Westeros though and became friends with Robert. He would enter Melee's and use wildfire on his swords to scare his opponents horses. Three times he defeated Sandor Clegane this way. Gendry doesn't like Thoros at first because he destroyed many swords his master worked hard to build with his fire. He lost a Melee once simply because a common mace smashed his sword after the wildfire weakened it. When Beric was killed by Gregor Clegane, Thoros began to get his faith back and breath life back into him, see things in the flames, etc. He was also able to create fire from blood and set Lord Beric's sword on fire without the aid of wildfire. However, the fire damaged the sword enough that Sandor was able to cleave it in two, as well as nearly cleaving Lord Beric in two as well. Bonus fact: At the Tournament of the Hand for Eddard, Sandor Clegane won the joust. Thoros won the Melee. Anguy (the archer with Thoros) won the archery competition. Thoros also defeated Lord Beric in the joust. The money Sandor won in the tournament was stolen by the brotherhood, and it is what he wanted back from them. Lately I've been really tempted to go through the entire show again and do write ups to provide extra information from the books to people who only watch the show in a non-spoiler way. I know a lot of people just watch the show, and while it is extremely loyal to the books, and when it isn't it goes back in a round about way that is usually easier for tv, a lot of the background information just cannot be there. I think is a really cool idea!
  13. Has anyone else seen this show Banshee? I wouldn't say that it's be the best show on television, obviously Game of Thrones is in my honest opinion, however I've thoroughly enjoyed it sense the beginning and each week leaves me wanting more. Cinemax (the channel it airs on) has indeed picked it up for a second season. I'm totally psyched about that!
  14. I was just curious if there was any 1997 databases that were converted or created for TEW'10. Thanks
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