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  1. Any chance I can get this pic of Rosey on a kyky background.
  2. Any chance I could get these two pictures of Bob Orton Jr. on a kyky background. Thanks and much appreciated.
  3. So seattle and denver both legalized pot and your telling me their both going to be involved in a super Bowl...
  4. Dallas might luck out and get the 3 seed though since the NFC North no one wants to take that division either. Getting the 3 is a huge upside as instead of getting the 4 and having to play Carolina or New Orleans like stated, they will have to play the likes of Arizona, San Francisco, Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit. None are to scary at all especially on the road. Either way though, in my eyes I only see Seattle, New Orleans or Carolina going to the Super Bowl. And whoever has homefield through out, especially if its the Seahawks or Saints, have a great odds in their favor. On the other hand, who knows about the AFC. You think the Broncos have everything figured out in their favor, if Patriots don't turn the ball over all game the game wouldn't have been even close. I just can't wait to see Denver still get homefield and it to be 25 degrees and snowing in January in Denver. What will Peyton do then? Let Moreno kill himself again with 40 touches? Shaping up to be a pretty unpredictable year for the most part, and it only gets more interesting from here on out. Last thing, prediction for the future, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing in a second round playoff game this year. Mark my words.
  5. Not only do you lose to a FCS team, but you lose to a team who's QB went 0-3 in the air. That's right 3 total passes thrown which 0 were completed. Beyond embarrassing!
  6. That stat won't matter if Alabama and Oregon win out because if that's the case, FSU will be watching the national championship from home.
  7. Texas running back Jonathan Gray fumbled on back to back carries at the goal line. The first one was basically returned for a touchdown but he was ruled down. Next play he fumbles at the inch line, pile for the ball, they say Texas ball. Then they're finally able to score. Not to mention a questionable pass interference was called a few plays earlier.
  8. My bad in kind of flipping out there. I'm a Jets fan and pisses me off fans at the stadium booing at things like that. Plus part of it was taking it out on the announcers of the game, especially Marv Albert. He was so clueless the whole game, he needs to stick to basketball.
  9. You and about 95% of football "fans" still don't understand the rules. The clock obviously stops for the injury, but under two minutes if the team doesn't have any timeouts left, the refs wind the clock once the ball is spotted and play is ready. So the fact fans boo for injuries, fake or not, in these situations, is absolutely tasteless. Faking injuries in a no huddle offense is one thing as the pace slows down, but faking an injury this late in the game with no timeouts doesn't make sense as the clock still continues to run either way.
  10. I'm down for a ps3 league.
  11. any chance i can get this pic of Tony Santarelli/Stradlin from the movie Breaking Out he was in on kyky
  12. Tried searching but couldn't find anything as this was a bit of a different request. I was looking for a cut of Christian on kyky, with him as King Christian. So I guess with the crown King Booker use to wear. Along with maybe the red cape. If possible, try and use a pic of Christian from 2006. Thanks very much if someone can fulfill this request.
  13. Best possible NCAA Football method right here. http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/news...o&type=lgns All I got to say is this man is a genius.
  14. I thought the whole card was really exciting. Stephens brutal KO, Hendricks looking like a pussy when stepping toe-to-toe with Gonzaga, some sick submissions, slugfest between Gurgel and Riley, and then of course Brock vs. Couture. I was really impressed with Florian, Maia and Hazelett all utilizing their BJJ. Hazelett transitioning into the omoplata was just truly amazing. I was disappointed Gurgel didn't try and take Riley down and work him to his advantage, but it was a nice bout with the two just going at it and swinging. Then it comes to Brock vs. Couture. At the end of the first round I was worried for Brock as he was checking the time continuously throughout the last minute, which almost allowed Couture a takedown. But then Brock caught Couture early in the second and I thought that would be it, but he didn't take advantage right away. Thats when I thought Couture was actually going to win in the later rounds, and then he wound up cutting Lesnar. Amazingly Brock caught him again and words don't describe how fast Brock's fist moved to finish Couture off. A good fight, well hyped. Overall a good night and I just want a Brock vs. Mir rematch.
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