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Found 1 result

  1. So, I don't know if there's a thread for browser games that's reasonably young. I found one that's from 2012 and I didn't want to revive that old thing so I started an individual thread about this game I'm playing right now. As many people know I really love open wheel racing a lot, seeing I just started doing a diary about F1 right now. It's called ''MyRacingCareer" and it's pretty much what it says on the tin. You sign up, you create a driver and you try to make him into the next F1 god like Pastor Maldonado (Or some scrub like Hamilton). You start out driving with a factory spec F3 car and there's a fuck tonne of tracks in the game which you can freely sign up to drive in. You can drive 2 individual races at one time and also be part of 2 ''series'' which are basically their own race classes ranging from local ones like a ''British Series'' to World Series where you need to have a certain ranking to be a part of it. Your driver has 19 skill areas across 6 different groups from the obvious driving skills to the stuff like Charisma and Man Management in the ''personal skills''. You can allocate a bunch of points to start with and you can use earned money to train him to become even better over time... You start out with a bunch of ''investor'' money that allows you to hire some staff and afford extra training from the get go. The game itself is completely text based, so you wont have to do any of the driving yourself. You on the other hand sign your driver up for races, and then set up the car to get the best time possible and become succesful. The setup system is very forgiving and your driver (and Race Engineer) give you feedback after every testing stint so you can tweak the car and actually get somewhere and not be at the mercy of having to guess what might be good or not. So even for people with little knowledge of technical stuff it's very forgiving and helps you out. You set your tactics and the driving style of your driver and then you cross your fingers hoping for a good performance, at the start the chances are very slim that you are going to win since single races are also being driven by high quality drivers who want to make extra cash and/or improve set-ups. The Rookie Series on the other hand is a nice way to get your first taste of competitive driving. Being able to drive 2 series and also 2 individual races at the same time means that you can do something every single day and have a race every day which is great to stay engrossed and not get bored quickly. Also the Formula 1 aspect is still a work in progress and it's planned to start next in-game season which is in about a month, the interesting part of that system is that there are teams owned by a group of users instead of every user having their own driver, and every team has to fill 2 seats every season which is a juggle between personal politics, choosing the best driver and also the drivers liquid assets. But i'll stop rambling now because as you can read I'm pretty damn psyched about the game and it's a really fun little time waster to spare 10-15 minutes every day and see how I can become successful in the game. http://www.myracingcareer.com/en/ Maybe if a bunch of people sign up to the game on this forum we could share car set-up's and give us all more chances to have great races. I have some setups saved on my PC which I tweak with every race, and of course the more people over here are sharing set ups the quicker we can all get better and have some EWB dominance... Also, if people need help or tips for the game ask me. I don't have the most experience myself, but I have come to grips with the game for the most part. EWB User Accounts (for viewing pleasure): JasonMUFC: http://www.myracingcareer.com/en/user/31306/ Chris2K: http://www.myracingcareer.com/en/user/31303/ OGpistolpete: http://www.myracingcareer.com/en/user/31297/ Lanky316: http://www.myracingcareer.com/en/user/31346/ MDK: http://www.myracingcareer.com/en/user/31360/ Berober: http://www.myracingc.../en/user/31318/ Slogger: http://www.myracingcareer.com/en/user/31382/ Plubby: http://www.myracingcareer.com/en/user/32502/

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