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Found 1 result

  1. iNSPIRED ANGLE PACK (TEW 2013) Release Version 3.0 * This Angle Pack is being released as free use. Anyone can use them and include them in Mods, Stat Updates and whatever else. Please give credit to iDOL and Rated R Superstar. Also visit EWWAREHOUSE.INFO for all of your TEW needs.* Angle Pack Includes: 353 Angles Inspired by EWR 30 1 vs 1 Angles including Run in Attacks, Sit Down Protests, Call Outs, Sneak Attacks, Midget Impressions and More. 19 2 vs 2 Angles including Partner Saves, Title Steals, Challenges and More. 5 Handicap Attack Angles. (2 vs 1, 3 vs 1, 3 vs 2) 44 Authority Angles including Match Setups, Competitions Over Workers, Firing Angles and More. 23 Diva Angles including Bikini Competitions, Romance Angles and More. 13 Host Angles including Interviews, Contract Signings, and Attacks. 52 Hype Angles including Videos, Backstage Interviews, In Ring Promos and More. 90 Manager Angles including Interviews, Client Debuts, Attacks and More. 7 Mystery Angles including Worker Walk Offs, Stalker Angles and More. 22 Post Match Angles including Partner Swerves, Handshakes, Celebrations and More. 8 Announcer Transition Angles Download: Download iNSPIRED Angles v3.0
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