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Found 2 results

  1. Since TellTale is producing a massive amount of ''seasons'' games, I feel this thread might be warranted to just generally talk about all the announcements and whatnot. Maybe once it's released we can make additional threads for the respective game depending on the popularity here. Sooo, a plethora of games are upcoming. Here are the trailers of the four running ''series'' that TellTale is making... Tales of The Borderlands: (Borderlands 2.5) Game of Thrones: The Wolf Among Us: (Fables) (Thread: ) The Walking Dead Season 2: (Thread: ) Like usual, I am completely hype for all four series and I go crazy every time I finish an episode and I need to wait over a month for the next one. And with the addition of Game of Thrones AND a Borderlands game, it's going to be an insane point and click year for me.
  2. So Telltale has released another 5 episode game. This time it's ''The Wolf Among Us''. I got myself the game and bought the entire season, and having played the first episode (twice), it's really another gem from TellTale. I never heard of the comic series it's based of (Fables), but from what I have experienced in episode 1 it's a really interesting world with a lot of colourful characters, but at the same time it being a very dark setting and not your average ''happily ever after'' stuff either. I found myself being engrossed in characters who I have never seen before almost right off the bat. Even though everyone are fairytale characters and some aren't human (Beast, Bigby, Mr. Toad etc.) They all have very human emotions and very strong voice actors who bring the characters to life pretty much from the first sentence they get. I found myself gutwrenched when stuff happened to them, even though they had hardly done anything of note. Once more it's based on the TellTale shaded engine as used in all their games including TWD:S1. But compared to that game this is a lot more colourful and it really looks and feels like they improved upon the engine a lot more in between the development of TWD and this game. And even though it's very much a fairytale game, it draws heavily from the noir genre with lots of dark tones interspersed with bright colours. It makes for a very unique look from the get go, and it's one of the big keys that drew me into the game - Even though I am not much of a fairytale kind of person. But as I said, this game is yet another gem created by TellTale and the way they write character interaction is arguably one of the best in the entire industry. And this game paints a fairytale enviroment in a very very dark place with very grown up problems and stories. And regardless if you like fairytales or not, if you like adventure games/telltale games or a good story, this is really a game for you. I bought the games with little expectations and I got blown away with it, and I already feel my 20 bucks are very well spend. If you got the game too, I would love to discuss this game with the rest of you A little synopsis (Of the game AND comic series) for whoever might be interested.

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