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Found 40 results

  1. Thank You to iDOL who has helped this become a much more vast Directory. Please feel free to let me know if you find any faults or know of great ways to update the site. Also Mod/Graphic makers, please let me know if you want your mods Featured
  2. As some of you may remember, I've been working on this scenario forever. It still isn't finished. However, it's closer than it's ever been. There are over 1700 workers, 20 promotions, over 2800 relationships, over 500 tag teams, over 300 staff, over 1300 alter egos, and I've at least begun inputting belts, television shows, events, stables, etc. Sponsors are more or less complete. The scenario is probably playable for a majority of promotions as-is, but there's still some work that needs done. I have many workers to add and a lot of research to do. If anybody wants to lend a helping hand, I'll start posting some questions here. But as for now, here is the scenario as it is, including pictures, logos, graphics, etc. http://www.filedropper.com/ewr1998 Please let me know what you think. Oh, and a special thanks goes to DocPepper, Philahitman, Bill1996, Andrew (the guy who made the original 1998 scenario WAY BACK in the day), and a whole host of other EWB members who've helped me with this scenario along the way. EDIT: I'm thinking of removing WCPW as I can't find enough info about the promotion at the time to put a decent roster, come up with staff, etc. Most of the guys aren't even on cagematch, and the only events I've found on cagematch are from 1995 and 2002, not enough to create a solid roster. Does anyone know what Victor Quinones was doing at this time? WWC's roster is now at 32 and their belts are added. I need stats for their Junior Heavyweight champ at the time, La Ley.
  3. 2001... Perhaps the most significant year for wrestling, that we experienced in our lifetimes. ... The really fun thing about this scenario, is the amount of opportunities it gives you. The game starts on WrestleMania day, April 1st, 2001 (so you can book WrestleMania, however you want). So set your date for March 2001. Not a fan of WWF? If you want to rebuild WCW, you have no problem. Fusient president Brian Bedol owns WCW in-game, and he and Bischoff even put some money in it. Want to do The Invasion properly? Just delete WCW and sign whoever you want. You can't be bothered with that global promotion shit? Pick your favorite indy and try to survive. Or better than that, why don't you create your own promotion, in the times when creating a wrestling promotion was the coolest fad? ... THE SCENARIO CONTAINS: - 8 promotions - WWF, WCW, XPW, CZW, NWA Wildside, UPW, IWA Mid South and JAPW. - 675 workers. Stats are mostly accurate for the better known workers. The indy workers, who became big stars in the future, are (mostly) blessed with their "peak form" (I think it helps the flow of the game). The stats for the "indy scum" are hit and miss. There might be a couple of weird ones, or occasional zeroes, here or there, left from previous versions of the scenario. Sorry about that. I tried my best to fix them. Worker ages are absolutely correct, apart for one mistake. I accidentally made someone 5-6 years older, but then forgot who it was. - 279 staff. The medical staff is fake, except for the really well known ones (Andrews, Maroon, etc.). You are the fucking man, if you recognize the fake doctors, btw. - Pictures for all wrestlers and staff, which are, in 95% of the case, cut by me. Some workers have more than one picture, to accommodate possible gimmick changes you might concoct (for example Kane with no mask, Christian with short hair, etc.). - Two logo packs, for the real promotions and the fantasy ones, which could be created by the game. I didn't create either of them, apart for a few logos, here and there. Also included, are logos for WWE (because, someday, you might just get the itch to get the f out) and ECW, TNA, ROH, PWG and many others, if you feel naughty enough to create them. - A new, beautiful start screen, made by me. - All banners (except the XPW one) are made (again by me), from the feds' real actual websites, as they were at the time (via the Wayback Machine). - I don't like people being workers and owners at the same time, so I went to a stock photo site and picked fictitious wives for Zandig and Ian Rotten, so their hard businesses, could be ran with a soft woman's touch. - The fake TV channels are as follows: CindyView - First-run syndication. KCAL-TV & WLNY-TV - The local channels for the west and east coast, respectivelly. Pollas En Vinagre - Illegal Mexican channel, ran by the cartels. 100% risk. They can show your Buck Naked matches and snuff films, no problemo. MOCKBA-24/7 (MOSKVA-24/7) - A strange Russian satellite channel, that somehow broadcasts to the entire world. Basically syndication, but with much lower requirements. ... I made Excel spreadsheets for WWF, WCW, NWA and XPW in which you can keep your detailed title history, events records and other good stuff. ... TIP - If you want to play on a difficulty other than easy: START YOUR GAME ON EASY, AND THEN MANUALLY RAISE YOUR DIFFICULTY TO WHATEVER YOU WANT, TO PRESERVE THE PROPER OWNER ALIGNMENTS. ... This scenario is based in part on The Rated-R Superstar's V4 2001 scenario... ...Who based it on Anthony's scenario... ...Who based it on RaveX's scenario... ...Who based it on the original EWR data. ENOUGH F'N TALK, HERE IS THE LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mt6c36uhq73ba6s/EWR-2001-FATFROG-V1.rar/file (Also, here is the "My Way" promo video, to put you in the mood.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srhd2fZyDB4 Enjoy.
  4. When I get bored I make random scenarios. Never really play them too much but I like throwing them together. I'm just going to dump them here for anyone who might want them. Playable New Japan Pro-Wrestling - November Update (Courtesy of @Paige The Villain) Southpaw Regional Wrestling The Return of the Territories 2017 "2 Years in" save games. UPDATE 2017 The second save file started in January 2017 and has been played up til January 2019. WWE Universe WWE Universe Split. Using the above save as DATA The Fairer Sex. JUNE 17 DATA Monday Night Wars 2017 All Japanese Scenario (June '17) Pretty sure I screwed it up but an attempt was made. WWE Anti-Trust 2017 July 2027 - Ten Years In WWE Split Data August 2018 - Post-SummerSlam (credit to @mkpunk) . If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on a random scenario I can throw together, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  5. After playing EWR for nearly 15 years, I finally decided to bite the bullet and make a proper scenario for public consumption. And here it is - 1987! A fascinating year. WWF's popularity is about to explode. The territorries are still kicking about, and still trying to mount a serious challenge against Vince. The Four Horsemen kick all kinds of ass. Dave Meltzer still writes the Observer on a shitty typewriter. EVERYONE IS ON THE GAS... Mind you, I wasn't even born in 1987, so it took a LONG, LONG time to make this. I spent many hours researching the period and did my best to make the scenario as accurate as possible. Also, I did the whole thing FROM SCRATCH. It contains: - 10 promotions (WWF, Mid-Atlantic (JCP), AWA, Mid-South (UWF), WCCW, Memphis (CWA), Florida (CWF), Central States, Portland (PNW) and Stampede). - 503 workers. - 175 staff. (Mix between real and fake people, with most of the agents, trainers and writers to be generated by the game itself. Absolutely no fake owners whatsoever.) - Era-appropriate pictures for ALL workers and 99% of real staff. - A new UNKNOWN picture for the regens, and a female variant for it (Unknown_F.jpg). - New pictures for Pinky and The Brain. - Logos and banners for all promotions in the game. - New banners for all in-game websites (which, as the internet didn't exist back then, are now replaced by magazines and newsletters). Notes: - BACKUP EVERYTHING IN YOUR EWR FOLDER, BEFORE EXTRACTING!!! YOU DON'T WANT TO OVERWRITE YOUR PRECIOUS DATA AND PICS, DO YOU?! - Set your PC's date to December, 1986. - There are some workers in this scenario (about 10 or so), like Steve Austin and Kevin Nash, for example, that hadn't made their debut until 1988 or even 1989. I decided to include them, because honestly, could you even imagine wrestling, if they didn't exist? Also, I wanted a minimum of 500 real workers, so the game wouldn't have to generate regens at the start. - I tried making all worker stats as accurate, as I could. However, there are some workers, which I never even had watched. So, their stats are based on educated guesses and general reputation. - Sponsors give much less money. That is, because I want to you to avoid the potential 150 million ceiling, which you inevitably hit after a few financially successful years. I would also strongly advise you to drastically lower your ticket prices, if you're playing on lower difficulties. You should also regularly give money to charity. - All owners have the proper wrong alignments, so the owner alignment bug actually fixes them, instead of fucking them up even further, when a new game is started. - The thing that always brings my piss to a boil is generic television stations having generic names. For realism's sake I gave them names more similar to what a real TV channel would have. Here they are (and what they mean): KGTN - ("K" Generic Television Network) - A local U.S. TV channel based west of the Mississippi River, WGTN - ("W" Generic Television Network) - A local U.S. TV channel based east of the Mississippi River, XGTN - ("X" Generic Television Network) - A local Mexican TV channel, CGTN - ("C" Generic Television Netrork) - A local Canadian TV channel, CND - ("Cindy") - Syndication, obviously. Everything in the graphics pack is made by me, with the exception of the background. I don't know who made it, but I've been using it for about 8 years or so, and it's the best. In the end, I beg you, PLEASE TRY IT, it would mean the world to me! Download Here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/sonyb264kclkk78/EWR-1987-FATFROG-FINALVERSION.rar/file Any feedback is welcomed and encouraged!
  6. I've been filling my time this last week by starting a Marvel Scenario from scratch. It's a start but it is seemingly playable... I think... Y'all know by now that I don't test these things. Current Specs Promotions: 1 (MCU) Workers: 106 (57 signed to MCU) Staff: 22 (24 random Owners and a few others will be generated) Belts: 0 Events: 0 Television: 0 Alter Egos: All "real identities" have been added (Based on Earth-616) Relationships: Several done. Mostly only if I'd expect a reaction from on of them leaving the company. (i.e Thor won't be upset of Hela got fired) Contracts: The Original Avengers have unsackable contracts where as other heroes with their own Movies in the MCU have written (along with their foes) The rest are only on open contracts. Wages: I've set the wages at (.75xOVR)1000. e.g. If the worker has 84OVR they'll be paid $61,000 etc Stats: are based on Marvel's Power Grids. The stats may seem a bit off here and there but these are all in comparison to each others. Images: 0 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8csve3eqxlps8fr/ewr_marvelu_010.zip/file Notes: I slowly started with gimmicks but decided to curb it for the time being until I decide how I want to pursue it. Comic Book Hero/Villain makes most sense to me but then I'm lazy. If there is anyone/anything you would like added (Especially staff wise) please let me know. This is a work in progress. This initial file will be the base so updates will be less frequent but hopefully not to infrequent. I want to focus on getting what I have done already up to scratch but will keep notes on future additions Cheers.
  7. This is my last scenario. I couldn't decide between 2005 and 2007, so 2006 made a good compromise. The scenario contains: - 13 promotions - WWE, TNA, ROH, AAA, CMLL, CZW, PWG, CHIKARA, SHIMMER, HWA, IWA-MS, FIP and JAPW. - 1105 workers. Stats are probably better, than what they were in my 2001 scenario. Nevertheless, don't expect total miracles. The WWE developmental workers have their stats slightly nerfed, so the game can do its magic on them. - 344 staff. All real people (yes, even the doctors), except for the owners of PWG, CHIKARA, SHIMMER, IWA-MS and CZW (because their real-life counterparts needed to be workers). - Pictures for all wrestlers and staff, which are, in 98% of the case, cut by me. - Logos for all promotions, real, fake and then some. Some made by me, most made by other people. - Start screen, made by me. - Banners for all promotions and websites, some made by me, some made by TheWho87. The fake TV channels are as follows: CindySat - Syndication. KCAL-TV & WLNY-TV - Local channels for the west and east coast. Pollas En Vinagre - 100% risk. MOCKBA-24/7 - Syndication with lower requirements. I made Excel spreadsheets for WWE, TNA and ROH in which you can keep your detailed title history, event records and other good stuff. I added a folder with some additional belt banners, in case you want to create/revive some titles. This scenario is based in part on Breaking Barriers #6 by Mr. X (the current update at the time) and my 2001 scenario. --- IMPORTANT!!! -> - Before starting a save, set your computer's clock to December 2005. - If you want to play on a difficulty higher than easy, start your game on easy, then raise it manually to whatever you wish. --- DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p7p05a8midduei3/EWR-2006-FATFROG-V2.rar/file --- If you can't get in the mood, watch those videos below. 50% of the time, they work every time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl--F8mTiV0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIKNErDZa-o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qM2N2bNDIA
  8. Hey everyone. I was wondering if anybody has any specific year pic packs - such as 2009 or 2012? Although any year would do as I can keep them on my external HD for when I need them. I have started to build my own 2012 pack by going through the request thread from mid 2012 through mid 2013 but there are still a lot missing. I did look back through all of the old monthly updates on all games too, but those links are all dead. Any help would be appreciated, and if not I will use what I have for now. Cheers.
  9. I was wondering for a scenario with both superheroes and anime heroes. I know of some that were mentioned but for some reason the data doesn't work on my computer. It's just an idea though
  10. I was wondering if anyone has made an ewr scenario set in December of 2016 when the wyatt family (bray&randy) were smackdown tag champions. Thank you or at least when the brand split started
  11. I am willing to help whoever to make this a reality, but ALL YEAR, I have been using 2015-early 16 stats updates because all of the recent stats updates do not have ALL of the inactive tag teams, nor do they have worker relationships, nor do they have worker's alter egos. It would be relatively easy to fix this problem. The DATA for tag teams, alter egos and relations could be copied from the most recent stats update that has these components and just updated as needed. I have been trying to use old data mixed into the most recent mod, but it sometimes causes crashes. Worker Relations are one of the best ways to get a workers morale up without arsenic, hire a loved one or something yano? Plus, its great to be able to bring back an old tag team in a new promotion. For instance say you sign a released Darren Young and say Titus O Neill to, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and want to reunite the prime time playerS!? Well in the current stats updates their tag team experience will be 0. Not right. . Will someone please fix this henceforth, or team up with me for decembers update? If I am just out of line requesting this feel free to say so, but I really feel this is an important step going forward.
  12. I was thinking if the NWA Domination is re made and its with current era wrestling
  13. Hi everyone, I'm building up a new scenario on the 2000's one, as a base. Can someone write me down the roster/owner/staff and promotion's stats of the Federatione de Lutte Internationale in EWR 4.2? I can't find anywhere on the Internet, and I can't overwrite savings, because of the different scenario! Thank you!
  14. I was wondering if anyone could make this, i remember seeing something like this before but it was about 13 years ago and was wondering if anyone could do it. I would do it myself but i am not sure how to make my own mods for either tew or ewr. If anyone could do this i would be very grateful and it would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  15. I know people have already made them i was just hoping that someone can make more random scenarios.
  16. So, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to step away from the computer and EWR/TEW a lot more - especially with a baby on the way and with so much to do in preparing for that. So, before I do I've decided to go through my troves of finished/unreleased and in progress projects that will never be finished, and release them here for anyone to use as they see fit. There are scenarios, Logo packs, Graphics, Worker Images and even Skins that I'll be posting in here so check back. TEW 2013 Scenario - 2000 "Pyro and Ballyhoo" This is an updated version of NWAvsWWF's January 2000 scenario that I updated for Vince Russo that he used on his short lived Let's Play TEW youtube series. It's not perfect, but WCW and WWF should be complete. It also has a custom picture pack and logo set. Download Links: Data GFX, PICS, LOGOS iDOL's Custom EWR Logos (Fantasy, Japan and Real World) This logo packs includes custom logos for all of EWR's fantasy promotions, Japanese feds and the promotions included in the latest LEAN EWR data. I believe they should link up perfectly if you place them in your logos folder, but you may need to go into the editor for a couple of the real world logos. Download Links: Logos iDOL's EWR 2K16 Skin This custom skin for EWR is based on the look of the graphics for WWE's 2K game series. Download Links: Skin iDOL'S EWR 2K16 Load Screen Pack 1 This Load Screen Pack comes with the following workers: Alex Bliss, Asuka, Charlotte, Paige, Sasha Banks, Nikki Bella, Bayley, Brie Bella, Becky Lynch and Naomi. Download Links: Screens iDOL's Organic Worker Images (EWR or TEW) 518 worker images - covers WWE, NXT, TNA and ROH. Good for replacing outdated images in Bill's pack. Download Links: Workers iDOL's Organic Worker Images 2009 (EWR or TEW) 505 images for an abandoned 2009 project I was working on. Includes the majority of the WWE roster with agers for a few of the workers. Download Links: Workers ROH on COMET Show Banners Here are some ROH on COMET show banners I created for a diary that never got off the ground. Feel free to use them if you like. nGo Worker Cuts (From Magazine Scans) Pack #1 Here is a pack of cuts using the nGo/Organic style. Download Links: Workers 2000 + Grunge Picture Pack This is a 170 image pack I started for a 2000 mod that never fully got underway. There is a Photoshop Template included if anyone likes it enough to make more images. Download Links: Workers Check back as more content gets added to this post...
  17. hey guys I have a question, where's the August EWR Update
  18. I have recently been playing the Over 9000 scenario for TEW, and I've thought about creating my own scenario based off of this for EWR. For those of you who may not know what it is, the Over 9000 scenario replaces workers with characters from comics, video games, anime, & etc. Would anybody be interested in this?
  19. Someone have a recent nxt mod who is totally separed to wwe? (with belt,event,stable...)
  20. Hopefully someone can help, I'm looking for a Database on EWR where NXT is separate from WWE. Ideally this Data will be from June/July 2012 when the Episodic TV show first aired after FCW was re-branded. Thanks
  21. I have a bright idea how about a current Era of IDomination? it'll be a cool scenario for Extreme Warfare Revenge
  22. Could someone design a diary graphic the same size as the two below in my sig for my thunderdome WWE 2011 diary? I'd like Santino Marella featured on it, anything else is up to you. Thanks in advance
  23. For those who like to play with the Original Data, I have split WWE into Raw and Smackdown. Please let me know if anybody has any issues with the split as I may have missed something. I believe the 4.2 Original Data is from January 2004. Enjoy! https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ceitkvo1jss0x/Original_-_Split_Data *I've just noticed that Shawn Michaels needs adding to the Raw roster.* *Stephanie McMahon needs adding to SmackDown!*
  24. Hello everyone, could anybody please provide me with EWR 2008 December update. The one downloaded from the ewwarehouse and homeofprowrestling is corrupted. Sigh. Please, thank you in advance. I just edited the previous thread I started because I do not want my request to be redundant. Hello my dear fellow pro wrestling fans. I play EWR and i need the following updates: December 2009, December 2005, November 2004 and December 2003. Can somebody or anybody help to provide me with these updates. They are not available in homeofprowrestling dot com. I always play WWE and love to use year end updates ever existed. Please. Thank you in advance.
  25. Hey guys! I need a sig that's preferably the same size as the one I currently have. The color I would like to have is Purple, like the ECW photo in this here gif: You guys have free reign to do whatever you want, I'll put the roster below: Men: Shinsuke Nakamura Seth Rollins Cesaro Shelton Benajmin Drew McIntrye Eddie Edwards Davey Richards Braun Strowman Erick Rowan Sami Zayn Bram Golddust Austin Aries Kalisto R-Truth Mark Henry Drew Gulak Jinder Mahal Stevie Richards 2 Cold Scorpio Danny Doring Jimmy Uso Jey Uso Mosh Thrasher Konnor Viktor Women: Angelina Love Nia Jax Tamina Summer Rae Other: Paul Heyman Mick Foley Alicia Fox Announcers: Byron Saxton Percy Watson
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