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Found 35 results

  1. Anime/heroes

    I was wondering for a scenario with both superheroes and anime heroes. I know of some that were mentioned but for some reason the data doesn't work on my computer. It's just an idea though
  2. I was wondering if anyone has made an ewr scenario set in December of 2016 when the wyatt family (bray&randy) were smackdown tag champions. Thank you or at least when the brand split started
  3. I am willing to help whoever to make this a reality, but ALL YEAR, I have been using 2015-early 16 stats updates because all of the recent stats updates do not have ALL of the inactive tag teams, nor do they have worker relationships, nor do they have worker's alter egos. It would be relatively easy to fix this problem. The DATA for tag teams, alter egos and relations could be copied from the most recent stats update that has these components and just updated as needed. I have been trying to use old data mixed into the most recent mod, but it sometimes causes crashes. Worker Relations are one of the best ways to get a workers morale up without arsenic, hire a loved one or something yano? Plus, its great to be able to bring back an old tag team in a new promotion. For instance say you sign a released Darren Young and say Titus O Neill to, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and want to reunite the prime time playerS!? Well in the current stats updates their tag team experience will be 0. Not right. . Will someone please fix this henceforth, or team up with me for decembers update? If I am just out of line requesting this feel free to say so, but I really feel this is an important step going forward.
  4. I was thinking if the NWA Domination is re made and its with current era wrestling
  5. Hi everyone, I'm building up a new scenario on the 2000's one, as a base. Can someone write me down the roster/owner/staff and promotion's stats of the Federatione de Lutte Internationale in EWR 4.2? I can't find anywhere on the Internet, and I can't overwrite savings, because of the different scenario! Thank you!
  6. Random Scenarios?

    I know people have already made them i was just hoping that someone can make more random scenarios.
  7. NXT 2017 mod

    Someone have a recent nxt mod who is totally separed to wwe? (with belt,event,stable...)
  8. hey guys I have a question, where's the August EWR Update
  9. I was wondering if anyone could make this, i remember seeing something like this before but it was about 13 years ago and was wondering if anyone could do it. I would do it myself but i am not sure how to make my own mods for either tew or ewr. If anyone could do this i would be very grateful and it would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. I have a bright idea how about a current Era of IDomination? it'll be a cool scenario for Extreme Warfare Revenge
  11. Diary Graphic Request

    Could someone design a diary graphic the same size as the two below in my sig for my thunderdome WWE 2011 diary? I'd like Santino Marella featured on it, anything else is up to you. Thanks in advance
  12. Hopefully someone can help, I'm looking for a Database on EWR where NXT is separate from WWE. Ideally this Data will be from June/July 2012 when the Episodic TV show first aired after FCW was re-branded. Thanks
  13. For those who like to play with the Original Data, I have split WWE into Raw and Smackdown. Please let me know if anybody has any issues with the split as I may have missed something. I believe the 4.2 Original Data is from January 2004. Enjoy! https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ceitkvo1jss0x/Original_-_Split_Data *I've just noticed that Shawn Michaels needs adding to the Raw roster.* *Stephanie McMahon needs adding to SmackDown!*
  14. When I get bored I make random scenarios. Never really play them too much but I like throwing them together. I'm just going to dump them here for anyone who might want them. Playable New Japan Pro-Wrestling - November Update (Courtesy of @Paige The Villain) Southpaw Regional Wrestling The Return of the Territories 2017 "2 Years in" save games. UPDATE 2017 The second save file started in January 2017 and has been played up til January 2019. WWE Universe WWE Universe Split. Using the above save as DATA The Fairer Sex. JUNE 17 DATA Monday Night Wars 2017 All Japanese Scenario (June '17) Pretty sure I screwed it up but an attempt was made. WWE Anti-Trust 2017 July 2027 - Ten Years In WWE Split Data December 2017 (credit to @Paige Turner) . If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on a random scenario I can throw together, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  15. Graphic request

    Hey guys! I need a sig that's preferably the same size as the one I currently have. The color I would like to have is Purple, like the ECW photo in this here gif: You guys have free reign to do whatever you want, I'll put the roster below: Men: Shinsuke Nakamura Seth Rollins Cesaro Shelton Benajmin Drew McIntrye Eddie Edwards Davey Richards Braun Strowman Erick Rowan Sami Zayn Bram Golddust Austin Aries Kalisto R-Truth Mark Henry Drew Gulak Jinder Mahal Stevie Richards 2 Cold Scorpio Danny Doring Jimmy Uso Jey Uso Mosh Thrasher Konnor Viktor Women: Angelina Love Nia Jax Tamina Summer Rae Other: Paul Heyman Mick Foley Alicia Fox Announcers: Byron Saxton Percy Watson
  16. Hello everyone, could anybody please provide me with EWR 2008 December update. The one downloaded from the ewwarehouse and homeofprowrestling is corrupted. Sigh. Please, thank you in advance. I just edited the previous thread I started because I do not want my request to be redundant. Hello my dear fellow pro wrestling fans. I play EWR and i need the following updates: December 2009, December 2005, November 2004 and December 2003. Can somebody or anybody help to provide me with these updates. They are not available in homeofprowrestling dot com. I always play WWE and love to use year end updates ever existed. Please. Thank you in advance.
  17. TV Deal Utility

    When EWWarehouse was still up they had a TV deal utility on there and I can't seem to find it now.. Does anyone have a link to it? Edit: It's not on HomeofProWrestling
  18. Promotion Logo Request

    Hey guys! I'm in need of a logo for my promotion. It's called Worldwide PRO and the main color of it is dark green. Other than that full freedom! Thank you
  19. Is there any mod like this?

    In need of a mod that includes all wrestlers in their prime.. Is there any mod like this? Please let me know, thank you.
  20. After reading several old and new posts between Reddit & EWBattleground pertaining to people wanting to play as NJPW in EWR, a fellow Booker Suplewich & myself have taken the liberty to make that happen. Utilizing the most recent EWR database provided by PaigeTurner (November '16), we've managed to build NJPW in EWR with updated Staff, Roster, Touring Workers, Announcers, Owner, etc. We hope that you guys enjoy the Data as we have. [MEDIAFIRE]: NJPW Nov '16 Side Notes: Because of how EWR limits the Based In locations for Promotions to either America, Mexico or Canada, we've placed NJPW in America. Seeing as how it was recently mentioned that NJPW have plans to branch out to America, we felt this was the obvious choice. Because of the inability to book two Events in the same month, a few Cups and Tournaments were left behind to make room for PPV's. In regards to the Events themselves, all of them, with the exception of Wrestle Kingdom, are Large Events. This was done to counter how much it costs to put on a PPV to prevent losing money. Because of the limited capability of the in-game File Editor, the Events do not have the accurate days of the month they're held on. We are aware of this. To fix this, adjust all the dates as soon as you boot up the game when you start a new Save. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until the first day of the following month to do so. Any/all Touring Workers are on a Written Contract, unless they work for other Promotions. In which they're on an Open Contract. All updates and edits to Promotions, Workers, Stables, Tag Teams and Staff alike are provided through critiques and suggestions made on the EWBattleground Forums. More specifically, the EWR January 2017 Data In Making thread and the EWR Real World Update: November '16 thread. Current Day Roster/Staff for NJPW are a reflection of CageMatch.net, NJPW Wikipedia, NJPW.co.jp and fellow bookers who've provided insight from their viewership of the promotion.
  21. I'm Just Spitballing Here...

    Several years ago there was a lot of discussion about trying to create a different method for entering stats and whatnot into the data files in EWR. People were thinking like utilizing exel or some other program (and maybe they succeeded, I don't know because was out of the loop for years). At the time though the major roadblock was that Adam Ryland's original coding was too darn complicated to cut through easily. Now, something I've always wanted to do would be a massive EWR game featuring content from all of the updates and scenarios until now (which is what, more than 10 years?). It'd be like an over 9000 sort of thing (though I'd call it EWR:Overloaded since it'd be hilariously huge). Doing something like this by hand would take one person years; combing through each update, finding extra workers and staff floating around, messing with relationships and whatnot. But what if there was a way we could streamline the process? Only this year I realized that it is extremely easy to merge Windows files (and then choose which version of each interior file overwrites the other). So what if instead of trying to attack the issue of content adding via data entry someone were to create a patching system instead? Like I envision that one data file plays the role of a "master file" and then another same-named dat file is used as the "patch" (though, possibly in name only). What's really happening is the files are being merged and the "master file" is being used as the base while the "patch"'s data is being added on top of it (with the options of which version of each section [like which wrestler in the wrestler.dat files] is used in the merged file). For example, say I want to combine the latest update pack wrestler.dat file with the 1970's scenario's one. I'd run the patcher, load in the update pack file first then put the 1970's scenario file in next- then when prompted I'd probably give 1st priority to all of the update's selections. This would give me a data file featuring old man Hulk Hogan looking for work and young man Randy Poffo getting his start- suddenly it'd be Legends of Wrestling vs the PG Era in one shot without a month of data entry. Granted, with wrestlers changing names frequently it wouldn't be a perfect system (as my above example would also accidentally have a not-yet-discovered Terry Bollea running around too). But it would certainly save time. What I'm really curious about is for those of you with more coding knowledge out there- would such a thing be possible? Or would we run into the same problem years ago when trying to improve the data entry- Adam Ryland's ridiculous coding making such a mod impossible? Like I said in the title, I'm just throwing out an idea and seeing what others think- because I've been thinking about it quite a bit. Or does anyone else have similar-minded ideas?
  22. Thank You to iDOL who has helped this become a much more vast Directory. Please feel free to let me know if you find any faults or know of great ways to update the site. Also Mod/Graphic makers, please let me know if you want your mods Featured
  23. DylanTM's GFX

    Hey buds! I'm new here as you can probably tell, but I ain't new to the GFX Scene or the Extreme Warfare scene (although I still consider myself an amateur at both of these). I've decided that I'm going to share my EWR Skins that I've made for other forums here to see how you folks like them. If you like, then I'll get around the making more when I come back from my holidays (28th July) and I may even decide to take requests (since I've made a logo on here already and I like how it turned out, I may go outside Skins). If you don't like 'em... I'll probably continue to post whenever I fancy. But enough of the talking and beating around the bush. Here are two skins I've created already. (Note: These were made for forums [one of which is dead], so unless you're a part of one of these forums, I can understand if you don't want to use the skins). TWF - Black & Red Skin Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9qkMGuxi5CSQUU2U3ZKR1VZUXc ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________-- WWEF - White & Blue Skin Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9qkMGuxi5CSNGVJMElFSnhyLTQ So, what do you guys think?
  24. So, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to step away from the computer and EWR/TEW a lot more - especially with a baby on the way and with so much to do in preparing for that. So, before I do I've decided to go through my troves of finished/unreleased and in progress projects that will never be finished, and release them here for anyone to use as they see fit. There are scenarios, Logo packs, Graphics, Worker Images and even Skins that I'll be posting in here so check back. TEW 2013 Scenario - 2000 "Pyro and Ballyhoo" This is an updated version of NWAvsWWF's January 2000 scenario that I updated for Vince Russo that he used on his short lived Let's Play TEW youtube series. It's not perfect, but WCW and WWF should be complete. It also has a custom picture pack and logo set. Download Links: Data GFX, PICS, LOGOS iDOL's Custom EWR Logos (Fantasy, Japan and Real World) This logo packs includes custom logos for all of EWR's fantasy promotions, Japanese feds and the promotions included in the latest LEAN EWR data. I believe they should link up perfectly if you place them in your logos folder, but you may need to go into the editor for a couple of the real world logos. Download Links: Logos iDOL's EWR 2K16 Skin This custom skin for EWR is based on the look of the graphics for WWE's 2K game series. Download Links: Skin iDOL'S EWR 2K16 Load Screen Pack 1 This Load Screen Pack comes with the following workers: Alex Bliss, Asuka, Charlotte, Paige, Sasha Banks, Nikki Bella, Bayley, Brie Bella, Becky Lynch and Naomi. Download Links: Screens iDOL's Organic Worker Images (EWR or TEW) 518 worker images - covers WWE, NXT, TNA and ROH. Good for replacing outdated images in Bill's pack. Download Links: Workers iDOL's Organic Worker Images 2009 (EWR or TEW) 505 images for an abandoned 2009 project I was working on. Includes the majority of the WWE roster with agers for a few of the workers. Download Links: Workers ROH on COMET Show Banners Here are some ROH on COMET show banners I created for a diary that never got off the ground. Feel free to use them if you like. nGo Worker Cuts (From Magazine Scans) Pack #1 Here is a pack of cuts using the nGo/Organic style. Download Links: Workers 2000 + Grunge Picture Pack This is a 170 image pack I started for a 2000 mod that never fully got underway. There is a Photoshop Template included if anyone likes it enough to make more images. Download Links: Workers Check back as more content gets added to this post...