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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I figured that it's about time we separate A Song of Ice And Fire discussion with the Game of Thrones topic, so as to avoid anyone accidentally clicking on a book spoiler and spoiling the show for themselves. This way, we can also discuss the books freely without having to worry about spoiling things for the people watching the show that haven't read them. Sounds good? Good! For those of you watching the show who don't want to be spoiled, be warned. Since this topic is marked *SPOILERS*, there will be discussion of the books and events that take place in the series without spoiler tags, so unless you're cool with that - or reading ahead of the series, in which case, hi! - you might not wanna look in here. --- So yeah. That GRRM can be a right bit of a bastard sometimes, right? Am I right, guys?
  2. About The Author My name is dpoolez. I post sporadically on these boards but i dont think I do enough to where most regular posters know me. I started lurking around here in the late 2000's, but I've been playing Adam Ryland games since 2005. It all started with the first Wrestling Spirit Demo that I downloaded. I sucked at it lol, but IIRC I made a personal amateur mod featuring all of the e-fed characters and feds on the 1UP.com community that I was apart of from 2005-2008. Around 2007 I got EWR and instantly got hooked, again modding a RW database to include 1UP.com's efed characters. I got TEW2008 around 2009, mainly playing RW mods until I got hooked into the CornellVerse when I got TEW2010 a year later. Everything else is history i guess. Development Of The PooleVerse I've been trying to make a mod for the modern TEWs since TEW2010. I quit my original mod and got started with this current one sometime in 2012. I developed it further here and there on 2010 until I upgraded the mod to 2013. Put in some more work sporadically until sometime this summer where I may have gotten the most work done. As of writing I just finished all of the title histories and active company bios. The mod is currently being uploaded on sendspace and is at 25% uploaded right now. I'll update this post with the link to the beta when it's finished. Goal Of The PooleVerse While I did work hard on this mod and I dont want it to suck, I'm not trying to have the biggest mod out in terms of workers, companies, etc. on day 1. My goal is to use the final version of this mod as the foundation of bigger, better versions of The PooleVerse in the future, similar to how the CornellVerse has developed into what it currently is. With that being said, all criticism of the mod are welcome. Whatever I can do to make this mod the best that I can, I am willing to do. Current Status Of The PooleVerse Right now, all workers have renders, thanks to the work from people like IER, MJStark, etc. who's work I was allowed to use for The PooleVerse. Most of the active promotions have logos, but there's still 2 active promotions and 6 yet to open promotions without logos or banners. I have no title belt renders. As for worker renders for the future, I welcome any and all render artists to help me furthur develop this mod in any way, shape, or form. You can either post here or PM me if you want to help me with this mod in any way. Credits, Special Thanks, etc. I give special thanks and credit to Adam Ryland, ThatChizzle, Kamchatka, MJStark, i_effin_rule, James0, fullmetal, SockPuppet, Shinsuke, iDOL, Rated R Superstar and RayW for any worker renders, logos, banners, angles, injuries, and any other work that I have used from them to create The PooleVerse. Also special thanks to Derek B for his mod making guide. God bless you all. Freeware Status, Mod Permissions, etc. This mod is officially freeware. You can take this mod and make your own add-ons, non-canon alternate universes, etc. All I ask is credit if you use the mod. BETA DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ey6a7f Just copy and paste the URL to your address bar and download the file. The beta file comes with the database and the pics for the mod. Backstory to The PooleVerse will be in the next post.
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