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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm building up a new scenario on the 2000's one, as a base. Can someone write me down the roster/owner/staff and promotion's stats of the Federatione de Lutte Internationale in EWR 4.2? I can't find anywhere on the Internet, and I can't overwrite savings, because of the different scenario! Thank you!
  2. Welcome to... Wrestling at WAR Wrestling at WAR is an alternate reality scenario pitting the entire wrestling industry nearly at war with one another. With six incredible promotions to choose from, it's your opportunity to grab the reigns of one of the nation's six largest promotions, and ride them towards global dominance! Throw yourself in the war commencing between the National Wrestling Alliance and World Star Wrestling! OR... take over Richard Branson's threatening Hollywood Championship Wrestling, which attempts to poise itself as the next big thing in professional wrestling! OR... save the World Wrestling Federation from absolute demise, and lead them into the Attitude Era and towards future prosperity! OR... try your hand at turning the Dallas-based United States Wrestling Association from a traditional territorial promotion, into the next nation-wide wrestling promotion! OR... take over the regional-sized East Coast Wrestling Association, and mold the ECWA into that talked about indy promotion, and perhaps into something more! It's your choice! Their destiny! It's January 1996, and the new year has come! Who's side are you on ? VERSION 2.0 ZIPPYSHARE DOWNLOAD RAPIDGATOR DOWNLOAD SHAREBEAST DOWNLOAD What Can I Expect in this Latest Version? A complete picture pack, with a picture for every worker in the scenario, all 700! A polished version of the data set, with mistakes fixed and more workers added. An influx of Japanese workers, all with accurate stats, touring assignments, and photos. Brand new, themed EWR skins for every promotion with their own set of loading screens! Complete .pdf files containing information for each promotion, including detailed histories, rosters, and title lineage. Bonus! Check the bottom of each promotion's .pdf file for a complete rule set to start you off! Read who made the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's list of the top 10 wrestlers of 1995! Don't Forget! Familiarize yourself with a detailed history and narration of Vince McMahon, and the story of his incarceration. You can trigger your promotion's loading screens by going to "Options -> Loading Screen Gallery -> Select: Graphics Set 1". And Please! Let me know what you think!
  3. I'm thinking about making a scenario for a backyard to global challenge. My big problem with the challenge has been the workers. A true backyard promotion isn't going to get anyone that's actually been anywhere and done anything, especially not for free. Since the workers are normally people no one has ever heard of and the fans are normally just family and friends I'm thinking about cooking up a couple of dozen custom workers for people to choose from. I'm going to use Bill's most current update, adding in the custom workers, some local sponsors, and a few staff members. The scenario is: In 1998 7 friends (one of whom would be the player) decide start their very own backyard promotion, Trampoline Extreme! After breaking the trampoline, and drawing the interests of classmates, they decide to pool their resources and built an actual ring and form Backyard Championship Wrestling. While they have a great deal of fun, graduation comes along and in the summer of 2003 the ring is stripped down and put in storage as the workers go their separate ways. Fast forward to 2013 and the Class of 2003 10 year reunion. The original 7 and some of the BCW workers realize that no matter what they've accomplished in the last decade, they still haven't lived their dreams of becoming wrestling superstars. Once again pooling their resources they decide to take the risk, dust off the old ring, and bring to life their own promotion. They've spent their initial investment fixing up the old ring, renting a building, and buying pads, outfits, and title belts. They have nothing but a dream and a handful of wrestlers left at their disposal. Can they go all the way to the top? My current roster has: 20 men (12 from their high school days and 8 new recruits) 6 with high school and/or collegiate wrestling backgrounds 6 with actual wrestling school backgrounds 5 completely self taught 3 competitive fighters (MMA, Bando, and Pankration) 4 women (2 from high school and 2 new recruits) 1 from a wrestling school 1 self taught 2 mud wrestling strippers So my first question is would anyone be interested in this? The second would be what kind of stats do you want to see with the workers? By that I mean, how good can you get teaching yourself or how good should they be coming out of wrestling school? Thirdly, should I put in any managers? Any other input is welcome too.
  4. There is a severe lack of older scenarios for EWR and for the longest time I’ve wanted to make a base database that we could build scenarios off with accurate stats, rosters, staff etc so here is where all you come in: We will start off with April 1985, the day after WrestleMania – Instead of starting one thing and moving onto another thing in the database and this topic just going wild with random info all over the place, we will begin working on the WWF and finish all aspects of the promotion (wrestlers, staff, events, tv, promotion info, etc) before moving onto the next. In saying that, we will need information on TV networks and sponsors which can be added at any time. Listed below is the core WWF roster that I gained off by looking at HistoryOfWWE.com and its up to you guys to assist in the stats of the wrestlers (wrestlers will only be added to the promotion if they are regularly booked between 1s January and 31st March) but if I have missed anyone please feel free to add them. Andre The Giant Barry Windham Big John Studd Bob Orton Jr. Bobby Heenan Bret Hart Bruno Sammartino Brutus Beefcake Davey Boy Smith David Sammartino Desiree Petersen Don Muraco Dynamite Kid Fabulous Moolah Freddie Blassie Gene Okerlund Greg Valentine Hillbilly Jim Hulk Hogan Ivan Putski Jesse Ventura Jim Neidhart Jimmy Hart Jimmy Snuka Johnny Valiant Judy Martin Junkyard Dog Ken Patera King Kong Bundy Lelani Kai Lou Albano Matt Borne Mike Rotunda Nikolai Volkoff Paul Orndorff Ricky Steamboat Roddy Piper SD Jones Tito Santana Velvet McIntyre Wendi Richter So if you are interested in helping this project out please post your suggestions below and lets get the ball rolling.