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Found 4 results

  1. I am desperately looking for a TEW 2013 mod, preferably 2018. But everyone stopped making them of course after 2016 came out. My friend has 2013, and really wants to play a 2018 game. I mean I could attempt to make it, but I am not sure I would do it correctly. Anyone to help out or quickly create one? Thanks so much.
  2. So does anyone have a mod for june or july, even august of 2011? I would prefer for it to be for tew 2016 but tew 2013 is ok Thanks
  3. Hey I'm new to this forum so I'll let my first question be this. Has anyone got a update for 2017 january for tew2013? And if so could you please share. And also will the tew2016 mods january2017 work on tew2013? Thanks guys
  4. I would like to request a TEW 2013 mod any time within 07-09. I have recently saw a 2004 mod so surely there wouldnt be much work done from there but im not the kind of person that can do these mod. Thank you anyone that can help and im sorry if this request seems a bit rude I'm just trying to help out a friend!

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