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Found 5 results

  1. So does anyone have a mod for june or july, even august of 2011? I would prefer for it to be for tew 2016 but tew 2013 is ok Thanks
  2. So I'm a huge fan of thewho87's real world update mods, but also want to enjoy the game's updates in TEW 2016. What I'm curious about is how feasible it'll be to play using older mods in TEW 2016. So, does someone know just how much of a drop off there is converting a TEW 2013 mod to 2016, and if there's a lot, what to do to fix it? To take it even a step further, what if I wanted to use one of the TEW 2005 mods (I'm desperate to play around 2011, but don't want to give up TEW2016's advantages). If I were to take that mod, convert it to TEW 2007 --> TEW 2010 --> TEW 2013 --> TEW 2016 (assuming all the old games even have that capability), would I lose so much in the process that it'd basically be worthless? Hope that makes sense and would appreciate any help/advice
  3. This is a for all those who are looking for worker pics with titles. I have a lot of them and have made a lot of them. Enjoy
  4. I would like to get either a two player or multi person, multiplayer, real world save game going in TEW 2016. I currently have one going with one person which is going well. We did just a basic brand split where I control Raw and he controls SD Live. I would like to start another one however, either of the same type or even different companies, more people, etc. Anyone interested, let me know ASAP and we can work out details and get things going!
  5. Hi! I am new on this website after being on the GDS forums for quite a while, heard you here are helpful, and I need help! I am one of the main makers of the mod "GloryVerse" that has been worked on for quite a while now, but a major part of the excitement of the mod, the "visual part" is missing. We have over 1300 workers thus far that have no renders yet. A render can make or break a worker, and it is important that the render fits the description we want for the worker. So what I am asking is if anyone is interested in working on what I hope will become a great mod, and with your help it may be! Rendering is an expensive and tedious task, so I am willing to pay you some amount of money for this work (will find out the details later). We also need logo makers, this will however be done for free hopefully, as it's not as expensive as render making. You can either answer this call to work by answering the thread or by PM'ing me, I would also like to see some of your work so I can now that you are legit. Mod Thread link: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=533462 Thanks for reading this! Regards, Morti

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