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Found 7 results

  1. Hopefully someone can help, I'm looking for a Database on EWR where NXT is separate from WWE. Ideally this Data will be from June/July 2012 when the Episodic TV show first aired after FCW was re-branded. Thanks
  2. Long ago, I used to play a game called Promotion Wars (anyone remember that one)... I have since moved on to EWR. There was a PW scenario called, "Legends Scenario" where the best of the best of WWF(E), WCW, and ECW from different eras were on each company's roster. I would love to see that in EWR. Can anyone make that happen? http://promotionwarsreborn.proboards.com/thread/4/legends-scenario-v1 This is what I'm referring to.
  3. This is a for all those who are looking for worker pics with titles. I have a lot of them and have made a lot of them. Enjoy
  4. Here is a mod that I just created. It uses Paige Turner's February 2016 EWR data (with minor tweaks) and uses the Ultimate Fed Warfare concept. There are three promotions: WWE, WCW, and ECW. Each promotion has only three unsackable non-wrestlers with creative control, one prime time show on WWE Network, and four championships. To make things more challenging, I suggest advancing one day before doing anything to let the other promotions make some signings. Then on each day after, only sign the same amount of workers and staff that each of the other promotions do. This keeps things more interesting and fair. Hope you enjoy playing it! WWE Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H RAW (Monday) WWE World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, Divas, and Tag Team WCW Eric Bishchoff, Sting, Ric Flair Nitro (Wednesday) WCW World Heavyweight, United States, Women's, and Tag Team ECW Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, Tommy Dreamer ECW TV (Friday) ECW Title, Television, Women's, and Tag Team LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4lrnup4qeisp3fk/Ultimate WWE Warfare.zip?dl=0
  5. Could someone please make me both a logo and a banner for EWR with the current WWE logo? I'd like the logo to be on the same background as this with the dimensions 100x100 But the only clear version of the background I can find comes in 121x105 As for the banner I don't know what the ideal specs are. The other banners I have from TheWho87's photobucket come either in 756x73 or 657x73. Thanks in advance!
  6. JAMERVERSE This is an alternative universe scenario for TEW 2013. The starting point was May 1996 - the infamous Curtain Call incident. In real life Kevin Nash and Scott Hall moved to WCW where they founded the New World Order, whereas in this scenario Nash and Hall are joined by Shawn Michaels and Paul Levesque and the Kliq become the dominant force in World Championship Wrestling. What follows is the rise and rise of WCW whilst the WWF would plummet to new depths. The struggles of the WWF would force Vince McMahon to take a lengthy sabbatical over the turn of the Millennium and leave control of his company to the only two people he could trust - Shane and Stephanie McMahon. As the WWF - which would later be rebranded the WWE - struggled, Vince made his return to running the company as he launched a new offensive to try and take down WCW. At the current day WCW and WWE are locked in a fierce battle. For the first time in two decades many in the industry believe that Vince McMahon has finally took his promotion to the number one position whilst others argue that Eric Bischoff's WCW reigns supreme. Elsewhere Hulk Hogan's World Wrestling Allstars has gained in popularity whilst there is no love loss between the three companies described as the Kings of the Indies - Extreme Championship Wrestling, Chicago Championship Wrestling and Ring of Honour. The Jarrett's helped oversee the resurgence of the National Wrestling Alliance throughout the 2000's, and the NWA has big name promotions in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom under their umbrella. Over the coming weeks this thread will be updated with profiles of wrestlers, promotions and major incidents. These can be requested, however not all will appear. Also this post will be updated with information relating to the database and is due to be added. The initial release is likely to exclude locations and angles however these will be included for full release. The database currently stands at: • Wrestlers - 1200 • Relationships - 324 • Titles - 27 • Title Lineage - 364 • Companies - 17 • Company Relationships - 4 • Teams - 5 • Events - 30 • Alliances - 1 • Dojos - 1 • Moves - 43 • Move Sets - 16 • Media Group - 1 Also if anyone has idea's/suggestions etc feel free to drop them in here
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