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First Man

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I was able to see the movie “First Man” this evening which starred Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong. I will admit I was actually quite apprehensive, mostly because I am quite the science nerd and I really wanted the director to be faithful to Neil and the man that he was. I was also quite wary that the director had taken certain liberties in terms of his vision of the story such as removing the US flag scene (which personally wasn’t a big deal for me - the fact that he landed on the moon was fine by me!) but I had heard that there were other things as well. 

ANYWAY, a few hours removed now and I’m still unsure how I felt about it. From all accounts, Neil  Armstrong was a very deadpan serious kind of guy and in that regard I guess you could say that Ryan Gosling nailed it. It wasn’t a joyous film. Obviously a lot of people died in getting to the moon and his own family tragedy had to play a role but I didn’t end the film feeling like it was all worth it which is crazy as it was such an achievement. It just left me quite cold. 

What did you guys think about it?

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