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RoHitman Reigns

WWE 2K20

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Very cool of Edge but also, geez, the state of this.

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Even the fans in the crowd are fed up with this this glitchy ass shit.



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The fan in the crowd is a better Ronda Rousey than the 2K20 model of Ronda Rousey. 

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Glitches aside, I still can’t believe that in 2019 on the most powerful consoles created, tables/ladders/steps etc have to disappear immediately after breaking through them.

Scrolling through Reddit and I’m honestly staggered at the amount of different bugs being reported. I don’t see how 2K can actually fix even half of them in a decent timeframe. 

Nobody should be giving them any money for this, honestly. It looks horrendous. This is the first pass I’ve given the series since the PS2 days.

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Everyone pointing out Bret's hair in that screenshot seems to be overlooking that Hogan is wearing two separate wigs.

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Some of the reported bugs are amazing out of context.



Images can be uploaded using the online image uploader, but the images cannot be downloaded once in-game.

Universe divisions are glitched. They may not save.

Loading screen for Matches and Create an entrance mode get caught in a seemingly infinite loop when using a superstar with custom logos

Can't switch between partners on the fly anymore. No known workaround.

Adding a superstar to a division in Universe takes away another superstar, seems to be the last ranked one.

Rowan's beard doesn't appear at times

Managers multiply at times.

Hair dye reverts after saving

The "Resiliency" perk refuses to activate

Can't download alt Hogan attires from Community Creations due to "not having the proper DLC", despite owning the DLC

Some users experiencing a glitch where all CAWs start a match with zero stamina and red health

Some users are having issues not being able to control their characters for the first ten seconds of the match

After buying Curtis Axel's beard item in MyCareer, all of one user's unlocked facial hairs only showed up pink in cutscenes and matches, no matter what.

Adam Cole enters without kneepads, but they magically appear when the match starts.

Create moveset: many of the animations are broken during preview. Catching finishers, table finishers, ect. Defending champion animation's have them doing magic tricks and clipping belt through body.

Participants in tag matches on the apron for some reason are holding nothing instead of the rope at times.

Hair floats off of superstars at points

Billie Kay has Zelina Vega's moveset

Advanced Create An Entrance won't let you save

Day 1 patch removed the shirt and boas from Hogan's entrance

Tomasso Ciampa doesn’t have a pre-set strong running grapple and if you try to practice with that non existent it crashes the game

The ref starts counting someone out if they are thrown over the top rope but stay dazed on the hardest part of the ring.

The audience audio during 2K showcase randomly cuts out between cut scenes

Showcase bug where the objective is to Irish Whip Natalya into the turnbuckle and despite doing it multiple times, it's not counted.

Online tag matches sometimes turn into a 3 v 1 when your partner is somehow automatically teamed up with your opponents

Certain superstars are getting stuck frozen in their "comeback" animation

Downloading CAWs from Community Creations causes their names to change to a CAW you already have on system

Multiple reports of random game freezes

X-Pac isn't unlocking with the Accelerator for some people

Certain creation items are locked behind playing MyCareer

The Hardy's music is listed under "Evolution"

On the champions page in Universe mode, every slot is just Kofi as WWE champion.

No champions are entering with their titles in Universe mode

Face scans are pretty messed up

Creating alternate attires results in a weird shadow overlay on characters

Belts don't appear on larger body types, get clipped inside the character

CAWs being imported into an existing universe mode lose their moveset and overall rating

Luke Harper's theme is a 3 second loop that starts over and over

The Shield group entrance floats over lava when entering the "hell" arena



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