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*Request* Logo needed ASAP

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    • By cerc1234
      So I'm doing a local to global and my company will be named Strong Style USA (Inspired by Curb Stomp City's Strong Style Amsterdam series on Youtube), so I it would be cool if any of you guys would design a logo, and banner for it. And if your up to the task a belts, if you want for the belt you can just slap the logo on another companies. The belts will have their own Wrestling Governing Body like NJPW, NOAH and NWA. It's called the Undisputed Wrestling Crown
      The Belts are
      UWC Heavyweight Championship UWC Junior Heavyweight Championship UWC Women's Championship Thank you
    • By CodeBlue_88
      Can anyone keep the transparency properties this image has while making the border white and the red letters black? I can't seem to figure out how to do that. 
      Thanks much! 
    • By TheVuxic
      Type - A logotype. Text - Virtual Insanity. Font - I'm not sure on what font specifically, something futuristic looking   Images - . Colors - I'd like blue as a primary colour followed by a silver or something neutral based, I'd like the colour of the blue to be similar to the image listed above.. Size - Anything up to 1024 x 512". Sidenotes - Transparent Background if possible. If this could be done by the end of 2015, I'd be internally grateful.
    • By Hellraiser
      Could someone please make me both a logo and a banner for EWR with the current WWE logo?
      I'd like the logo to be on the same background as this with the dimensions 100x100

      But the only clear version of the background I can find comes in 121x105

      As for the banner I don't know what the ideal specs are. The other banners I have from TheWho87's photobucket come either in 756x73 or 657x73.
      Thanks in advance!
    • By CodeBlue_88
      I was wondering if anyone could cut the following three logos and put them on the background included below??
      I was also hoping I could get a banner for TEW'13 for GFW. In the neon green style if possible.

      I just want the "Global Force Wrestling" to be present - so cut off the stuff about the Oreans Arena and the dates, etc.

      This is the background I want them on:

      THANK YOU in advance to any and all who help me out!
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