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With the success of TEW 2013 June Update, I have further developed the database for this July update.

Database: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ux1f3i...July+2019+.rar

Graphics: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7lgfjw...+Graphics+.rar

*Improved graphics have been added. 

I have refined and corrected the WWE roster, with relationships and personalities added to create a more realistic experience. 

MLW has been added to the game, alongside its current events, titles, stables, teams and roster. 

NXT UK and NXT have both had major improvements. Fixings stats and personalities that were missing from the June update. 

AEW, WWE, ROH, Impact, NXT, NXT UK, NJPW, Lucha Underground, MLW, and Progress have all current roster updates. 

I hope that this update is far better than the previous version. If anyone has any feedback, please feel free to message me.

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    • By mkpunk
      Sorry for the delay my work schedule changed. https://www.mediafire.com/file/315kuwj6338pzrw/July_2019.zip/file
      For August I'm looking to add ECCW ans WWC back into the game and NLL down the road.
    • By TheWho87
      Here is the update for July, been a bit busy with other things so this is more of a basic update than usual, updated everything from last months threads, the only big change this month is I've gone through WWE and NXT's pop levels and rejigged them a little, other than that just the usual changes, and I might have missed a couple things.
      Database: July 2019
      Graphics: July 2019
      Workers: January 2019
      Graphics DLC: DLC 1 (October 2017)
      Graphics DLC contains loading screens and pictures of non wrestlers cut on the same background used for workers.
      TEW Mods by TheWho87 are now on Discord
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Why is [Promotion] closed when they are active?
      Due to how slow the game runs with more promotions active, I have included active promotions but have them closed, to identify these they have their opening date and closed date the same. To activate the promotion simply remove the closed date. They may also have their titles histories included, if they do you need to go into "Title Lineages" and remove their most recent record (identified with a "= -" or "= - #" before their record name). You can then activate the title (all closed promotions titles are retired) and then set the champion if they are under contract.
      Helpful Guidelines
      Personality Templates
      How to Install a Mod and Picture Packs in TEW 2016
    • By Haz2221
      I have created a TEW 2013, June 2019 real world mod. The mod features current updated rosters for WWE, Impact, ROH, NJPW and AEW. The mod is NOT complete. They're plenty of things that need to be improved and fixed such as: title lineage, current title holders for smaller promotions and dojo graduates. However, the mod runs really well, as you can book with 2019 rosters.
      Data: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8l5qcu8gqgf4eul/TEW+2013+June+2019.rar
      Graphics: http://www.mediafire.com/file/usxj19xm7fx5c4t/2019+Graphics.rar
      Feel free to improve, add and correct in the database. It would be great to see TEW 2013 modding scene maintained by members of its community 
      This mod is for those who cannot afford or use TEW 2016 but still want to play with a up-to-date roster 
      Thank you for everyone's support. I hope this will give back to the community.

      *EDIT* Thank you for all the positive feedback. There will be a July update fixing some of the problems (Fixing popularity and ratings for WWE roster, tv deals, PPV and events). In the July update, there will be current updated rosters for WWE, NJPW, AEW, Impact, ROH, MLW, NXT, NXT UK, AAA, Progress, Lucha Underground. Championships will be updated, including some title lineage for WWE, Impact and NJPW titles - these take a long time to complete. Starting injuries, more companies (Such as MLW, WrestleCircus etc), new tv networks, hall of immortals and TV shows. 

      I am continuing to fix stats, popularity, performance and backstage attitudes of wrestlers. The update will feature more in-depth and dynamic gameplay. 

      Employment history has been heavily updated, with legends to local wrestlers having the correct employment history.

      I will be continuing to update the database before the first weekend in July. Thank you for your patience.
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