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march 2003 ewr data?

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7 hours ago, ksdixon said:

does this exist?

I have an April 2003 by RaveX
This is the info provided in the data (There's a lot)



RaveX EWR #14
Created By: Jeff Cartwright
Special Thanks To: kaostrify1313, TonyJaymzReloaded, CMPUNKER, MondoVIOLENCE
On: Friday, April 4, 2003
started w/ 2209 wrestlers
- EWR 3.0 Stat Conversion -
Added new attributes for the following promotions:

- Promotions -
Added ACW
Fixed MLW (PI, Risk)
Fixed NWATNA (Risk)
Fixed SWC (Size, PI)
Removed FOW (sent all wrestlers to Others)
Renamed BCW to MXPW (BCW and MXPW merged)

- Workers -
Added Bill Goldberg (from Others)
Added Jimmy Hart (from Others)
Added Rena Mero (from Others)
Added Roddy Piper (from Others)
Added Ron Simmons
Fixed Bubba Ray Dudley (Alignment)
Fixed Chief Morley (now Midcarder)
Fixed Christopher Nowinski (Finisher)
Fixed D-Von Dudley (Alignment)
Fixed John Cena (Stats, Finisher)
Fixed Kevin Nash (Alignment)
Fixed Shannon Moore (Alignment)
Removed Haku (sent to Others)
Renamed Rena Mero to Sable
Renamed Sean Morley to Chief Morley

Added Alexis Laree (from XPW)
Added David Young (from NWA-W)
Added D'Lo Brown (from Others)
Added Jamie Dundee (from IWA-MS)
Added Jim Duggan (from Others)
Added Malice (from PCW)
Added Mike Barton (from Others)
Added New Jack (from 3PW)
Added Perry Saturn (from WWA)
Added Viscera (from Others)
Fixed Brian Lee (Stats, Alignment)
Fixed Cassidy O'Reilly (Stats)
Fixed Chase Stevens (Stats)
Fixed D'Lo Brown (Stats, Alignment)
Fixed Erik Watts (Alignment)
Fixed James Mitchell (Alignment)
Fixed Jim Duggan (Stats)
Fixed Jorge Estrada (Stats)
Fixed Kid Kash (Stats)
Fixed Malice (Alignment)
Fixed Paul London (Stats)
Fixed Percy Pringle (Alignment)
Fixed Ron Killings (Stats, Alignment)
Fixed Slash (Alignment)
Fixed Super Crazy (Stats)
Removed Belladonna (sent to Others)
Removed BG James (sent to Others)
Removed Disgraceland (sent to Others)
Removed J.J. Dillon (sent to Others)
Removed Jonah Edelman (sent to JAPW)
Removed Julio Dinero (sent to XPW)
Removed Nikita Koloff (sent to Others)
Removed Ricky Morton (sent to Others)
Removed Robert Gibson (sent to Others)
Renamed Jamie Dundee to JC Ice
Renamed Viscera to Nelson Knight

Added Samoa Joe (from UPW)

Added Julio Dinero (from NWATNA)
Fixed Altar Boy Luke (Stats)
Fixed Chris Candido (Stats)
Fixed Chris Hamrick (Stats)
Fixed Justice Pain (Stats, Alignment)
Fixed Justin Credible (Alignment, Finisher)
Fixed Tammy Lynn Sytch (Stats)
Removed Alexis Laree (sent to NWATNA)
Removed Altar Boy Matthew (sent to Others)
Removed Chris Hero (sent to IWA-MS)
Removed GQ Money (sent to Others)
Removed J-Love (sent to JAPW)
Removed Kaos (sent to Others)
Renamed X to Pac

Added B-Boy (from UPW)
Added Cory Kastle
Added Jude
Added Niles Young
Fixed B-Boy (Stats, Alignment)
Fixed Derek Frazier (Alignment)
Fixed Sonjay Dutt (Stats)

Renamed Chi Chi Cruz to Chi Chi Cruz PCW

Added Pete Doyle
Added The Big Schwag (from Others)
Added Tony Straddlin (from Others)
Removed B-Boy (sent to CZW)
Removed Samoa Joe (sent to ROH)
Renamed Shane Roberts to Machoa

Added Chris Hero (from XPW)
Added Michael Todd Stratton
Added Orangejello
Added Simon Sezz
Added Steve Stone
Fixed Ace Steel (Stats, Alignment)
Fixed Adam Gooch (Alignment)
Fixed CM Punk (Stats, Alignment)
Fixed Colt Cabana (Alignment)
Fixed Corporal Robinson (Alignment)
Fixed Ian Rotten (Alignment)
Fixed J.C. Bailey (Alignment)
Fixed Nate Webb (Alignment)
Fixed Necro Butcher (Alignment, Finishers)
Renamed Devon Fury to Lemonjello

Added Al Simmons
Added Brian Carlucci
Added Miles Long
Fixed AJ (Stats)
Fixed BJ Whitmer (Stats)
Fixed Bobbi Jo Jablonski (Stats)
Fixed Brock Guffman (Stats)
Fixed Brother Clay (Stats)
Fixed Chad Collyer (Stats)
Fixed Chet Jablonski (Stats)
Fixed Cody Hawk (Stats)
Fixed Dean Jablonski (Stats)
Fixed Drew Johnson (Stats)
Fixed Gotti (Stats)
Fixed Hellena Heavenly (Stats)
Fixed Hoss (Stats)
Fixed Human Time Bomb (Stats)
Fixed Jaxon Breeze (Stats)
Fixed Joseth Castle (Stats)
Fixed JT Stahr (Stats)
Fixed Mark Mattis (Stats)
Fixed Matt Dillinger (Stats)
Fixed Matt Stryker (Stats)
Fixed Nigel McGuinness (Stats)
Fixed Quinten Lee (Stats)
Fixed Race Steele (Stats)
Fixed Ric Byrne (Stats)
Fixed Rory Fox (Stats)
Fixed The Hussla (Stats)
Fixed TJ Dalton (Stats)
Renamed Bobbi Jablonski to Bobbi Jo Jablonski

Added J.B. Trask
Added Johnny Parks
Added Kevin Krueger
Added Magnus Maximus
Added Matt Burns
Added ODB

Added A.C. Coaltrain
Added Big Jay
Added Bull Dredd
Added Bulldog Blanski
Added Del Tsunami
Added Dylan Kage (from Others)
Added Eddie Edwards (from Others)
Added Fred Curry Jr. (from Others)
Added Jason Knight (from 3PW)
Added Jeff Rocker (from Others)
Added Jim Nastic (from YPW)
Added John Kronus (from Others)
Added Johnny Thunder
Added Matt Lariat
Added Mercedes (from Others)
Added Mike E. Milano
Added Nick Richards (from Others)
Added Paul Enormus
Added Ron Zombie (from Others)
Added Scotty Charisma (from Others)
Added Sean Mulligan (from Others)
Added Shabba White
Added Talia (from Others)
Fixed Jason Knight (Alignment)
Fixed Mercedes Martinez (Alignment)
Renamed Mercedes to Mercedes Martinez
Renamed Sean Mulligan to Tiger Mulligan

Added Goalie Howe
Added Kenny Layne (from Others)
Added Lone Star
Added Phoenix Star
Added Quicksilver
Fixed Disco Machine (now Non-Wrestler)
Fixed Excalibur (Stats, Finishers)
Fixed Rising Son (now Non-Wrestler)
Fixed Super Dragon (Stats, Finisher)
Renamed Kenny Layne to Kenny King

Added Ahmed Johnson (from Others)
Added Bobby Rude (from Others)
Added Chris Sabin (from NEPW)
Added Gangrel (from WXW)
Added Jason Temple
Added Monty Brown (from Others)
Added Truth Martini (from IWA-MS)
Fixed Ahmed Johnson (Stats, Alignment)
Fixed Bobby Rude (Stats)
Fixed Monty Brown (Alignment, now Upper Midcarder)

Added Abudadein (from Others)
Added Antonio Banks (from Others)
Added Bobby Rogers
Added Buck Quartermain
Added Chris Charger (from Others)
Added David Babylon (from Others)
Added Dennis Allen (from Others)
Added Fabulous Frank (from Others)
Added Fritz
Added Johnny Vandal (from Others)
Added Maximum Capacity (from Others)
Added Punisher (from Others)
Added Rastaman
Added Ricky Vandal (from Others)
Added Road Warrior Animal (from Others)
Added Road Warrior Hawk (from Others)
Added Sean Allen (from Others)
Added Tommy Vandal (from Others)
Fixed Fabulous Frank (Alignment)
Fixed Johnny Vandal (Manager)
Fixed Naphtali (Manager)
Fixed Pat Powers (Alignment)
Fixed Punisher (Alignment, Manager)
Fixed Ricky Vandal (Manager)
Fixed Roderick Strong (Manager)
Fixed Sedrick Strong (Alignment)
Fixed So Cal Val (Alignment)

Added Dave Greco
Added Jonah Edelman (from NWATNA)
Added J-Love (from XPW)
Fixed J-Love (Alignment)
Renamed J-Love to Valentina

Added KidRageous
Removed Chris Sabin (sent to MXPW)

Removed Gangrel (sent to MXPW)

Fixed Mosco De La Merced (Stats)

Added One Man Gang
Added Tommy Diablo (from WWC)
Fixed Chicano (Alignment)
Fixed Tommy Diablo (now Lower Midcarder)

Added Sabu (from WWA)
Fixed Black Boy (Alignment)
Fixed Ricky Santana (Alignment)
Fixed Sabu (Alignment)
Removed Tommy Diablo (sent to IWA-PR)

Added Mike Majors (from Others)
Added Mike Stryker (from Others)
Added Moco
Added Riot
Added The Highlight Kid (from Others)
Added Tony Cianci
Added Vinny Giuliani
Removed Betty-Jo Walton (sent to Others)
Removed Don Vega (sent to Others)
Removed Eddie Edwards (sent to Others)
Removed Mike Osbourne (sent to Others)
Removed Pat Gunner (sent to Others)
Removed Triplelicious (sent to Others)
Renamed The Highlight Kid to HiLite Kid

Added Daniel Flynn
Added Haku (from Others)
Added Travis T-Money

Removed Jimmy Cicero (sent to Others)

Removed Nikki (sent to PWI)
Removed Psycho Seth (sent to PWI)

Added Nikki (from APW)
Added Psycho Seth (from APW)

Added Aaron Richard Smythe Esq.
Added Aldo Suave
Added Amy Action
Added Anthony Adonis
Added Beef Wellington
Added Big Money
Added Billy Blade
Added Black Pearl
Added Bob Keller
Added Boris Dragoff
Added Brian Johnson
Added Bubba Kirk
Added Bunkhouse Buck
Added C.J. Summers
Added Cade Lee
Added Carl O'Rourke
Added Catastrophe CEW
Added Chamera
Added Chester Burry
Added Chi Chi Cruz
Added Chip Douglas
Added Chris Chance
Added Chris Payne
Added Cletus Blood
Added Crazy Manny
Added Cryptkeeper
Added D.C. Money
Added D.T. Power
Added Damian IWS
Added Damien Ryan
Added Danny Williams
Added Darren Storm
Added David DeVille
Added Deacon Burry
Added Dean Draven
Added Dementor
Added Dick Slater
Added Disco Stuu
Added Don Basher
Added Drake Dexton
Added Dru Onyx
Added Duke MacIssac
Added Eddie Watts
Added El Generico
Added Elsa Bangz
Added Eric Freedom
Added Evil Ninja #2
Added Excess 69
Added Face Of Death
Added Flex Phenom
Added Fox
Added Foxx
Added Freddie
Added Gary Williams
Added Gino Latino
Added Gonzo De Mondo
Added Grim Reefer
Added Gruesome Gary
Added Hank Hooligan
Added Hardcore Ninja #1
Added Harliquin
Added Headstone
Added Heath Fury
Added Iceberg IWS
Added Ivan
Added Jason Burry
Added Jason Helton
Added Jess Bradley
Added Jin Hiryu
Added John Business
Added John Simmons
Added Johnny Wiseguy
Added Jon Jon The Phenomenon
Added Kazino
Added Kenny Courageous
Added Kenny The Bastard
Added Kiana
Added Kid Kamikaze
Added Kilfoy
Added Koko B. Ware
Added Krazy K
Added Kriss Sprules
Added Las Vegas Con
Added Laser
Added Latino Kid
Added Latino Mysterio
Added Lesley Burry
Added Liger Rivera
Added Limit
Added Lobo PCW
Added Loose Cannon
Added Lynch
Added Mack Truck
Added Mad Rock
Added Magnus
Added Manslaughter
Added Marc Ash
Added Massive Damage
Added Matt Neal
Added Mercury
Added Mike Burry
Added Mike Hughes
Added Mike Mayhem
Added Mike Mennace
Added Miss Tenille
Added Motivator Of Madness
Added Muse
Added Mystic
Added Nelson Bragg
Added Nexus
Added Norman Tharx
Added Ozz
Added Pat Hamilton
Added Peter LaSalle
Added Quentin Barboni
Added Ragin' Dawg
Added Remington Steen
Added Rick Sterling
Added Ryan Wood
Added Sam Daniels
Added Scarecrow PCW
Added Scott Savage
Added Sean Lei
Added Seth Ryan
Added Sexxxy Eddy
Added Shaun Davis
Added Shorty Smalls
Added Slex
Added Sonny Landel
Added Stefan Noir
Added Steve Reid
Added Steve Royds
Added Switchblade
Added Takao
Added Talon
Added Tama
Added Taylor Baines
Added The Arsenal
Added The Black Angel
Added The Combat Kid
Added The Cremator
Added The Green Phantom
Added The Intruder
Added The Milwaukee Crusher
Added Tommy Manson
Added Tony Apollo
Added Tony King
Added Travis
Added Tristin Hayze
Added Vanessa Sanchez
Added Vince Austin
Added Vordell Walker
Added Vida Loca
Added Viking
Added Wavell Starr
Fixed Adam Windsor (Finishers)
Fixed Bill Goldberg (Stats)
Fixed Blitzkrieg (now Non-Wrestler)
Fixed Bret Hart (Stats)
Fixed Chaz Warrington (Stats)
Fixed CIMA (Stats)
Fixed Frank Cullen (now Non-Wrestler)
Fixed GAMMA (Stats)
Fixed Glen Ruth (Stats)
Fixed Haku (now Non-Wrestler)
Fixed Johnny Spade (Stats, Finishers)
Fixed Jushin Lyger (Stats)
Fixed Majik (Stats)
Fixed Mick Foley (Stats)
Fixed Riki Choshu (Stats)
Fixed Takehiro Murahama (Stats)
Renamed Disgraceland to Luther Biggs
Renamed Makai #5 to Mitsuya Nagai
Renamed Saraya Knight to Sweet Saraya

- Staff -
Added Chris Bell (from Others)
Added Dave Lagana (from Others)
Added Jim Johnston
Added John Gaburick
Added Phil Speer
Removed Kevin Kelly (sent to Others)

Added Andrew Thomas (from NWA-W)
Added Dale Oliver
Removed Scott Armstrong (sent to Others)

Added Chris Lovey
Added Doug Gentry
Added Gabe Sapolsky
Added Jeff Gorman

Added Greg Bagarozy

Added Teagan
Removed Al Simmons (now a wrestler)

Added Doug Dearborne
Added Fred Reis
Added Holyoke Joe
Added Jeff Corona
Added Johnny Promo
Added P.J.

Added John Cone
Added Kyle Mason
Added Scotty Z

Added A.T. Huck
Added Tony Smalls

Added Ben Harvey
Added Benny Styles
Added Bernie Siegel
Added Bill Brown
Added Bill Hamilton
Added Brian Dixon
Added Brian The Guppie
Added Constance Wilder
Added Dale Gagne
Added Dale Hollahan
Added Elaine Hann
Added Elisar Cabrera
Added Frank Casey
Added George The Hitman
Added Gerry O'Neill
Added Gordon Glynn
Added Jack Douglas
Added Joe Aiello
Added Joe Buckle
Added Joe Wheeler
Added John Stamp
Added Johnny Patterson
Added Karl Reid
Added Kelly Russell
Added Kenny Dunne
Added Lee Bamber
Added Mike Hunt
Added Mike Hunter
Added Mike Paterson
Added Mo Chatra
Added Pat Lawson
Added P-Nut
Added Ravenlord
Added Ruffneck
Added Simon Rochford
Added Staford Brister
Added Steve Jackson
Added Steve Jenkins
Added Steve Johnson
Added Tony Condello
Removed Bobby Rogers (now an IPW Manager)

- Tag Teams -
Added 1-2-3 Kid and Sparkplugg
Added APA
Added Batista and Orton
Added Benoit and Edge
Added Benoit and Rhyno
Added Big Show and A-Train
Added Black Nation
Added Blackout
Added Brian Lee and Ron Harris
Added Bunkhouse and Dirty Dick
Added Castle and Lee
Added Chance Meeting
Added Chicano and Anarchy
Added Chi-Town Thug and Trask
Added Criminally Insane
Added DeGeneration X II
Added DeNucci and Lovett
Added DiBiase and Virgil
Added Double J and The Roadie
Added Fives and Babylon
Added Foundation X
Added Fujinami and Kimura
Added Headshrinkers II
Added Hendrix and Anderson
Added HHH and Batista
Added Killings and Knight
Added Lynn and Young
Added Murahama and Liger
Added Nova and Jindrak
Added Rednecks From Hell
Added RVD and Kane
Added Sandman and Saturn
Added Shark Boy and Angel
Added Stahr and Dalton
Added Storm Front
Added Super Crazy and Kid Kash
Added Supreme Greatness
Added Taker and Jones
Added Team Mattitude
Added The Burry Brothers
Added The Family
Added The Islanders II
Added The Market Crashers
Added The Radicalz II
Added The Radicalz III
Added The Revolutionaries
Added The Rhodes Family
Added The Ten
Added The Young Blood
Added Tracey and DeVitt
Added Triple X II
Added Two Guys In Lucha Masks
Added Venis and The Godfather
Added Vicious And Delicious
Added Zero Tolerance

- Stables -
Added Next Generation
Added The Administration
Removed The Enterprise
Removed The Score
Renamed Lobo Army to Rebel's Army

- Belts -
Added ACW Great American
Added ACW Hardcore
Added ACW Heavyweight
Added ACW Jr. Heavyweight
Added ACW Tag Team
Added BCW Television
Added MXPW Cruiserweight
Added MXPW Heavyweight

- Television -
Added Assault TV
Added MLW Underground
Fixed Heat (now on TNN)
Removed High Impact TV
Removed Monday Nightmare
Renamed BCW TV to MXPW TV

- TV Networks -
Added A&E Television
Added E! TV
Added Sunshine Network
Added WB Network
Added WGN Superstation

- Events -
Added Anger Rising
Added Blood For Blood
Added Carnevil
Added Dark Offerings
Added Direct Hit
Added Far From Over
Added Fury Unleashed
Added Hell To Pay
Added Hellride Express
Added March Madness
Added March Mayhem
Added MCW Seasons Beatings
Added Night Of Legends
Added November Pain
Added Overload
Added Seek And Destroy
Added Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup
Added Super 8
Added Tag Wars
Added Total Impact
Renamed Era Of Honor Begins to Anniversary Show
Renamed King Of The Ring to Bad Blood
Renamed March Breakdown to Aggravated Assault
Renamed March Madness to Uncharted Territory
Renamed May Massacre to Melbourne Mayhem
Renamed New Year Nightmare to New Years Evil
Renamed Out With The Old to Divide and Conquer
Renamed Reign In Blood to Out Of The Ashes
Renamed Round Robin Challenge to Expect The Unexpected
Renamed Spring Surrender to Culture Shock

- Sponsors -
Added Army
Added AT&T
Added Harley Davidson
Added Honda
Added Invision Power
Added LucasArts Games
Added Marines
Added Navy
Added Penthouse
Added Six Flags
Added Verizon
Copyright © 2002-2003 RaveX Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


It appears to made back in the time frame so it will be quite bloated. A quick run through of the data didn't bring up any errors for me but may pay to run a maintenance on it anyway.
The only other 2003 data I have is from August onward. Hopefully this helps.


Edited by Rocky Champ Champ

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