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TNA: The Rebirth

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TNA Roster

• Abyss -- face

• AJ Styles -- heel

• Alex Shelley -- face

• Amazing Kong -- heel

• Angelina Love -- heel

• BG James -- tweener

• Black Reign -- heel

• Bobby Lashley -- face

• Booker T -- face

• Brother Devon -- heel

• Brother Ray -- heel

• Chris Sabin -- face

• Christian Cage -- tweener

• Christy Hemme -- heel

• Consequences Creed -- heel

• Curry Man -- face

• Elix Skipper -- heel

• Eric Young -- face

• Gail Kim -- face

• Hernandez -- face

• Homicide -- face

• Jacqueline -- heel

• James Mitchell -- heel

• James Storm -- heel

• Jay Lethal -- face

• Jimmy Rave -- heel

• Johnny Devine -- heel

• Karen Angle -- heel

• Kaz -- face

• Kevin Nash -- tweener

• Kip James -- heel

• Kurt Angle -- heel

• Lance Hoyt -- heel

• Matt Morgan -- face

• ODB -- tweener

• Payton Banks -- heel

• Petey Williams -- face

• Raisha Saeed -- heel

• Rellik -- heel

• Rhaka Khan -- face

• Rhino -- face

• Rob Van Dam -- face

• Robert Roode -- heel

• Roxxi Laveaux -- face

• Salinas -- face

• Samoa Joe -- face

• Scott Steiner -- face

• Shark Boy -- face

• Sharmell -- face

• Sid Vicious -- face

• Sonjay Dutt -- face

• Sting -- face

• Tomko -- tweener

• Traci Brooks -- face

• Velvet Skye -- heel


• Crystal Louthan -- face

• D-Lo Brown -- face

• Glenn Gilberti -- heel

• Hector Guerrero -- face

• Jeff Jarrett -- face

• Jeremy Borash -- face

• Scott D'Amore -- heel

• So Cal Val -- face

• Temptress Kimberly -- face

TNA Champions


• TNA World Heavyweight Title -- Samoa Joe


• TNA World Tag Team Titles -- Vacant


• TNA X-Division Title -- Petey Williams


• TNA Knockouts Title -- Amazing Kong

NOTE: I changed the names of some of the wrestlers such as Christopher Daniels to Curry Man and Talia Madison to Velvet Skye just so you guys know.

iMpact preview

Match 1: The Rock N' Rave Infection versus Shark Boy and Curry Man

Match 2: Gail Kim, ODB and Roxxi Laveaux versus Velvet Skye, Angelina Love and Christy Hemme

Match 3: LAX, Kaz and Eric Young versus Scott Steiner, Petey Williams, AJ Styles and Tomko

Match 4: Robert Roode versus Rob Van Dam versus Sid Vicious

Main Event: Kurt Angle versus Bobby Lashley versus Christian Cage versus Sting -- Number 1 Contendership to the TNA World Title

Edited by Lord Starrquaad

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Again, you cannot make posts like that simply to bump your diary. It has no content, and is against Dome rules.

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He's right, you know.

A preview will fit nicely onto the back end of a show, or if you have between-show news, tack the preview onto that. It fits quite nicely on the tail end of your roster, as you can see.

At the very least, a website-style preview could be more acceptable. A slapped-on list of matches just screams lazy.

Edited by Lord Starrquaad

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Xplosion matches

The Motor City Machine Guns beat Black Reign and Rellik in 3:27 after Sabin hit Rellik with a Cradle Shock.

James Storm beat Consequences Creed in 1:41 after he knocked Creed out with the beer bottle.



Jim Cornette is in the ring and announces to the whole world that TNA management has decided to step up with TNA's ratings and to do that we had to sign three of today's top superstars. Now I would like to bring these three superstars to the ring and get them to say a few words to our fans in the impact zone tonight. First of all we have, Sid Vicious.. Sid walks out and gets into the ring. Sid takes the mic from Cornette and the fans start cheering. Vicious then says everyone in the impact zone, it's great to be here tonight, I get my debut match tonight and I will show you why I deserve to hold the TNA Title. He hands the mic back to Cornette. Cornette then says 2 more guys. He says this guy is an ECW original with the WWE and I will do my best to get this guy a few title shots here and there along the way.. this is Rob Van Dam. RVD comes out and does the RVD taunt. He gets in the ring and gets the mic and looks at Sid Vicious. He then says Sid, you are one of my opponents tonight, the other one being Robert Roode, but let's get one thing straight here.. i'm RVD (does the RVD taunt) and nobody can stop me at what i'm heading for.. with that being said let's go ahead and bring out the third man. He was the old ECW champion, he is "The Real Deal" Bobby Lashley. Lashley comes out on stage and does his top of the stage pyro explosion move. He gets in the ring and stands up. He takes the mic from RVD and says "RVD, thanks for welcoming me to the ring to stand in front of these TNA fans is awesome. But I have one major thing to get off my chest and that is that Kurt Angle can kiss my ass. As for my other opponents tonight, I don't care about you guys. Except for Sting, being in the ring with a legend such as Sting will boost my popularity to sky high levels. But Kurt, just don't show up for tonight's match. I promise you this, if you come out tonight I will hurt you, I will break you, I will DOMINATE you. They all leave the ring as a commercial break hits.

OR: 71%


Jim Cornette is in the back in an interview talking about the vacant world tag team titles. Cornette says that next week they will start a tag team title tournament and it will last all the way up to the next pay per view, Slammiversary and it is on the 22nd. He says every tag team will be put in it and they will have to make it through all of the other teams before they get a shot.

OR: 86%


Lance_Hoyt.jpgJimmy_Rave.jpg vs. Shark_Boy.jpgCurry_Man.jpg

The Rock and Rave Infection versus Curry Man and Shark Boy

Ending: Jimmy Rave and Lance Hoyt are ahead because of their frequent tags. While Hoyt has his back turned from Shark Boy, he tags in Curry Man. Curry Man hits a DDT on Lance. Lance falls backwards into Jimmy Rave and the ref calls that a tag. Curry Man pushes Rave over the top rope and Rave and Hoyt walks backwards up the ramp holding their sides in pain and pointing to their heads. The ref calls for the bell and Curry Man and Shark Boy start celebrating.

Winners: Curry Man and Shark Boy

OR: 62%, CR: 56%, MQ: 68%


A limo pulls up to the iMpact zone and Kurt Angle steps out of it. He looks around and then heads for his locker room.

OR: 92%


JB has just caught up with Kurt Angle. JB says that Bobby Lashley, Rob Van Dam and Sid Vicious were signed over the weekend and they are reportedly going to bring up the ratings for iMpact. Kurt then says Lashley is here tonight? JB then replies yeah he's here tonight and Cornette took them all out to the ring and let them say a few words, Lashley said this to you about your fatal four way match tonight.. I promise you this, if you come out tonight I will hurt you, I will break you, I will DOMINATE you. Kurt then says oh we'll see about that Lashley. Oh it's real, it's damn real.

OR: 95%


Gail_Kim.jpgODB.jpgNikki_Roxx10.jpg vs. Talia_Madison.jpgAngelina_Love.jpgchristy.jpg

Gail Kim, ODB and Roxxi Laveaux versus Velvet Skye, Angelina Love and Christy Hemme

Ending: Angelina Love and Roxxi Laveaux are the legal women in the match at this point in time. Gail and ODB are on the outside fighting with Christy and Velvet. Angelina has Roxxi in a chinlock, Roxxi finally fights out of it by elbowing Angelina in the gut a few times. Roxxi goes to tag in ODB but Angelina pulls her back towards her. Angelina picks Roxxi up and out of nowhere Roxxi nails her with the Voodoo Drop for the 1..2..3.

Winners: Gail Kim, ODB and Roxxi Laveaux

OR: 53%, CR: 57%, MQ: 47%


Styles and Tomko are backstage yelling at all four of their opponents tonight, LAX, Kaz and Eric Young. They say they are an accomplished tag team and that they were TNA World Tag Champs at one point in time but due to Super Eric they are now vacant. They say that Cornette may be holding a tag team tournament next week on iMpact and it will be going on until Slammiversary but come Slammiversary the titles will be back around the waists of Styles and Tomko.

OR: 80%


Hernandez.jpgHomicide.jpgEric_Young2.jpgKazarian7.jpg vs. Scott_Steiner.jpgPetey_Williams.jpgAJ_Styles2.jpgTomko.jpg

LAX, Eric Young and Kaz versus Scott Steiner, Petey Williams, AJ Styles and Tomko

Ending: Tomko gets out of a Hernandez bodyslam attempt and tags in Petey Williams. Petey and Tomko irish whip Hernandez to the ropes and they both hit a double backdrop on him. Hooks the near leg for a two count. Petey tries for a Canadian Destroyer but Hernandez is too powerful and instead of Petey's Canadian Destroyer, Hernandez hits a Border Toss for the three count.

Winners: LAX, Eric Young and Kaz

OR: 72%, CR: 67%, MQ: 77%


A video about Bobby Lashley is played. It shows him winning the ECW championship. It shows him overcoming the odds at the WWE pay per view Backlash when he had to face Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon and Umaga. It then shows him beating Umaga again at Wrestlemania 23. Then after that it shows him, Donald Trump and Stone Cold Steve Austin cutting Vince's hair.

OR: 65%


Robert_Roode6.jpg vs. Rob_Van_Dam.jpg vs. Sid_Vicious3.jpg

Robert Roode versus Rob Van Dam versus Sid Vicious

Ending: Sid Vicious has already been eliminated by Rob Van Dam with a five star frog splash. Roode misses a clothesline and RVD jumps off the ropes and hits a springboard dropkick! Spinning bulldog in the corner and Roode is down! RVD decides to capitalize on this moment and climbs up to the top rope. He jumps off connecting with the five star frog splash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

OR: 76%, CR: 77%, MQ: 74%


Kurt_Angle.jpg vs. Lashley.jpg vs. Christian.jpg vs. Sting.jpg

Kurt Angle versus Bobby Lashley versus Christian Cage versus Sting

Ending: Lashley and Sting have already been eliminated. Cage and Angle are going at it very hard but Angle gets the upper hand by hitting three german suplexes in a row. Angle then locks on the ankle lock but Cage counters sending Angle out of the ring. Cage goes right after Angle but he side steps and Angle trips him sending him into the steel steps. Angle throws Cage back in and hits the Olympic Slam. After that happens he locks the Ankle lock on again and this time Cage has nothing to do but tap out. Angles holds the lock on him after he taps. Samoa Joe runs down to the ring and slides in, Angle gets out of the ring as fast as possible and starts laughing as Cage is being helped to the back. Bobby Lashley comes out of the other ramp way and spears Angle. They roll down the ramp brawling as iMpact goes off the air.

Winner: Kurt Angle

OR: 84%, CR: 88%, MQ: 76%


Rating for the whole show: 76%

We got a 5.05 rating for 'TNA iMPACT'!

The attendance level was 3010 people.

We made $90300 from ticket sales.


The WWE have just let a lot of wrestlers go. TNA have took advantage of that and signed a lot of them.

- Jillian Hall

- Layla El

- Michelle McCool

- Festus Dalton

- Kofi Kingston

- Cody Rhodes


- Matt Sydal

- Paul Burchill

- Beth Phoenix

- Jesse Dalton

- Shad Gaspard

- Kelly Kelly

Match 1: Jesse and Festus versus AJ Styles and Tomko -- TNA Tag Team Title tournament - Opening

2 of the newest signed superstars Jesse and Festus make they're way into the TNA tag team title tournament. Will we see Tomko and AJ Styles win this and move onto next week or will Festus's pure strength be too much for the former TNA tag team champs?

Match 2: Cody Rhodes versus Johnny Devine

Another one of WWE's old superstars, Cody Rhodes faces Johnny Devine. Will we see Johnny Devine use that kendo stick he brings to the ring with him every week or will Rhodes find a way around mr. Johnny Devine?

Match 3: Paul Burchill versus Eric Young

This week Eric Young has to face probably his biggest challenge ever when we see him go against Paul Burchill. This being Burchill's first match on TNA. Will the TNA original walk out of the iMPACT zone the winner or will we see Paul Burchill win this one with his talent?

Match 4: Matt Morgan and Abyss versus Team 3D -- TNA Tag Team Title tournament - Opening

A team that has been tag team champions in every single promotion they have wrestled in, Team 3D face off against a team we have never seen team before. Abyss and Matt Morgan have the size and strength to be tag team champions but will Team 3D overcome the power of Abyss and Matt Morgan to get the tag team titles they have wanted to win for the past 2 years.

Match 5: Rhino versus James Storm

We have seen these 2 feud for about 2 months before now. This feud ended when Rhino GORED Storm off of the top of Elevation X. Will Rhino GORE his way through Storm again to win or will Storm find a way out of Rhino's clutch? Or better yet, will Storm use his beer bottle? The future will tell the tale.

Main Event: Kurt Angle versus Bobby Lashley

Last week, Bobby Lashley made his debut and lost against not 1, not 2, but 3 men. After the match Bobby Lashley came back out and sent a message to Kurt Angle by spearing him at the top of the ramp. This week Angle wants some revenge on Lashley. Cornette accepted the match but made a counter to that and accepted his offer for the match. He said if Lashley is to win tonight, Lashley will join in on the title match at Slammiversary. Will Lashley spear Angle to win this match and go on to Slammiversary and win the title or will Angle make Lashley tap out to the ankle lock?

Edited by rollinGFX

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1. I don't like the way you write segments. It sounds like you're in a huge hurry to explain everything and it doesn't come off well.

2. You used way too many people on iMPACT! and had three guys debut on the same night with little hype.

3. Have less multi-person matches. You had no singles matches at all on the show, but you had a tag team match, eight man tag, triple threat, and four way.

4. Even debuting multiple persons isn't as bad as debuting two guys and having them compete in the same match against, of all people, a midcarder. I'm not knocking Robert Roode, but it seemed like you rushed RVD and Sid Vicious' debuts and wasted them.

5. The matches are so short that they're meaningless. If you don't feel like writing the whole match, at least take a paragraph to describe, in detail, the major points and the finish, as that's what's most important. Right now, I'm wondering how the hell Hernandez countered the Canadian Destroyer to the Border Toss.

6. The main event was a clusterfuck. Why did Samoa Joe run in, only to look like a doofus, and Sting did nothing? Why was Sting even in the match? Why did Joe run out?

7. Why did Lashley lose his debut? That killed any momentum he could've had. You didn't even bother explaining how he lost.

A lot of this just makes no sense and is a waste of time, both yours and mine, to be brutally honest.

Edited by Master Shakespeare

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Just my opinion but Too many WWE people were signed. Personally I would have only signed Matt Sydal, and maybe Burchil and Beth.

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What they said. ^ And you still copy & pasted some of the results with slight modifications. Don't try to say otherwise.

Edited by Wormmaster

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Xplosion matches

Shark Boy and Traci Brooks beat Angelina Love and Elix Skipper in 2:48 after Shark Boy hit Elix with a Stunner.

The Rock and Rave Infection beat Cryme Tyme in 2:12 after Hoyt hit JTG with a Moonsault.



To start off the show we see Kip James in the ring with a microphone. He says "Cornette, I want in that tag team title tournament. Now i'm gonna be coming backstage here in a few short minutes to get the answer from you. But there is a few things I want to get off my chest first. Last week we signed three free agents, them being Rob Van Dam, Sid Vicious and the guy who faces Kurt Angle tonight, Bobby Lashley. Now we all know that Lashley was the ECW champion when he was with the WWE. I only have one thing to say to you Cornette, why did you have to hire Bobby Lashley?" The fans start cheering for Lashley while some of them are booing Kip and waiting for Lashley to come out and beat the holy hell out of Kip. Kip then starts talking again, he says "Shut up, you morons in the crowd are nothing more than a bag of losers all banded together in the iMpact zone. Now Cornette, I'm coming back there so be ready for me." He leaves as we see an image of Cornette standing behind Abyss and Matt Morgan, he laughs as the tron cuts off and we go to commercial break.

OR: 61%


Back from the commercial break and we see Kip in Cornette's office. He sees Matt and Abyss and says "Hey have you two seen Jimmy?" Abyss shakes his head and Kip shrugs. He then says "Ok then, where is he you big stupid ugly ogre?" That set off Abyss as he started after Kip. Matt pulled Abyss back and said "Wait until tonight when we face Team 3D big man." Abyss shook his head again. Kip then said "Shoo, that was close. I had to almost beat him up." Cornette pushed through Abyss and Matt and said "Kip, your not gonna beat up anybody. Especially Abyss, you can't even size up to this man. How about you find yourself a tag team partner and you can be in the tag title tournament.. if you a partner by next week you can be in the tag title tournament. Here's another thing coming for you, you and your partner will have to face a tag team that was just signed from the WWE earlier this week. You and your partner have to face these two men." Cryme Tyme's music hits and Kip knows who it is. They both bust through the door and see JTG talking to Kip, he says "Hey, yo yo yo yo YO! Kip, what's really HOOD my brotha? Tell him what's HOOD today Shad." Shad says "Kip, you wanna know whats HOOD? (Kip shakes his head.) Well, today were going for that money money, yeah yeah. That money money, yeah yeah." Kip shakes his head and leaves as Cornette and Cryme Tyme start dancing to their theme song as Matt and Abyss stand by the door.

OR: 84%


Jesse_Dalton.jpgFestus.jpg vs. AJ_Styles.jpgTomko.jpg

Jesse and Festus versus AJ Styles and Tomko

Ending: Jesse and Styles are the legal men. Styles is down so Jesse goes up to the top to try for a Moonsault but Styles jumps up just in time to save himself from losing. He pushes Jesse off the top and he flies out of the ring. Styles follows him out of the ring but Festus stops AJ from touching him by hitting a clothesline. Tomko comes around the ring and Festus doesn't see him, Festus turns around to get a big boot. Tomko rolls both Jesse and AJ back in and AJ goes for the pin but only gets a two count. AJ crawls back over to Tomko and tags him in. Tomko picks up Jesse and goes for a big boot but stops and says nah, I want Festus. He points to Festus and Jesse tags him in! We see Festus come in and he hits a few clotheslines and few of those discus punches. Festus picks up Tomko on his shoulder and he goes for the Gutbuster finisher but Tomko counters and lands on his feet! Tomko punches Festus once in the mouth and that gives Tomko enough time to run off the ropes and hit a big boot. Still only a two count. Tomko picks up Festus and Tomko goes for another big boot but Festus grabs Tomko's boot and shakes his head and says that isn't gonna happen Tomko. Festus hits a belly to belly suplex on Tomko and gets a two count. Festus hits a leg drop and tags in Jesse. Jesse gets on the top rope and Festus grabs him and throws him at Tomko but Tomko catches him and hits a fallaway slam on Jesse. Tomko tags in Styles and they hit the Tornado Plex for the three count. Styles and Tomko start to leave but they look back at the ring and they see that Festus has changed back to his normal self and they head back to the ring. They slide in and Tomko goes after Festus while Styles goes after Jesse. Jesse gets out and points to his head and says I have a great plan. He grabs the ring bell and the bell hammer. Styles and Tomko run to the ropes and they say don't do it. He does it anyway and Festus hits a double clothesline on both Tomko and Styles. Festus then uses his brute strength and picks them both up on his shoulder and he hits a gutbuster on both of them. Jesse then rings the bell again. Festus goes to his normal self and they leave the ring as Styles and Tomko set up holding their sides.

Winners: AJ Styles and Tomko

OR: 68%, CR: 64%, MQ: 73%


Johnny Devine is backstage and he starts talking trash about Cody Rhodes. He says "Cody, your a washed up piece of crap. Your nowhere near your dad's level or your brother's level. Your nothing to me or this business."

OR: 68%


Cody_Rhodes.jpg vs. JohnnyDevine.jpg

Cody Rhodes versus Johnny Devine

Ending: Cody and Devine are brawling with each other in the middle of the ring. Cody whips Devine into the corner and he runs at him and goes for a Stinger Splash but Devine grabs his kendo stick and knocks Cody over the head with it as he is running at him. The ref calls for the DQ and Devine said he didn't do anything. A few seconds later, Kofi Kingston runs down to the ring and slides in. He stands up and hits the Jamaican Buzzsaw on Devine. He grabs Cody and puts his arm in the air. Cody stands back from Kofi as if Kofi is going to hit Rhodes. Kofi said i'm not gonna do anything to you man as they walk off backstage.

Winners: Cody Rhodes

OR: 68%, CR: 59%, MQ: 77%


Kelly Kelly and Christy Hemme are both in the ring in robes, ready for a bikini contest. Kelly goes first, and poses for the crowd. Christy goes next, and struts around the ring. The judge listens to the crowd reaction and then declares Kelly Kelly the winner. She celebrates while Christy Hemme stands in the corner looking furious.

OR: 66%


PaulBurchill.jpg vs. Eric_Young6.jpg

Paul Burchill versus Eric Young

Ending: This was a big squash match. From the beginning to the end it was nothing but big strong offensive moves. At the end, Burchill hit a Curb Stomp for the win.

Winners: Paul Burchill

OR: 63%, CR: 59%, MQ: 68%


thMatt_Morgan5.jpgAbyss.jpg vs. Brother_Devon.jpgBrother_Ray.jpg

Matt Morgan and Abyss versus Team 3D

Ending: Team 3D hit a 3D on Abyss outside of the ring through a table while the referee isn't looking. Matt then hits a double clothesline on both Devon and Ray. Matt tosses Devon outside of the ring as Matt hits a Bicycle Kick on Ray for the win.

Winners: Matt Morgan and Abyss

OR: 69%, CR: 63%, MQ: 75%


A video is played, hyping the upcoming match between Lashley and Kurt Angle. A clip is shown of Angle hitting the Olympic Slam on Lashley during their four way match last week. After that a clip is shown of Lashley spearing Angle at the top of the ramp at the end of last week's show.

OR: 79%


Rhino.jpg vs. James_Storm.jpg

Rhino versus James Storm

Ending: Storm runs at Rhino who is tied up in the ropes but he side steps and Storm falls out onto the iMpact zone floor. The ref starts counting and gets to a ten count. The ref calls for the bell and Rhino stays in the ring celebrating his win.

Winner: Rhino

OR: 78%, CR: 75%, MQ: 81%


Kurt_Angle.jpg vs. Lashley.jpg

Kurt Angle versus Bobby Lashley

Ending: Lashley and Angle are brawling in the ring and Angle capitalizes with a knee to the gut. Angle goes for the Olympic Slam but Lashley counters and clotheslines Angle. Angle falls down onto the mat and Lashley gets back against a turnbuckle and waits for Angle to get back up. He gets up turns around and meet a spear. Lashley covers and wins.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

OR: 83%, CR: 86%, MQ: 78%


Rating for the whole show: 72%

We got a 5.05 rating for 'TNA iMPACT!'!

The attendance level was 3001 people.

We made $90030 from ticket sales.

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Why sign people if your going to have them lose on the debut? RVD & Sid. Bobby Lashley. Jesse & Festus. IMO your signing too many people that will do nothing. I can see you dropping lashley off into midcard where hell jsut stay. RVD & Sid will hardly feature on impact. Jesse & Festus Just fire them already. too many people signed from WWE. Reason why WWE released them. Not good enough for top promotion. Kofi Kingston

Cody Rhodes Matt Sydal Shad Gaspard are proberly the only people id say could actully do something with TNA as long as you drop the gimmick Shad is using and make him back into Dabeast which he was in OVW. the Kurt and Joe fueds are getting a bit boring now. Youve brought abyss back without a mention of why he left in the first place.

btw ive noticed as you go on with writing the show you have less and less writing in the endings. It looks like you get bored quickly so maybe Write the Main event first then work your way up the match card.

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Kelly Kelly and Christy Hemme are both in the ring in robes, ready for a bikini contest. Kelly goes first, and poses for the crowd. Christy goes next, and struts around the ring. The judge listens to the crowd reaction and then declares Kelly Kelly the winner. She celebrates while Christy Hemme stands in the corner looking furious.

This is pretty much copied straight from EWR. Especially the bolded part. You're not allowed to do that.

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Ok you stopped doing a WWE diary to do a TNA diary and turn it into WWE lite?

way too many signings and debuts

you could have built up all three of RVD, Lashley and Sid Vicious instead they all debut in the same show

is this meant to bare any realism to it... because if it does Im sure WWE holds copyrights to the Jesse and Festus team or at least the festus character... try and be creative

i have seen more copy and pasting such as Kurt angles limo arrival

Angle vs Lashley could have been a big ppv deal but nope blown in the second show. the way things are going you will have run out of ideas by the first ppv

cant really find much good to say about this diary except the layout is nice and the pictures are useful.

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No. Well at least I'm not. All I'm saying is write things up, as apposed to copying them from EWR.

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You dont have to end it no. Just take your time in spreading out Debuts. RVD Lashley & Side Vicious are three top guys who would challange for the main title but you brought them all in and made them job there first match. Dont copy from ewr as well.

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Guest Jay-Oxide

1. Your writing is weird. Sometimes, it seems like you just give it a half-assed effort. But sometimes, it seems as though you try.

2. No point in signing all that WWE Alumini. Seriously, no point at all. I'd rather see you sign indy stars than bring in Jesse and Festus.

Other than that, there dosen't seem to be much wrong, apart from the fact you signed RVD and Lashley, something I really don't like. RVD wouldn't sign, and Lashley dosen't put on 5***** matches. So, a bit pointless.

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So I should just fire some of the old WWE talent your what? And why would RVD not sign for TNA? But I think that the Lashley and Angle feud would go a long way. Oh and the world title match at Slammiversary is a triple threat match, Samoa Joe taking on both Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley for the title. I can post after someone else posts with the WWE superstars that I have on the TNA roster now.

Edited by rollinGFX

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Only reason I can think of that RVD wouldn't sign with TNA is the fact that his comic store is all the way across the country, but that's not much of a consideration for EWR's purposes.

I do have to agree with debuting all these guys immediately was wasteful. Signing them is one thing, but staggering their debuts would have worked much better. Not sure about Sid, but RVD and Lashley would likely be big main-event players right off, and some breathing room between the two lets each guy make more of an impression. But firing anyone for no reason does nothing for you, either, since you've already put them in storylines.

Doing matches with just an ending is kind of a meh format anyway, but when the matches are only covering two lines, that's really kind of skimpy. Just a bit more length to the write-ups would help, as would making them more distinct from the bland EWR reports. You're not dead yet, but it will need a lot of polish.

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Lashley dosen't put on 5***** matches. So, a bit pointless.

Signing people simply because they'll put on ***** matches is a horrible way to do a diary.

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Not to mention that given the right opponent, Lashley can put on a good match. See Lashley/Cena for an example.

As for the content in this... I agree with what Starr said - having RVD, Sid, and Lashley debut all at once kinda put a damper on the potential shock they could've had separated. Do you think Kurt Angle's TNA debut would've meant as much if he had debuted the same night as Brock Lesnar, for example?

My only other gripe is that you've kinda made TNA an actual WWE-lite. Using WWE clips of Lashley, having Cryme Tyme's gimmick remain completely unchanged, as well as Jesse and Festus' gimmicks remaining unchanged... that's one tiny little annoyance.

Like Starr said, this diary needs some work, but it's good so far.

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I'm going to go ahead and quit this diary before I start going down hill with it. I might start it back up again but in a totally different topic. That way I can be global by then and have a good backstory. But for now it's done, any moderator can close this now.

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Like i suggested before

try and get a good backstory going and right a few shows down so it is pre done

look at other peoples diarys and real life to see how things are booked

you have a nice format with your diaries so dont give up, i cant see the mods giving you chance after chance to make a diary that lasts five seconds


I'd take note of C-Mil's diaries or Chris Walker Bush, they both do a good job of telling a story, or get reflecto to make you some rules that could help

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Look, I'm not your biggest fan, but you need to find something and stick with it, and not just drop it at the first sign of negative feedback. Negative feedback is infinitely better than positive feedback, because it tells you what you need to work on, instead of kissing your ass.

Take some time to read some of the 'better' diaries, especially stuff in the HoF, and diaries that have lasted some time. Then you'll have a better idea of what direction to go in.

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lol, soccer

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