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    • By Rocky
      When I get bored I make random scenarios. Never really play them too much but I like throwing them together. I'm just going to dump them here for anyone who might want them.
      Playable New Japan Pro-Wrestling - November Update (Courtesy of @Paige The Villain)  
      Southpaw Regional Wrestling  
      The Return of the Territories 2017
        "2 Years in" save games. UPDATE 2017
        The second save file started in January 2017 and has been played up til January 2019.
        WWE Universe
        WWE Universe Split. Using the above save as DATA
        The Fairer Sex. JUNE 17 DATA  
      Monday Night Wars 2017  
      All Japanese Scenario (June '17) Pretty sure I screwed it up but an attempt was made.
      WWE Anti-Trust 2017  
      July 2027 - Ten Years In
        WWE Split Data August 2018 - Post-SummerSlam (credit to @mkpunk) . If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on a random scenario I can throw together, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
    • By SirWilliamXVIII
      I am willing to help whoever to make this a reality, but ALL YEAR, I have been using 2015-early 16 stats updates because all of the recent stats updates do not have ALL of the inactive tag teams, nor do they have worker relationships, nor do they have worker's alter egos. It would be relatively easy to fix this problem. The DATA for tag teams, alter egos and relations could be copied from the most recent stats update that has these components and just updated as needed. I have been trying to use old data mixed into the most recent mod, but it sometimes causes crashes. Worker Relations are one of the best ways to get a workers morale up without arsenic, hire a loved one or something yano? Plus, its great to be able to bring back an old tag team in a new promotion. For instance say you sign a released Darren Young and say Titus O Neill to, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and want to reunite the prime time playerS!? Well in the current stats updates their tag team experience will be 0. Not right.   . Will someone please fix this henceforth, or team up with me for decembers update? If I am just out of line requesting this feel free to say so, but I really feel this is an important step going forward.
    • By kingmiguzx1
      So does anyone have a mod for june or july, even august of 2011? I would prefer for it to be for tew 2016 but tew 2013 is ok
    • By CJ_Randell
      For those who like to play with the Original Data, I have split WWE into Raw and Smackdown. 
      Please let me know if anybody has any issues with the split as I may have missed something. 
      I believe the 4.2 Original Data is from January 2004. 
      *I've just noticed that Shawn Michaels needs adding to the Raw roster.*
      *Stephanie McMahon needs adding to SmackDown!*
    • By AdamGrowells
      Okay so after playing a wide array of mods over the years from realistic modern ones from the who and mildly amusing, through to the 9000verse and diablo_x
      I thought "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a star was mod" i waited for years and there wasnt one so i figured id attempt to make one myself. 
      I have alot of star wars knowledge over the years and im currently working from spreadsheets of all characters with bios etc, so i wont miss anyone out or get lost by doing them random order. 
      So far i have the following infomation down going forward. 
      Places will be eras:
      United States = Original Trilogy
      Canada = Prequel Trilogy
      UK = Sequal Trilogy
      australia = Clone Wars 
      Mexico = Rebels
      This is my start up plan then if i manage to complete that i'd then use japan as dark horse comic book things or "legends" era
      I've done this so people can't time travel for example. 
      Obi Wan Kenobi will only work in Canada & australia
      Ben Kenobi will only work in US,UK and Mexico
      BUT there will be ways to make deals with promotions from those countrys so if you really did want a Ben Kenobi vs Count Dooku battle you can still do that its just done so there wont be two obi wans in the same place by default.
       Technical = Lightsabre / Force skills
      Brawler = Shooting skills
      Japanese Style (Forgot the name in game now) - Brute Strengh
      Need some advice for various other things like:
      Angles, Gimmicks, Networks, Arenas,
      basicly everything outside of the characters themselves. If anyone wants to help build it let me know if anyone wants to just throw in suggestions that is also very welcome. 
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