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Wacky Races: The Movie?

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So this was a conversation I was having at work on Tuesday, and I wanted yous guys opinions on it...

If they were to make a live action version of Wacky Races, who would you cast in it and why? The actors have to be alive and taken for the era they are currently in.

Slightly bizarre and somewhat immature, but we had a laugh coming up with our list:

Dick Dastardly... Alan Rickman

Professor Pat Pending... Christopher Lloyd

Red Max... Stephen Fry

Penelope Pitstop... Heather Graham

Sgt. Blast and Private Meekly... David Mitchell and Robert Webb

Ant Hill Mob... a series of midget actors :shifty:

The Slag Brothers... those two fat zombie twins from Shaun Of The Dead

Rufus Ruffcut... John Goodman

Peter Perfect... Will Ferrell

Lazy Luke... Patrick Cranshaw (Blue from Old School)

Any thoughts? Throw 'em in!

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I thought Rowan Atkinson effectively did this in Rat Race?

And im sorry. But I will never agree to any company messing with Mutley. He's like.. untouchable.. except with a pencil. I'd prefer a Wacky Race animation movie. Like I dunno 'Wacky Races: Paris to Dakaar' (sp?). That I could accept. But mess with Mutley at your peril.

For Dick Dastardly though, I gotta go with the guy who played King Arthur in Spamalot in the UK were talking around about December 2006. Dont know what his name was, but he was perfect. if anybodies good at figuring that stuff out, go ahead :)

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