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Rank the top 20 critically acclaimed artists of all time

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I've heard that but I still think it's good. Except the CD I have of it is scratched so it always skips halfway through. :(

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18 The Clash

12 The Beach Boys

4 David Bowie


2 The Rolling Stones

7 Prince

11 Radiohead

10 Jimi Hendrix


5 Led Zeppelin

8 The Who

1 The Beatles


3 Bob Dylan

16 Marvin Gaye

19 Nirvana

20 Stevie Wonder


6 Bruce Springsteen

9 Elvis Presley

13 R.E.M.

14 The Velvet Underground

15 U2

17 Neil Young

The Kinks overlooked as always. GOD SAVE THE KINKS!

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1.Bruce Springsteen

2.Bob Dylan

3.Led Zeppelin

4.The Rolling Stones

5.Neil Young

6.The Who

7.The Clash


Me Gusta

9.Jimi Hendrix

10.David Bowie

11.Marvin Gaye



13.Velvet Underground

14.Stevie Wonder

15.Elvis Presley


No Me Gusta


18.The Beatles



20.Beach Boys

The delights of GCSE Spanish, Yes I will fail :)

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1 The Beatles - Overrated but alright

2 The Rolling Stones - Some albums I like

3 Bob Dylan - Never listened

4 David Bowie - Alright

5 Led Zeppelin - Alright

6 Bruce Springsteen - Don't like, but mum really loves him

7 Prince - Never really listened

8 The Who - Awesome

9 Elvis Presley - Alright

10 Jimi Hendrix - Awesome

11 Radiohead - Overrated

12 The Beach Boys - Okay

13 R.E.M. - Shite

14 The Velvet Underground - Good

15 U2 - Wank

16 Marvin Gaye - Only know one song, but its awesome

17 Neil Young - Never listened

18 The Clash - Fucking awesome

19 Nirvana - Loved them when I was 14, not so much now

20 Stevie Wonder - never listened much

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