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Revamping 2002 (April)

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Okay, so in addition to Revamping 1993, I've decided to Revamp April 2002.

Again, there is too much to name what I've edited so I'll leave that to you guys to see what's what and please post your suggestions here!

As of 16/01/2010 we have:

Promotions: 7 - WWF, WWA, NWA Wildside, IWA Mid South, ROH, CZW and XPW

Workers: 817

Staff: 349

TV: 7

Belts: 26

Events: 50

Tag Teams: 228

Stables: 5

Alter Egos: 319

Relationships: 562

Sponsors: 87

Download Revamping 2002 (April) by LJC

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Big thanks my friend, I've been dying to start a WWF game from the Draft onwards and an updated 2002 scenario would help greatly.

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Can somebody who downloaded this mod tell me how it is? I was thinking about downloading this, but I want to see how it is first.

Why don't you just download it? It'll only take a minute.

Also, there will be another update of this coming in the next few days...maybe.

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Okay, I tried to do a WWE Diary from July and edited the data to suit so this update of the game has become a July 2002 data set.

WWE and NWATNA are set to their rosters around that time. The rest are mostly the April 2002.

I added OVW because in actual reality they where an Independent promotion that was subcontracted to the WWE to send their development deal wrestlers to work. They also had non WWE contracted workers and staff too.


As always, feel free to add suggestions but please make it clear if you are making suggestions for April or July.


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