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Fake Company Logo

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SHAMNADA    9,495
  • Type - Logo
  • Text - Orenda OR Orenda Marine Engines
  • Font - Something that would fit a corporate logo
  • Images - Pretty standard, go with what you think is best.
  • Colors - Nothing too crazy - they are marine engines of course so stick to blues and green perhaps as a suggestion?
  • Size - Wider than it is tall, it's going to sit at the top of every page the user navigates to - centered in the header.

Hey everyone.

I'm in the middle of my independent project in my final year of my programming studies and I'm putting some design touches on the web application that I am building. I basically have a header and on each page I'd love to display a logo to kind of make the whole thing look a bit nicer.

The company is called Orenda Marine Engines - could just be shortened to Orenda really for the most part. Maybe having an option would be nice? Either way I'm thinking the site is mostly going to be on an all white background, so transparency isn't all that needed but could be nice.. that's a PNG or something like that right? Either way.. the logo will go across the top of every page in a header as stated to it should be horizontally focused. I don't have any restrictions on what goes up top either really.. I'll probably base that all once I place the logo in.

Thank you for your time if you choose to take this up. I'll be ever so grateful!

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SHAMNADA    9,495

Ho'shit that was fast. Thanks yo!

I've implemented it and it looks great with the existing test header background I had. Perfect!

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