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Liam Mk2    3,407

I do it so often that I think if I don’t, I’ll miss an out! 

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Bobfoc    4,208

Sounds as though it's along the same line of thinking as holding B to increase the chances of catching a Pokemon.

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Gabriel    885

In a very curious moment, I'm thwomping Cleveland in the sixth inning by a score of 9-0. Doesn't happen often, but I'm absolutely lighting them up. Stroman has allowed no hits and struck out seven with two outs in the sixth. I've walked a batter, who stole second. Jose Altuve comes up to bat and hits a very routine grounder to second base for what is sure to be the third out.


I move Devon Travis towards the ball and get ready to make my throw, only... he keeps going after I let go of the analog stick, like he's trying to make his way over to have a conversation with Justin Smoak at first base. The ball rolls sadly into shallow right field, and the Indians have their first run and hit of the game, because Travis decided he wanted to go for a walk instead of play the ball.

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