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Star Wars: The Old Republic

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HarshMillennium    2,511

Does anyone platform Star Wars The Old Republic?

I'm a former player and recently got back into it. While I haven't played a huge amount of MMORPGs, I really enjoy this game due to how story-driven it is. 

Any other players?

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Mick    6,374

I do, but I literally cancelled my account today so I could go back to WoW :shifty: . 

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DoubleX    600

I still play occasionally. I'm up to chapter four in Knights of the Eternal Throne, need to get back to that at some point.

If you're asking on here though you should check these out. That's myself, GoGo, SRN and TKz running through Athiss, but from four years ago so a lot has changed since then. I watched it again recently and it's weird looking at all the bits that are in the current UI that aren't there >_>

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    • By AdamGrowells
      Okay so after playing a wide array of mods over the years from realistic modern ones from the who and mildly amusing, through to the 9000verse and diablo_x
      I thought "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a star was mod" i waited for years and there wasnt one so i figured id attempt to make one myself. 
      I have alot of star wars knowledge over the years and im currently working from spreadsheets of all characters with bios etc, so i wont miss anyone out or get lost by doing them random order. 
      So far i have the following infomation down going forward. 
      Places will be eras:
      United States = Original Trilogy
      Canada = Prequel Trilogy
      UK = Sequal Trilogy
      australia = Clone Wars 
      Mexico = Rebels
      This is my start up plan then if i manage to complete that i'd then use japan as dark horse comic book things or "legends" era
      I've done this so people can't time travel for example. 
      Obi Wan Kenobi will only work in Canada & australia
      Ben Kenobi will only work in US,UK and Mexico
      BUT there will be ways to make deals with promotions from those countrys so if you really did want a Ben Kenobi vs Count Dooku battle you can still do that its just done so there wont be two obi wans in the same place by default.
       Technical = Lightsabre / Force skills
      Brawler = Shooting skills
      Japanese Style (Forgot the name in game now) - Brute Strengh
      Need some advice for various other things like:
      Angles, Gimmicks, Networks, Arenas,
      basicly everything outside of the characters themselves. If anyone wants to help build it let me know if anyone wants to just throw in suggestions that is also very welcome. 
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