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Mongo the Destroyer

Banner and a Couple Graphics for Board

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Hey there, I was wondering if anyone wanted to whip up some graphics for a new layout for my board.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Type - Banner (proboard size), small graphics for "new posts" and "no new posts"

Text - For the banner, I'd like it to say XHF Network in a Power Rangers-like font with like the Power Rangers lightning bolt in the middle.  For the small graphics, I'm thinking no text for the "no new post" one and "XHF" or "New" across the "new posts" one, but I'm not super picky if you've got some sort of idea for that.

Font - Again, a Power Ranger's like font

Images - So yeah, I want the Power Ranger's lightning bolt on all three graphics.  And then on the banner if you could put any combination of: Ted DiBiase, AJ Styles, Tony Mamaluke, Sentai Jin, Ryno, Drew McIntyre, Amazing N8 Mattson,   Akiba Red, Tony Nese.  I don't expect all of these, nor would it look good; I'm just giving you some choices to work with (but try to fit like 3-4 on there if you can)

Colors - Your choice, I can manipulate the board colors with whatever you give me (though, I don't really have enough people to get away with pink yet, lol)

Size - Ummm...uh....er....Proboard size?  Generally proboard graphics are shorter and wide, but I'd just say have fun with the width but don't make the height too terribly huge.  The small graphics probably should be around 50X50 or so, I dunno, would smaller look better?

Sidenotes - Hopefully someone here finds some inspiration with this.  We've been using the same layout for a few months and it's good; but I figure a fun little shake-up with silly graphics might brighten everyone's day (and...several months probably, lol)  So yeah, decent-sized banner that says "XHF Network" (or "The XHF Network" if you're so inclined) in a Power Ranger-y font with a Power Rangers lightning bolt in the middle (Any season's bolt, I'm not too picky) and a few wrestler pics.  And then two small graphics that match the theme for "new posts" and "no new posts."  If you have familiarity with proboard stuff and want to add other graphics to match I will certainly not argue, lol.  Anyway, thanks in advance and I'm super excited to see what you can come up with!

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Thank you so much dude!  This is exactly the sort of fun I was hoping for.  I think everyone will agree about your red ranger choice, and we'll get a good laugh from the pink ranger. :D


You do great work, and you're crazy fast.  With that in mind, I was wondering what is your cool-down time?  Because back in the day we used to change the board layout every month- and, I mean, if you're willing to do that I'll keep coming until you tell me to go away, lol.  Plus I've got some archive boards that haven't been tuned up in nearly 10 years, so I'll need some graphic help with that eventually to


Anyway man, thank you again!

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