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A current Ultimately Fed Warfare  would be awesome with the amount of wrestlers now.

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13 hours ago, EWFan2004 said:

A current Ultimately Fed Warfare  would be awesome with the amount of wrestlers now.

That's really easy to create: delete all the promotions and create some of them + events + belts + tv shows with, IDK, 15 million dollars.

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14 hours ago, maurosdelca said:

That's really easy to create: delete all the promotions and create some of them + events + belts + tv shows with, IDK, 15 million dollars.

Not forgetting to occasionally run the maintenance tool to clean up links that are no longer active.

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On 05/02/2019 at 21:00, JMarushin said:


I took the latest Real World update from @mkpunk and split WWE into 4 companies with the hopes of getting rid of the massive talent dump that comes with beginning a non -WWE game. I know when I play I always hate that the WWE releases so many people out into the talent pool. I also added the NWA as another promotion with Billy Corgan in there.

It's not 100 percent perfect but it makes playing a different company more enjoyable for me personally.

Any chance you can reupload this? It seems the link is dead. :( 

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  • Similar Content

    • By Fat Frog
      Perhaps the most significant year for wrestling, that we experienced in our lifetimes.
      The really fun thing about this scenario, is the amount of opportunities it gives you.
      The game starts on WrestleMania day, April 1st, 2001 (so you can book WrestleMania, however you want). So set your date for March 2001.
      Not a fan of WWF? If you want to rebuild WCW, you have no problem. Fusient president Brian Bedol owns WCW in-game, and he and Bischoff even put some money in it.
      Want to do The Invasion properly? Just delete WCW and sign whoever you want.
      You can't be bothered with that global promotion shit? Pick your favorite indy and try to survive.
      Or better than that, why don't you create your own promotion, in the times when creating a wrestling promotion was the coolest fad?
      - 8 promotions - WWF, WCW, XPW, CZW, NWA Wildside, UPW, IWA Mid South and JAPW.
      - 675 workers. Stats are mostly accurate for the better known workers. The indy workers, who became big stars in the future, are (mostly) blessed with their "peak form" (I think it helps the flow of the game). The stats for the "indy scum" are hit and miss. There might be a couple of weird ones, or occasional zeroes, here or there, left from previous versions of the scenario. Sorry about that. I tried my best to fix them. Worker ages are absolutely correct, apart for one mistake. I accidentally made someone 5-6 years older, but then forgot who it was.
      - 279 staff. The medical staff is fake, except for the really well known ones (Andrews, Maroon, etc.). You are the fucking man, if you recognize the fake doctors, btw.
      - Pictures for all wrestlers and staff, which are, in 95% of the case, cut by me. Some workers have more than one picture, to accommodate possible gimmick changes you might concoct (for example Kane with no mask, Christian with short hair, etc.).
      - Two logo packs, for the real promotions and the fantasy ones, which could be created by the game. I didn't create either of them, apart for a few logos, here and there. Also included, are logos for WWE (because, someday, you might just get the itch to get the f out) and ECW, TNA, ROH, PWG and many others, if you feel naughty enough to create them.
      - A new, beautiful start screen, made by me.
      - All banners (except the XPW one) are made (again by me), from the feds' real actual websites, as they were at the time (via the Wayback Machine).
      - I don't like people being workers and owners at the same time, so I went to a stock photo site and picked fictitious wives for Zandig and Ian Rotten, so their hard businesses, could be ran with a soft woman's touch.
      - The fake TV channels are as follows:
      CindyView - First-run syndication.
      KCAL-TV & WLNY-TV - The local channels for the west and east coast, respectivelly.
      Pollas En Vinagre - Illegal Mexican channel, ran by the cartels. 100% risk. They can show your Buck Naked matches and snuff films, no problemo.
      MOCKBA-24/7 (MOSKVA-24/7) - A strange Russian satellite channel, that somehow broadcasts to the entire world. Basically syndication, but with much lower requirements.
      I made Excel spreadsheets for WWF, WCW, NWA and XPW in which you can keep your detailed title history, events records and other good stuff.
      TIP - If you want to play on a difficulty other than easy:
      This scenario is based in part on The Rated-R Superstar's V4 2001 scenario...
      ...Who based it on Anthony's scenario...
      ...Who based it on RaveX's scenario...
      ...Who based it on the original EWR data.
      (Also, here is the "My Way" promo video, to put you in the mood.)
    • By Fat Frog
      After playing EWR for nearly 15 years, I finally decided to bite the bullet and make a proper scenario for public consumption.
      And here it is - 1987!
      A fascinating year.
      WWF's popularity is about to explode. The territorries are still kicking about, and still trying to mount a serious challenge against Vince. The Four Horsemen kick all kinds of ass. Dave Meltzer still writes the Observer on a shitty typewriter. EVERYONE IS ON THE GAS...
      Mind you, I wasn't even born in 1987, so it took a LONG, LONG time to make this. I spent many hours researching the period and did my best to make the scenario as accurate as possible. Also, I did the whole thing FROM SCRATCH.
      It contains:
      - 10 promotions (WWF, Mid-Atlantic (JCP), AWA, Mid-South (UWF), WCCW, Memphis (CWA), Florida (CWF), Central States, Portland (PNW) and Stampede).
      - 503 workers.
      - 175 staff. (Mix between real and fake people, with most of the agents, trainers and writers to be generated by the game itself. Absolutely no fake owners whatsoever.)
      - Era-appropriate pictures for ALL workers and 99% of real staff.
      - A new UNKNOWN picture for the regens, and a female variant for it (Unknown_F.jpg).
      - New pictures for Pinky and The Brain.
      - Logos and banners for all promotions in the game.
      - New banners for all in-game websites (which, as the internet didn't exist back then, are now replaced by magazines and newsletters).
      - Set your PC's date to December, 1986.
      - There are some workers in this scenario (about 10 or so), like Steve Austin and Kevin Nash, for example, that hadn't made their debut until 1988 or even 1989. I decided to include them, because honestly, could you even imagine wrestling, if they didn't exist? Also, I wanted a minimum of 500 real workers, so the game wouldn't have to generate regens at the start.
      - I tried making all worker stats as accurate, as I could. However, there are some workers, which I never even had watched. So, their stats are based on educated guesses and general reputation.
      - Sponsors give much less money. That is, because I want to you to avoid the potential 150 million ceiling, which you inevitably hit after a few financially successful years. I would also strongly advise you to drastically lower your ticket prices, if you're playing on lower difficulties. You should also regularly give money to charity.
      - All owners have the proper wrong alignments, so the owner alignment bug actually fixes them, instead of fucking them up even further, when a new game is started.
      - The thing that always brings my piss to a boil is generic television stations having generic names. For realism's sake I gave them names more similar to what a real TV channel would have. Here they are (and what they mean):
      KGTN - ("K" Generic Television Network) - A local U.S. TV channel based west of the Mississippi River,
      WGTN - ("W" Generic Television Network) - A local U.S. TV channel based east of the Mississippi River,
      XGTN - ("X" Generic Television Network) - A local Mexican TV channel,
      CGTN - ("C" Generic Television Netrork) - A local Canadian TV channel,
      CND - ("Cindy") - Syndication, obviously.
      Everything in the graphics pack is made by me, with the exception of the background. I don't know who made it, but I've been using it for about 8 years or so, and it's the best.
      In the end, I beg you, PLEASE TRY IT, it would mean the world to me!
      Download Here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/sonyb264kclkk78/EWR-1987-FATFROG-FINALVERSION.rar/file
      Any feedback is welcomed and encouraged!
    • By nickhastie2004
      Hey everyone.
      I was wondering if anybody has any specific year pic packs - such as 2009 or 2012? Although any year would do as I can keep them on my external HD for when I need them.
      I have started to build my own 2012 pack by going through the request thread from mid 2012 through mid 2013 but there are still a lot missing. I did look back through all of the old monthly updates on all games too, but those links are all dead.
      Any help would be appreciated, and if not I will use what I have for now. Cheers.
    • By wildvinex
      I was wondering for a scenario with both superheroes and anime heroes. I know of some that were mentioned but for some reason the data doesn't work on my computer. It's just an idea though
    • By wildvinex
      I was wondering if anyone has made an ewr scenario set in December of 2016 when the wyatt family (bray&randy) were smackdown tag champions. Thank you
      or at least when the brand split started
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