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Twin Peaks

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Been thinking about that theory, and about Twin Peaks in general, a lot lately - I just got through the Twin Peaks chapter of Lynch's book - and I'm not quite on-board on Cooper being the dreamer, at least not in such a literal sense.

It's right that there are recurring themes in much of Lynch's work - duality, secrets/secret identities, and the blurred lines between the interior and exterior worlds - and what I'm going to call an extra-exterior world - are common in almost all of the "pure" Lynch projects.

In addition to what's talked about in that piece - Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks: The Return all move between the interior and exterior lives of characters without clearly delineating which is which (or if the distinction matters), and all feature an extra-exterior character that somehow manages, controls or influences those lives; in Mulholland Drive it's Mr. Roque pulling strings to get Diane cast in the movie, in Eraserhead it's the Man In The Planet, and in Twin Peaks it's the Lodge entities, though most explicitly The Fireman in the creation of Laura Palmer.

The Man In The Planet, in particular, I find analogous to the Fireman - both seem to operate at a mechanical level, and both introduce an element into the world that shapes the story. 

The scene, in episode 8, of The Fireman introducing Laura Palmer to the world - creating her? - I think is key to the entire story, though I've not really figured out how. As well as the Eraserhead connection, The Fireman and Senorita Dido appear to inhabit Lynch's Club Silencio, which connects them to Mulholland Drive - which plays into my broader theory of Twin Peaks: The Return having a meta-narrative as the connecting thread that runs through all of David Lynch's work. 

Back to The Fireman, though - he's called that in the credits, but what do we see on-screen to warrant that name? Seemingly nothing. But a Fireman exists to extinguish fires, and what do we know about fire in the world of Twin Peaks? The Log Lady tells us that fire is evil, BOB is associated with fire - "Fire Walk With Me", "do you want to play with fire?" - and The Fireman seemingly creates Laura to counteract BOB, and Laura is so key to the story, that it's easy to assume that she is sent to Earth by the Fireman to be the catalyst that defeats BOB, to be the counterpoint to BOB, or in some way to see out The Fireman's plan. That was my interpretation until now.

But if Laura is the embodiment of goodness and purity...well, we never really see it, do we? She's as susceptible to sin, weakness and temptation as anyone - if not moreso. Fire Walk With Me certainly doesn't paint Laura as saintly and pure - in fact, part of the entire point of the first season of Twin Peaks is that the entire surface appearance of Laura Palmer as the pure, perfect prom queen is chipped away at and shown to be a facade by just about every single character. Like every character in the original cast, she has a dual life, and has a world of secrets.

So then what is the Fireman doing by creating Laura Palmer? Perhaps it's a knowing sacrifice - The Fireman has seen that BOB has been created, and that Sarah Palmer has been seeded with whatever the creature that crawls into her mouth is, and needs to send Laura into the world to counteract the greater evil that would come of BOB and Judy (?) coming together. But then that means that The Fireman has created Laura knowing that she will be abused, tortured and murdered, which paints that character in a whole different light.


And then there's whatever happens when Cooper "saves" Laura - we end up in a whole other universe, with yet another set of doubles, yet see the telephone pole that has been pointed at as somehow significant through the entire series in Odessa in this "universe", whatever that might mean. In this universe, Dale Cooper seems to combine characteristics of Good and Bad Coop - so I agree with the article's interpretation that, whatever has happened here, this is a Dale Cooper with his duality resolved; no longer two separate doppelgangers, he's a whole person now, with all the flaws and inconsistencies that involves. Though I would add that this Dale Cooper isn't entirely whole - part of him has been removed in order to construct a new Dougie Jones, and maybe it's removing the pure, innocent, childlike wonder of Dougie that has made this Cooper have a more aggressive, Bad Coop-like edge? 

Laura's double in this world is Carrie Page. Any significance in the name? The missing page of Laura's diary, perhaps? The heroes had to look for a Page - but the Page in question was Carrie, not Laura's diary? 

But then who is Carrie, what year is it, what does the ending mean? 

This reminds me of a line from Bioshock Infinite - I'm going to spoiler tag this just in case, as it's vital to the plot of that game;


"There's always a lighthouse, there's always a man, there's always a city".

Those are the constants across every timeline, every universe. Everything else is variable, everything else exists in infinite combinations, but there's always a man, always a lighthouse, always a city. The cycle repeats, every single time.

In Twin Peaks terms, I think it's much the same - there's always a woman in trouble. Perhaps there's always a BOB, perhaps there's always a Judy, perhaps there's always a Dale Cooper trying to save her. But above all else, there's always a woman in trouble - always David Lynch's Marilyn Monroe, whether that be Laura Palmer, Carrie Page, Diane Selwyn, Sandy Williams, and so on. Dale Cooper's crime, in the finale of The Return, was attempting to remove Laura from the timeline altogether. He tried to break the cycle.

I'm sure Jeffries must factor in to a bigger degree that I've figured out yet, though.


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Lynch announced a boxset today on Twitter.

As for the collectibles/packaging...


A 21-disc collection, TWIN PEAKS: FROM Z TO A will be housed in packaging with an exterior adorned by a wraparound vista of haunting and majestic Douglas Fir trees. Once opened, a depiction of the infamous Red Room is revealed with its brown and crème chevron floor and brilliant red curtains. Sitting in front of the red curtain will be an exclusive die-cut acrylic figure of Laura Palmer kissing Special Agent Dale Cooper. This acrylic figure comes inside a plastic display holder held in place by magnets. Fans will have the option of leaving the figure in place inside The Red Room environment or removing and displaying it elsewhere. The plastic holder can also serve as an easel to display individual images from The Red Room Gallery, a curated set of 5” x 5” printed cards depicting memorable moments in The Red Room. Each package will also contain an individually numbered collectible certificate.


  • From the extensive behind-the-scenes footage of David Lynch making the  A Limited Event Series (shot primarily by Jason S), 20-30 minute (approx.) pieces titled “Behind the Curtain” were edited and are included for each of the 18 Parts.
  • A rare newly-shot interview of Kyle MacLachlan and Sheryl Lee who sit with longtime David Lynch collaborator Kristine McKenna to look back at their body of work on Twin Peaks, as well as Fire Walk With Me.
  • In a newly-produced featurette, fans can go “On the Couch” with Harry and Kimmy as Harry Goaz and Kimmy Robertson share fond Twin Peaks memories.
  • As an additional treat for fans of A Limited Event Series, a compilation of full-length, unedited versions of many of The Roadhouse Bar musical performances.
  • The box set also includes one 4K UHD disc that includes “Part 8” of Twin Peaks: The Return along with a new ultra-high def transfer of both versions of the Twin Peakspilot, overseen by David Lynch himself.



Only $139.99. Not bad honestly - I'm considering it, even though I have all of the seasons + the Criterion version of Fire Walk With Me.

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