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TEW16 Over the Edge: Flashpoint by Fleisch

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Flashpoint Data Download (Uploaded 9th June 2018)
Worker Pictures (Uploaded 9th June 2018)
Logo/Belt etc Pictures (Uploaded 9th June 2018)


Full hype and backstory thread on GDS can be found here
Fleisch's mod thread on GDS can be found here


Now we have seen WCW lives mods, we've seen varying Vince selling assets mods but this mod is going to be the fallout from one change in the universe... the death of Owen Hart, or rather, not. You see, Owen didn't fall from the rafters, in fact he refused to do the stunt altogether - thus changing the timeline and the things that followed (the Butterfly Effect... or Flashpoint from the comics, whichever). The story of this will be told in the hype thread, but you can download it in the Mods by Fleisch thread when done. I have decided the mod will be starting January 2018 and in this thread will be the story (and changes) of what happened in the near 20 years since. So...

Over the Edge (1999) and the Raw after.

Vince McMahon wanted to have Owen Hart appear from the rafters, and descend into the ring. Owen, who was seemingly already being punished by having to endure the Blue Blazer gimmick again was reluctant. After trying the stunt on Sunday Night Heat in November 1998, Owen stated he did not like the height and refused to do the entrance telling McMahon, "I'm not doing the entrance, fire me if you want but there is no way I am doing that stunt again. I hated it in November, and it affected my performance due to the diziness I suffered."

McMahon tried to persuade Owen that the entrance would be something to be remembered, but Owen stuck to his guns and said he will sit the show out if McMahon tried to force him to do something he felt was dangerous and with little pay off to the owen Hart character.

Vince relented and told Owen that because he was refusing to do the stunt entrance, he was giving his IC Title match to Jeff Jarrett with Blue Blazer being beaten down backstage, writing him out of the match.

Jarrett would win the title and dedicated it to Owen, vowing to find whoever beat him down backstage and exact revenge.

The next night on Raw, Owen came out alongside Jarrett, Debra and without the Blue Blazer gimmick and cut a promo saying how he was sick of the WWF taking away his opportunities and paying for the sins of his brother. He said they could stick the Blue Blazer gimmick up their ass and if McMahon wanted to make him wear the ridiculous costume, he'd have to come down to the ring and put it on him by force.

Jarrett then said that last night he won the belt for Owen and handed Hart the title belt. Jarrett said he only had the belt because Owen had been assaulted backstage and that he wasn't about to take away what his friend had been promised.

Owen looked confused at first but then realising they had one-upped Vince, he smiled and raised his arms, prompting the chairman to come out to the stage.

McMahon told Owen he couldn't just be given the belt by his friend and that if he wanted the title, he would have to fight Jarrett for it later tonight. "Make no mistake Owen, that belt is my property, and I decide if someone is given it or not." growled McMahon. "Oh and one last thing, if you even think about just laying down Jarrett, not only will you be stripped of the title, but you will both end up working in catering!"

Later that evening, during the match between Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett, with Owen in full control of his friend and tag team partner, Vince McMahon came down to ringside distracting the referee. this allowed Mark Henry to come in from the crowd and assault Owen, allowing Jarrett to pick up the pinfall victory. After the match Mark Henry entered the ring and hit a huge splash on Owen before leaving. Jarrett and Debra checked on Owen, before helping him to his feet and to the back.

To be continued...

... The Continuation

The next week on Raw, Owen and Jeff were in a tag team against Mark Henry & Kurt Angle. As Owen was about to put Angle in the Sharpshooter, Mark Henry stole Jarretts guitar and hit Owen over the head, causing a DQ. This tag team feud would continue and culminate in a cage match at King of the Ring between the two teams. During the match, Jarrett escaped the cage, leaving Owen alone to fight off both Mark Henry and Kurt Angle. Angle then made his escape from the cage, leaving Mark Henry and Owen. Just as Henry was about to leave through the door, Jarrett ran and slammed the door on his head, knocking him out cold. This allowed Owen to escape overe the top, with Jarrett and Owen winning the match.

The next night on Raw, saw Jarrett start a feud with Edge over the IC Title when Edge interupted Jarretts non-title match with The Godfather, causing him to lose. Owen came down to assist his friend and nailed Edge from behind with Jarretts guitar. The crowd began to boo Owen, to which he flashed them a smirk and proceeded to put Edge in the Shapshooter. The next couple of weeks saw a bit of a rift form between Hart & Jarrett, with Owen becoming increasingly more "heelish" in his behaviour.

At Fully Loaded 99, Edge defeated Jarrett for the IC Title when Owen came down to the ring, and hit Jarrett with his own guitar. At first Owen looked shocked, playing on the "it was an accident" role. He entered the ring after the match to see if Jarrett was Ok, helping him up to his feet. As Jarrett asked Owen what he was playing at, Debra hit a low blow on Jarrett from behind as Owen then DDT'd Jarrett into the mat, cementing himself as a heel in the process.

Unfortunately, their feud would take an abrupt halt, when Owen injured his back in a match against D-Lo Brown (who Jarrett would then spend time feuding with over the IC Title after winning it back from Edge).

During a Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle match, Owen Hart would make his return a couple of months later, knocking out his former partner and raising the IC Title belt above his head. A match was signed for WWF No Mercy 1999, with the loser having to leave the WWF, and the winner being the IC Champion. The match was won by Owen Hart, who began his third reign as Intercontinental Champion, and Jarrett was forced to leave (his contract was up and he'd already agreed to join WCW).

Owen Hart would then go on to win 2 WWF World Heavyweight titles (June 25, 2000 to October 22, 2000 and April 1, 2001 to September 23, 2001) and a further Intercontinental reign (September 6 2004 to September 12, 2004) before retiring from in ring duty in 2005. In 2010 he was inducted into the WWE Hall of fame. Owen still makes the odd appearance now and then, but not in an in ring capacity.

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