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As you will be aware there was recently an upgrade to the board software and with it came a new default skin and colour scheme. Unfortunately the header is now white and as such our timeless (and very pretty) logo is mostly invisible other than the orange numerals.

As a temporary measure I changed the header background to grey to allow the logo to be seen, but now I've simply deleted the logo and I'm wondering if there are any graphic designers amongst you (or even someone just proficient at graphics, I am completerly useless) that would be willing to create a new board logo that will actually be visible on the new default skin (and any others, say a replacement dark skin). I am willing to pay!

It doesn't have to be anything too fancy, just the letters EWB will do but I am open to any other ideas. We are way beyond "EWB VI" at this stage so the numerals aren't necessary but maybe this is something that could be played on?

PM me if this is something you would be interested in doing. The designer of the logo will get a year's donator status on me by way of thanks.


kliq x


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