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  2. Listen to "Dark Water (2005)" on Spreaker. A weird tie-in with the recent Elisa Lam documentary on Netflix.
  3. Al Donelli who completed a whopping 13 yards yet somehow threw 3 INT. Although my mom's family name is Donnelly so it works.
  4. Continuing the trend of fun horror flicks... Willy's Wonderland isn't a cinematic masterpiece by any means, but if you hear "Nic Cage beats the ever loving fuck out of Five Night's at Freddy's styled animatronic bad guys" and think it might be fun... it sure as shit will be. There's not a whole lot to the story, but it's more about just watching Nic Cage be Nic Cage and fuck shit up. Highly recommended for a night when you want to turn off your brain. We also watched Snatchers recently. Tons of fun there too, and if you like horror comedy, it's well worth a watch.
  5. this'll be available in just over a half an hour from now
  6. Made it to half time. We need to improve when a City attack does break down though.
  7. Yeah, I'd have to say that as the sitcom tropes started making way for more of the straight forward story, I felt more and more connected to what was happening. The last few episodes really hit me hard... the finale was great for that, but it was episode 8 that really stung and stuck with me.
  8. Jesus was trying to audition for a summer move to Liverpool as a centre back.
  9. Randall Cunningham... which I actually already knew. Solid choice.
  10. Today
  11. South American leagues are best for that. Sweden is just home and away games like most european leagues.
  12. What seemed like 7 0-0s on the trot and now we're 1 up and should have been 2 in 4mins against a side who have won 21 in a row. Fucking typical United this.
  13. Are there any weird rules in Sweden? I love playing leagues with bonkers rules. And now that this is on GamePass, I may jump in a game this afternoon.
  14. Started a game in BK Hacken in Sweden. Highest theyve finished is 3rd in their last season and they’ve won a couple of Swedish cups as well. Five years in and I’ve run the title every year and two cups. I’ve also gradually chipped away at the Champions League and finally reached the knock out stages at the 4th time of ask. Lost to Real Madrid 2-1 on aggregate. Fun game.
  15. Helpfully, Liverpool already own the trademarks to mark the occasion (these genuinely belong to Liverpool):
  16. Given the most they'd ever lost on the bounce at Anfield was 4, long may it continue I say.
  17. 6 losses on the bounce at home for Liverpool is kind of amazing.
  18. That’s a fucking massive win for Fulham. Deserved it.
  19. This is where I am too. I enjoyed the intrigue of the early episodes then everything was flat until the finale. The finale is the first time since Endgame that I connected with Wanda on an emotional level. I love cool sci-fi stuff and surprises/reveals but it's meaningless without that emotional punch-- I'm coming out of the show feeling good about it because the finale finally delivered that. Wanda was super relatable and heart-wrenching in the films to the point I teared up at Vision's death so a lot of WV was disappointing for me as I felt disconnected from it all, until the end.
  20. It's hard with Liverpool being the only team not to have fans and the only team to be affected by covid 19.
  21. feel like it's all kinda connected though tbh throws the whole team off having mix and match defences every week
  22. Just seen Scott Parker's jacket, they deserve to get relegated for that alone. Think Keita's a bit fortunate there, elbow was very much raised and completely unnecessarily.
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