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  2. Okay change it to "the vaccine works you fucking imbeciles"
  3. Zac Brown Band covering Metallica (Has to be heard just for the `guitar' solo!)
  4. I still think he's going to be a disappointment at United, and is a massively overrated CB
  5. Today
  6. They really got to change the phrase of "vaccinated but tested positive w/o symptoms" to "vaccinated and in contact with someone who wasn't so the virus is being detected despite not being able to do anything to do them."
  7. Literally this. Always felt a bit weird about JT being around. Good coach, shit person.
  8. I caught some footage out of the corner of my eye and it took me longer than it should have to realise the British/Japanese flags in the corner with the numbers was in fact the time and not a scoring system. "What is this crazy sport we're losing to the Japanese to by 827 to 1627?"
  9. Finally! Made up for Daley getting it.
  10. Proper basketball is really dull after the brilliance of 3x3. Even if that x offends me as an analyst.
  11. Yeah it's just sort of a very generic small town romance novel in the form of a Netflix series. I see the audience, but it definitely isn't me, especially with acting that bad. Please be good.
  12. And the last thing making Villa unlikeable left. Hope they do very well this season.
  13. I thought the television charter meant that the Olympics had to be shown on free TV?
  14. Varane to Man Utd is looking more likely by the day. Want to get this one wrapped up so we can start sorting through the players who are leaving and then another signing or two.
  15. Time for the GB Women's Hockey!
  16. The idea of loaning Abraham to Arsenal seems mad to me given how many Chelsea players go to Arsenal and get worse. If we have to send him anywhere, as said, at least West Ham have European football.
  17. Good for Daley. He's been waiting a long time for that.
  18. To protest the sexualisation of women in the sport, the German women's gymnastics team wore unitards
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