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  2. Confirmed torn ACL for Barkley.
  3. Where by all accounts Romeo Crennel was/is a really popular asst coach and Brian Flores was an elite position coach, Patricia was just the guy who was there employing Belichick's ideas. Not that Crennel did great as a HC but he also got saddled with the Browns and then KC after Pioli destroyed the franchise, not great situations. Patricia walked into a very good team and destroyed them. Also CMAC is out multiple weeks. That's the top two fantasy picks in almost every league gone for weeks to the whole season.
  4. Bill Belichick has won rings as a defensive coordinator and it's the aspect of the game he clearly has the most passion for. Hiring Matt Patricia to run a whole team when he likely wasn't even running his own defense was never a good idea.
  5. Yeah but like Jim Caldwell only won 9 games too! (I mean, in one year, but whatever) They need to jettison Quinn & Patricia, let Bevell run the team for the rest of the year, hire a new (good) GM ASAP and let them an impression of the team for the rest of the season, and then let them hire their own coach and make whatever moves are necessary in the offseason.
  6. Not trying to be hyperbolic but Matt Patricia's defensive scheme might be the worst I have ever seen in Detroit. Nothing about it makes sense. His failure to adapt to our lack of a pass rush is ridiculous. If your shitty four man rush isn't getting pressure you need to blitz. The secondary is already getting torched so you may as well try to make the QB uncomfortable if they're going to pick you apart anyway Thats all I got. I can't see better then 2-14 this year. This is a bad team with bad coaching.
  7. Alvaro Morata has had the "here we go!" on a move back to Juventus after the move for Dzeko has seemingly stalled.
  8. Phil Spencer has said that all current plans will be honoured, so Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo will still be timed PS5 exclusives before coming to Xbox and PC. The possibility of other future Bethesda games appearing on platforms other than Xbox and PC will be looked at on a "case-by-case basis".
  9. Today
  10. When I get a donut, there's only so much Cam can do. Appreciate him trying though
  11. Twitter seems to have decided, and I can't find an original source anywhere, that we want Guendouzi in exchange for one of Kante, Abraham, Kovacic, or Hudson-Odoi. We've truly crossed into silly territory with some of these rumours, why in the fuck would we want Guendouzi?
  12. Speaking of Fallout New Vegas, Microsoft now owns all the necessary pieces to make Fallout New Vegas 2 happen
  13. Fallout: New Vegas on Switch would be very welcome. Besides that, Skyrim, DOOM and the new Wolfenstein games are already on Switch, with Doom Eternal on the way, so Nintendo already has a good relationship with Bethesda. It will be interesting to see what happens with Nintendo's next system and how it could run the Bethesda games of the next generation.
  14. Yeah it's fun to imagine what it could be like!
  15. I'd still expect to see a lot of those games make their way to Switch - with the expanded crossplatform play between Nintendo and Microsoft, seems that relationship is the closest it's been ever.
  16. I suppose it depends on how much of a market share Microsoft has by the time potential exclusives materialise. If nobody's subscribing to Game Pass or buying Xbox consoles, then exclusivity might not be worth it. We'll see. I have to think that Microsoft's timing here was intentional. Announcing this just the day before Series X/S pre-orders start is a big way to take back some of the thunder Sony gained from its well-received showcase last week.
  17. I bet it will be timed exclusivity
  18. Good for him! Hope he does well there. Love me some Primetime.
  19. I just don't think there are enough characters with sufficient mainstream appeal. In any case, I can't see it happening, although it's fun to think about.
  20. Not if they want to make that $7.5 billion back.
  21. "Freedom" is a good Wham! song but it feels like they're skipping over their best song "Careless Whisper" for something a little out of the blue that the reader wasn't expecting. People spend their whole careers making great pop songs and never coming close to how powerful of a song "Careless Whisper" is. Overuse of the sax is often a bit corny and cheesy but George Michael just made it work so fucking well in that song. But not to disparage "Freedom", it's a good tune. "State of Shock" is a weird inclusion, significant because of who is on the song but it's never been one I've gone back
  22. Maybe I don't care that PS screwed me over now
  23. Pre-ordering my XBOX Series X...
  24. Combine those listed with Rare and Bethesda though? From Rare you got Joanna Dark, Conker, Banjo/Kazooie, Battletoads, people from Jet Force Gemini and Killer Instinct. Bethesda has Elder Scrolls and Fallout to draw from for sure. Plus some others that I am forgetting/don't know.
  25. You could already put a reasonable roster together with Rare characters alone. Other than that, you've only really got Master Chief, Marcus Fenix, Doom Guy and BJ Blazkowicz that are especially well known. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale was thin enough on the ground with a larger range of recognisable characters, so I don't think Microsoft is in a great position to put something like that together without whipping round a few third parties.
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