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  2. Yay less games, now we can focus on continuing ballsing up the league until January! I say this in full confidence that Chelsea will either breeze the Champions League group stages only to get knocked out in the second round, or finish third in the group and reach at least the semi finals of the Europa League.
  3. So does everyone. 7 out of 8 in the same spot now. Of course Harry breaks that. WOO! GREAT SAVE HUGO! or even the post.
  4. Ah, in that case, go team. And Jorginho's penalty technique is garbage.
  5. I don't think the next round is until around December-time, iirc.
  6. Yeah, NHL 20 I believe came to Play about six months ago?
  7. Oh good. Penalties. Win, we play another game in this ridiculous schedule. Lose, we lose. Great options.
  8. You'll presumably have to wait for them to join the service. EA Play doesn't usually put its games on there until at least several months after they release.
  9. I am just glad I now get the NHL games free.
  10. Game is homophobic, #CancelAmongUs
  11. My bean gave Lars’s bean a kiss in the pregame lobby and I got booted. Coincidence?
  12. Today
  13. Virgil would get two pens a game if they actually clamped down on holding/grappling during corners
  14. If you can get 25mil for Pereira then that would be a steal. Then again, Luis Alberto kicked on as a player when he went to Lazio from us, maybe he might do the same.
  15. We need to take away the option lol, make that mandatory!
  16. LL.

    NFL 2020

    Have we considered firing the bronco the team is named after?
  17. Lazio are totally going to say thanks, but no thanks, on making that deal permanent.
  18. It's a half measure, that. All EFL clubs should surely be getting tested weekly regardless of the cups. Apparently the PFA is sitting on millions of pounds, surely they should be contributing? Something needs doing anyway.
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