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  2. Bah. Wish I had Shudder. Perhaps one day. And Prime apparently does differ between Canada and the US.
  3. Oh this is the game where the Ravens defense shows up.
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  5. Plus Stockport's Head of Recruitment and Player Liaison was the greatest footballer of all time.
  6. The original Candyman trilogy is on Amazon Prime, at least in Canada. I'm not sure if it's still on Shudder in other countries, but You Might Be the Killer is one of my favorite modern horror flicks. If you liked Cabin in the Woods, it's similar in tone. If you're into cinema verite, the Hell House trilogy is pretty cool. That should be on Shudder. The first two movies are on Amazon Prime. Oh, and Psycho Goreman. It's on Shudder. Balls to the wall hilarious and gross. Good shit.
  7. The missus' cousin plays for Stockport these days. Seems a bit of a fan favourite too (Southam-Hales).
  8. Depending on what date the Bolton/Stockport match gets given I am hopefully going to be going, couple of my mates are County fans and there away days sound like so much fun so hopefully might be going to this
  9. Reguilon deserves a medal. Have Sky said anything more about it? It was a block over from me and I could see a fan giving chest compressions while play was continuing, but it really sums up the shambles this club has been that the nearest available defibrillator was on the bench.
  10. Week 8 Results; Baddar 19 (2) Aston Villa 1-1 Wolves (Sat 3pm) Southampton 1-2 Leeds (Sat 3pm) Brentford 1-2 Chelsea (Sat 5.30pm, Sky) 1 Everton 0-0 West Ham (Sun 2pm, Sky) Newcastle 0-2 Tottenham (Sun 4.30pm, Sky) 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colly 24 (4) Aston Villa 2 vs. 1 Wolves (Sat 3pm) Southampton 1 vs. 2 Leeds (Sat 3pm) Brentford 0 vs. 3 Chelsea (Sat 5.30pm, Sky) 1 Everton 2 vs. 2 West Ham (Sun 2pm, Sky) Newcastle 2 vs. 1 Tottenham (Sun 4.30pm, Sky) -----------------------------------
  11. LL!

    NFL 2021

    I like going to NFL games though I enjoy the experience of a soccer match and basketball game more. But I also don't go a lot since my team does not play here. Saves money at least.
  12. That there was seemingly nobody to lateral it to at all other than linemen 10 yards away either. They clearly were just ready for a Hail Mary to the end zone. Yeah everyone was covered but stranger things have happened when that ball ricochets, might as well have chucked it. They had a couple of respectable years capped off with a Fiesta Bowl trip in a crappy conference and that was enough to dupe them into thinking they were becoming a football school. Completely ruined Big East basketball over that nonsense.
  13. Ed Orgeron is out at LSU after this season.
  14. Oh yeah and I haven’t been to an NFL game since 2013. MetLife absolutely sucks, zero character in that stadium, seats are cramped, and on those big plays when most stadiums rise to their feet, won’t happen because half the crowd are crotchety 40-year season ticket holders that will yell at everyone to sit down.
  15. I found Pitchfork's snark and 0.5 reviews amusing but it was far too limited in its focus and knowledge to ever be particularly useful as a guide to music for me.
  16. The correct time zone.
  17. Jags break their no field goal streaks with one that looks like a for sure miss until an absolutely ridiculous bend back through the uprights
  18. Well done to the players for alerting the officials to the situation so quickly.
  19. The tea towel brigade are gonna be in shambles after those two spurs goals
  20. Awesome, two TDs for Waddle the week I had to cut him due to a roster crunch.
  21. Football in the morning is neat. Thanks for living in a different time zone England!
  22. Yeah I haven't been to a game in years. I'd consider going to a playoff or primetime game in the future but going on a Sunday when there are other games going on deprives me of my favorite part of NFL Sundays.
  23. I am also not a fan of the live NFL experience.
  24. Nothing gold can stay when you're owned by Conde Nast, I guess.
  25. Not just paper famous, you were quoted on Sky Sports this morning as well.
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