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  2. Collin Sexton, G, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame @Lowerdeck
  3. I'd take the Westbrook contract over the Wall contract any day of the week. Both brutal but one is a much, much better player.
  4. Rockets and Wizards made the trade. Westbrook for Wall and a 1st round pick
  5. Schwarber has, as expected, officially been non-tendered.
  6. Oh, sorry, Watchmen was not this year. Final episode aired December 15th. @Moses Julep will have to replace that one.
  7. Sorry. Wendell Carter Jr. then.
  8. The fuck is a Ben Stokes?
  9. EWR Dec 2020 will be up tonight because Winter is Coming

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  11. Someone will sign him but I could see him being out of the majors in like 2-3 years. He fell off a cliff.
  12. Yesterday
  13. A double digit spread in this rivalry is lunacy. I'd have put a ton on Ravens +10.5.
  14. Pittsburgh would fuck up and give up that TD. Going to fuck you the spread and cost me money!
  15. LL.

    NFL 2020

  16. That was disastrous safety play to be fair. And now we're paying the price for leaving at least 6 pts on the board.
  17. Being told a few years ago that Kyle Schwarber would be non-tendered before the end of his rookie deal would’ve seemed unfathomable.
  18. Guys I don't think Trace McSorley is a very good QB.
  20. That movie is tremendous. ”I know. Let’s have a spellin’ contest.”
  21. LL.

    NFL 2020

    Yeah. Yeah. Cowboys might also be in the playoffs. WE'RE THE SAME.
  22. My washed season might still wind up in the playoffs. Easy schedule after this minus the Cleveland game. Tiebreaker with Indy in the Ravens favor.
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