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  2. I maintain a huge problem with the TV series after GOT surpassed the books is they had an outline of everything that would happen, likely stuck to a fair bit of it, but they had no ability to properly write "character went from doing A to doing B". I'm interested in the prequel but of all the possible options for a story to tell it was low on my list.
  3. Ortiz tested positive for something in 2003, but it was never revealed exactly what that was. He apologized, but on the other hand he also did try to explain it away. Bonds had connections to BALCO, aka Roids Inc., but continued to deny using anything when it was obvious he was despite never testing positive for anything. Clemens, however, is the most obvious. He tested positive and continued to vehemently deny it, even after the person injecting him confessed. Clemens was at one time my favorite pitcher, but I don't believe he should be inducted. I hate Barry Bonds, and
  4. Congrats to David Ortiz, America's favorite roid guy
  5. I always knew my reliance on profile pictures to identify posters would let me down one day
  6. Been a while since a goal gave me goosebumps, that was outrageous. Millimetre perfect free kick, you can just hear it kiss the post (I think?), Andy Gray will be chuffed someone actually did 'tek a boo'.
  7. Oh yeah, that was a good one too! But I actually struggle to remember any standout episodes beyond the two I mentioned, and I guess that one. The Winds of Winter was just holy fuck moment after holy fuck moment. While I'm interested in the House of the Dragon prequel, I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish we were getting an "Arya Stark explores what's west of Westeros" series instead. Arya was just a fucking badass in this show, I loved her. Easily the best Stark child, hands down.
  8. So from what I'm learning they added a second day for that When We Were Young festival, but it's still fucking *rife* with issues. People on the waitlist are being auto-charged, and auto-charged for the festival's original date. And you can't cancel or get a refund. And one person who tried to cancel/get a refund got called a bitch, a cunt, and then had a dick pic sent to them. So... sounds like that's... ... going.
  9. That video looks like it's been taken down. Hoping this one works for everyone.
  10. I didn't mind the first half of the last season (The Long Night was a great episode, I thought) but oh boy, those last few episodes were... yeah, not the same show as the previous seasons. It all went downhill during the S7 finale, and just went further and further down. Characters killed under different circumstances then anyone would have wanted or expected, and story wrap-ups for others that were just baffling. I think my favorite episode might be the S6 finale, or the Long Night from S8. I don't feel like I wasted my time really, but I can see why people were fuming when this season a
  11. Maxx? Ohhhhh, Maaaaaaaxx?! You might need to get your head examined. Because I was thinking the exact. same. thing.
  12. LL!

    NFL 2021

    Love a good bounty.
  13. Oh no! Anyway. It's probably unfair at this stage for McCann, but he hasn't done anything spectacular at Hull and yeah, he ditched us double-quick after preaching loyalty so my sympathy is limited.
  14. Stepping away from the Saints. Tells me that in a year we could fire McCarthy and hire him.
  15. LL!

    NFL 2021

    Unfortunately, the stepping away of it all is him retiring. Can't believe Kevin James would do this.
  16. I heard Caldwell might be a front runner in Chicago. Which...I'd be happy for but also concerned because they're a division rival. I do hope he gets another shot, he's a good guy.
  17. The Saints are in for a rough couple of years.
  18. Lol he saddled them with a shit Taysom Hill contract and then said peace. Legend
  19. Some bigger news 😮
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