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  2. Crazy how some pitchers fall off a cliff while others go for ages.
  3. James Shields for Tatis Jr is really going to be an all-timer. He wasn't particularly good before the trade and was dreadful in Chicago. The team he was brought in to help push over the edge instead imploded and dealt away all their veterans (except for Shields since SD was paying a ton of his salary) within a year and a half.
  4. thanks guys now I'm reminded that MF DOOM died last year and I'm sad all over again still doesn't feel real.
  5. Today
  6. My Fire Pro stream was a frankly preposterous thing to do, so thanks to all the EWBers who checked in on my nonsense. I kind of divided my time between half-arsed commentary and general chit-chat, depending who was around and how engaged people were in the chat. I don't really want to plan anything more complex than that, but it was fun while it lasted, and killed a lot of downtime for me, so I'll probably keep it up. I'm running a Twitter thread keeping track of the stupid tournament I'm doing, from here on down: Thanks to everyone who helped me navigate how Fire Pro rules
  7. I noticed the second sample, not sure where that one's from. The story about the guy never taking off his mask is definitely Mr Wrestling 2, because they mention him meeting Jimmy Carter while wearing it.
  8. If every time Tatis launches a homer the announcers don't scream "FERNANDO TATERS", well, something's wrong
  9. I love how SNY added it to its rotation of Mets Classic games even though it was a largely boring game aside from one moment. And less than a month later, James Shields got traded to the White Sox for a yet-to-make-his-professional-debut Fernando Tatis Jr.
  10. I think I've noticed a couple samples that are from wrestling, but I can't place where they're from exactly. There's a bit in one song about a guy who never took his mask off and even cashed checks at the bank masked, and I think that's the Mr. Wrestling 2 sample right? Then there's another sample that sounds like a commentator talking about how someone's ripping at the mask.
  11. I see Newcastle are doing just enough at the end of the year to ensure Steve Bruce is still in role at the start of next season.
  12. We lost a ball last week, that should cover it.
  13. Gonna get myself some new slalom poles.
  14. Picked a good match to skip out on so I could run to the store. Should do it more often. Newcastle will win every trophy imaginable.
  15. Tonight is BoysFromTheBalticStar time! At 10pm UK time (just less than an hour). We're at that point now where we're having to "game the system" to level up as it were. If you do have a few minutes to drop in, even muted, that would be appreciated and maybe say a few bits in chat. We're also 15 off the magic 50 followers if you don't mind getting two notifications a week that we're going live! Also if you want a follower let me know and I'll follow back and pop into your streams when I'm available. Anyway, you might actually enjoy our roleplaying nonsense if you stick around for a bi
  16. OnlyLegacyFans What the fuck is this by the way? My brain doesn't compute this.
  17. Yeah, I love our Scottish league. Sure, it's a bit lame that only 1 (now 2) teams win it but it's a good laugh and there are advantages to being overlooked and ignored by the global football fans.
  18. I feel if you look at the alleged gravy train that the Super League would've been. Most teams would take that financial hit knowing they'd make more money anyways.
  19. Today is one of our most treasured holidays. It's been 5 years since Bartolo made the impossible happen.
  20. Yeah, Paul Joyce tweeted wrong. Take it up with him.
  21. I'm not quite sure what it does for the pyramid? I'm glad grassroots and children's initiatives will get some money out of all this but it is a paltry amount between 9 mega-rich clubs, as is the 5%. The €100m fine each if they sign up to something similar in the future is a bit better, but still.
  22. Probably explains why he's set up an Onlyfans.
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