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  2. A-Rod and Papi eligible next year. Would be something if Papi gets in before Schilling, Bonds and Clemens
  3. I think the case of it being market manipulation is a tricky one, because manipulation in the simplest terms would entail using lies and deceit to achieve a change in stock prices. I.e. if a rumour was brought into the world that Mercedes would buy BMW, it would artificially inflate Mercedes stocks ahead of the impending takeover that doesn't exist. Or on the flipside, making rumours that a company is about to have a super negative quarter, causing a mass-selloff and then another swoops in to grab the cheap stocks before the rebound. There's nothing inherently illegal about what WS
  4. Today
  5. Hold on, I wasn't paying attention. What happened? Gamestop bought all the orange juice futures?


    I suddenly like my neighborhood a lot less now. ~15 chunk trip from my base if my experiments if render distance choices are any indication and an arbitrary backstory for why the village was abandoned.
  7. That Goff contract is rough. He's less tradeable than Wentz.
  8. Marcus Semien to the Jays for 1-year, $18 million Andrelton Simmons to the Twins for 1-year, $10.5 million
  9. On the one hand, yeah Goff is regressing and even at his best definitely seemed like a system guy. On the other hand, the Rams did an awful job of maintaining the system they had in place that he was excelling in.
  10. They are certainly making all the right sounds for Goff not being under centre for the Rams next season. Broncos are now odds-on favourite to land QB Matthew Stafford via trade
  11. The Gamestop stuff (and their other targets - Blackberry etc etc) will be very funny right up until the moment the SEC goes "this is market manipulation and that's illegal" and then it will cease to be funny very very quickly.
  12. Yeah, when I checked in at 3:30-ish, Schilling had 74.866% of the votes.
  13. Schilling was extremely close and probably will get in next year but he's apparently requested to be removed from the ballot. Not the brightest light that guy.
  14. We could have gotten Ice T as Roland
  15. Due to his behavior, I don't see Schilling ever getting in. Bonds and Clemens *maybe* by the Veterans' Committee, but Schilling probably not.
  16. Yesterday
  17. This is what is happening to the stock. Note the previous time this happened, VW quadrupled in two days.
  18. Honestly, I'm ok with that over Curt Schilling getting in all by himself. Fuck that guy.
  19. And they elected no one to the hall of fame.
  20. Fucking hell, if I knew this was going to happen I would have made a killing. If I put the 100 in savings I've been doing that would have been $600 if I had sold it today FML
  21. And apparently they are threatening to do that to other hedgefunds. Should I buy whatever they plan on doing this to next?
  22. Pep's latest radical training technique?
  23. Sky started interviewing Gundogan with "Manchester City buried Colin Bell today". Bit grim, and hopefully inaccurate unless footballers have stranger contracts than I thought.
  24. Saka and ESR are so vital to Arsenal at the moment, everything good is coming through them (and Tierney). Pepe, Partey and Holding all had very good games as well, despite the shaky start. Glad to get a bit of payback for the fa cup exit. Edit: Cedric as well, some of his passes were outrageous.
  25. Well wallstreetbets are idiots too, and this is the first productive and somewhat decent thing they did. GameStop benefits because wsb invested their money into the company, and the higher stock prices might help them be more solvent in the short term. But it'll probably last as long as wsb and other investors stay invested (heh) in propping up GameStop. Once they start selling the stock, the prices will drop once more and so will GameStop's liquidity. It's definitely a very good case study in how messed up the market is, and how modern systems can prop up a hollow carcass throu
  26. Missed it. Fuck me for getting my hopes up I guess
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