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  1. Not sure exactly where to put this but this is awesome.
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  2. Gazz presents: The Completed Pentagon, a love story in five stages. 1. Take control of League Two Leyton Orient. 2. Get promoted. 3. Get promoted again. 4. Get promoted again so your home stadium is too small for the Premier League regulations, forcing your board to build you a new stadium, a stadium which, because you're such a fucking iconic legendstar of Leyton Orient, they let you suggest a name for. 5. Football Manager. Completed it, mate.
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  3. Calm down mate, no need to lose your Tampa.
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  4. Never write of Liverpool football club. That was possibly the best night of my life what an incredible game of football to witness live. Everyone wrote us off and yet here we are again those fucking annoying scousers going against the grain and pulling off another mental comeback. Every range of emotion possible through that and when that fourth went in. Just absolute carnage. Arms everywhere. People who don't get football need to watch games like this. Not ashamed to admit I cried in the ground. Just cannot get over wtf I just witnessed. Its nights like this where I co
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