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  1. We're all gonna have to pitch in and get her some new hats lol
  2. Sounds like it! Lol. But let me also say how much I love how excited Stro and the other Mets are for this move.
  3. Welcome to New York! We have black jerseys now, too! 😁
  4. @Your Mom If the Mets get Bryant and/or Baez I'll save you a seat on the bandwagon if you want 😂 They're even bringing back the black jerseys tonight. Everyone looks good in black. From the sounds of it, the Nats aren't done trading. I'd hate to be a Nationals fan with tickets to a game. Imagine going to a game and none of the people you paid to see are there anymore.
  5. The city of Washington, DC gave the city of Los Angeles Max Scherzer, Trea Turner, and Russell Westbrook within the space of an hour, and for some reason I find that absolutely hilarious. On a more serious note, Kyle Schwarber is going to Boston and is gonna be the DH I always thought he would be. I'm not even a Sox fan, but I'm genuinely excited to see what kind of numbers he'd put up at Fenway.
  6. Yeah that's not scary or anything. Fucking America, man.
  7. I'm feeling bad for White Sox fans basically having to deal with someone's drunk grandpa as a manager. Yuck.
  8. The Cubs traded Cameron Maybin to the Mets, and in return, they received..... one dollar.
  9. I almost hate to admit it, but I'm a bit fan of the Marlins' city jerseys
  10. Because it's May the 4th, two hours from now, at 5 PM EST, I'll be playing Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order on Stream! https://www.twitch.tv/thrillhousemax
  11. chris weidman just snapped his goddamn leg. trigger warning if you get queasy
  12. I know you just mentioned it, Buschie, but for anyone else who hasn't seen it yet, fucking look at it. This dude is incredible. https://streamable.com/tm44u5
  14. For drafting my team while driving to work, I think I put together a pretty good Squad
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